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Cry Babies Magic Tears


I am loving that supermarkets are stocking more and more toys.  I’m one of those people that’ll venture down the toy aisle, examining toys and pressing all the buttons I can find.  Hello, my name is Melanie and I have Peter Pan Syndrome.

Being a big child at heart really helps when I select toys for my kiddies as I always seem to know just what to get.  I get really excited when I discover something new at my local supermarkets (I like to shop in a few to get a wider product range.)

I just discovered that the supermarkets are stocking a brand new collectable toy range Cry Babies Magic Tears from IMC toys.  These are miniature versions of the hugely popular Cry Babies that I hadn’t gotten around to buying for the children.  Would mummy be able to redeem herself with the mini versions.  Lets find out!

What are Cry Babies Magic Tears?

These are adorable toys that are hugely collectable.  There are 24 dolls to collect in series 1 and I got my hands on 3 so my little ones could all experience the joy of unboxing their own as it’s super fun.

The fun doesn’t end when you take off the plastic wrapper though, oh no there is so much more excitement to come.  Hidden within the blind bottle house is one of the cutest baby dolls you will ever see.

In addition you will also discover 6  fun accessories if you look behind the perforated compartment doors within the house. Gently open these out one by one and see what’s concealed behind each.

What will you find behind the doors?

I was about to pop with excitement when the children opened theirs.  It felt like they were taking forever, in hind sight I should have got one for myself lol.

Eventually they managed to open their blind bottle and identified the Cry Baby Magic Tears they had.

Open up the bag to discover a little seat for baby.

In the side of the bottle are hidden all sorts of goodies which the children took great pleasure in discovering.

Each found various items including a bottle, a bow, a dummy and a chair.


They also found 2 personalised accessories unique to their doll.  For those that are super lucky may find a gold accessory in special packs so keep an eye out!!!

(Pictured above; Dotty, Lady and Lala)

You’ll also find a special collectors poster which will let little ones keep a track of the babies they have.

Fill the little bottle that you’ll find in the pack with water then feed it to your baby, squeeze baby’s head or tummy gently and it will cry.

Little man realised that if he gave the baby a good squeeze it would squirt out the water which of course he loved!

Aren’t they great!

What did the children think?

The kids were over the moon and thought these were a great idea.  They have been enjoying playing with them and love that they can be used to squirt each other!

Where can you get them?

These great little toys can be found in Sainsbury’s, Tescos and Asda stores as well as Argos, Smyths and Amazon RRP £9.99 each.

Suitable for ages 3 and up.

You will find  animated episodes featuring the various Cry Babies characters over at www.magictears.toys and the Cry Babies Magic Tears YouTube channel.  These sound like great cartoons for little ones.

Have you heard of Cry Babies Magic Tears Before?

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  1. Haha. That’s such a funny and innovative toy! Will try and get one for my son too! Hope ist available in India or on Amazon!

    1. You’ll find it on Amazon. They are cute and fun toys.

  2. The toys look adorable! I will definitely buy a couple for my little nice.

    1. They are lovely little toys 🙂

  3. These look so cool, I love that they’ve brought out these alongside the bigger toys in the range. Its fab, all the collectable items you can get nowadays

    1. It sure is. I love that there is so much choice!

  4. These are very cute, and trust your son to find out ways that it could squirt out water x

    1. Lol, I know it was funny but has kept him very happy.

  5. When my kids were growing up they would have loved this toy! I’ll have to get one for my grandchildren!

    1. I am sure your grandchildren would love to play with these.

  6. Wow these look pretty cool. I can imagine these wold be great to keep on hand for last minute party invites as well, saves a trip to the store.

    1. That’s a great idea they make lovely gifts x

  7. Haha that’s so creative and fun to have toy. Those kids look enjoying the play 🙂

  8. How cool are these, they remind me of the Polly pockets, but a more modern cool version. You are making my present buying much easier for this Christmas. Saves me trailing the shops x

    1. Ha, there are plenty of toys to choose from for most ages groups over here lol.

  9. These look really interesting. My friends kids would love these

    1. I am sure she will xxx

  10. Oh what gorgeous little toys! I absolutely love them and can only imagine hw much fun the kids had!

    1. They love playing with these.

  11. It always feels nice to be a baby at heart especially when dealing with kids. And you surely know how to please your kiddies. The toys are cute no wonder they are this happy.

    1. They are lovely toys aren’t they. They were over the moon with them.

  12. They are really cute actually!! Love that they come in different colours too – they look like they enjoyed them!

    1. They come in all sorts of cute outfits.

  13. Little toys like this are so popular aren’t they! I love the little bits you get with them and the fact they squirt water too would go down well in this house!!

  14. Aww they are so cute! I love the fact that there are different accessories and you can collect them! 🙂

  15. Oh my gosh! These are so cute! My daughter just shouted ” I want one!” hahaha

    So me, I also have Peter Pan syndrome. 😀

    1. Ha, well you know what to get for her to keep her busy x

  16. I have never heard of these before. Very interesting toy. I think some kids would really like it and some wouldn’t, but that’s just like with anything.

  17. These are so cute, my son would love these, he likes babies crying so he can comfort them

    1. Aahhhh that’s cute. These are great, he will love to play with them x

  18. These look lots of fun, to open and play with. It’s good that they’ve made a mini version of them. They can be more of a treat toy than a big present.

  19. i’m with you on the Peter Pan syndrome, I love the toys as much as the kids do! 🙂

    1. Ha, it’s good fun isn’t it. I get upset when they don’t let me play too.

  20. Love that they’ve bought these out in mini – my daughter loves collecting things like this. Given me an idea for a Christmas present x

    1. It is a great idea. Mine loved them x

  21. Oh my kids would love this. They love toys with lots of little bits and pieces and this would be perfect.

    1. There are quite a few accessories which we loved.

  22. These look great! My little one would love these.

    1. I’m sure they would. They’re cute and fun to play with.

  23. I am like you I have to press all the buttons on toys, I am loving being able to look at them all again now. I love these though and I think your kids love them as well looking at their faces x

  24. Oh my girls are desperate to try these! They have the cry babies dolls but love collectibles!

    1. They are sure to love this it’s great fun.

  25. I love this toy. The little cry baby is so cute. Love how the content is a surprise until you open it.

  26. This does look like such a cool little toy. I think when my daughter was younger she always liked the toys where you would open them up and find something hidden inside them. They definitely look very cool.

    1. They are good fun. My children loved doing this and the toys that they were left with as they can take them out and about to play with.

  27. What a lovely toy idea this is. I really think these would make lovely presents, especially with Christmas coming up.

  28. looks like the kids are having fun already while playing those toys.. Kids are so cute and adorable.

    1. They do think these are great to play with. Thanks, I think so but I am biased 🙂

  29. Cute toys here. My kids would love playing with them for sure. They are into toys like these.

    1. They are great toys aren’t they. The fact that you can squirt with them is eve better lol.

  30. I remember when I was a little girl, I had a similar crying and laughing doll. This looks like a fun toy doll for younger kids like yours.

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