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Cost-Effective Childcare & Child Transport in London

I am dreading the Summer holidays which will soon be upon us.  Don’t get me wrong as I do love my children but holidays can be even more exhausting than term time with all the activities and work that we do.  Myself and numerous other parents have been discussing the various options available for us during this excessively long holiday and those that work full time are concerned about getting their children to their chosen play schemes, sports clubs, tutors and other activities.  With 3 children of my own helping the other mums get their children to the various destinations and collecting them at the end of their activity is not an option and we too are going to have a busy schedule which hopefully won’t have any clashes as I can only be in one place at a time.  It is estimated that mothers spend two weeks every year driving children around with the school run adding 1 million vehicles to UK roads at peak times, OMG!

My attempt to clone myself is going well by the way , although at the tender age of 7 my eldest isn’t going to be driving anytime soon so can’t help me just yet.


So what next for those who work full time and can’t take the 8 or so weeks off school to take their children to their various activities?  My search lead me to a company called OneLane who offer a a family ride-and-care service  to fit around working parents and their children’s busy schedules.  Let’s face it most of our children have far more exciting social lives than us and that doesn’t stop for half terms or summer holidays.  OneLane is a London-based family service, which launched earlier this year, offering safe, reliable transportation for children with expert Guardians (they are called Guardians due to the nature of their work).  Their service enables parents to find cost-effective childcare in London that fits around their schedule.  In addition they are now adding on two hours of childcare to their service.


The service offered is an alternative to using nannies or childminders. Instead of forking out a premium, and being forced to commit to a minimum number of hours per week, this reliable and flexible service can “fill the gap” when all that’s needed is a few hours of childcare.  I hear mums all around London breathe a sigh of relief, what a great idea!

What Services are Offered:

*A guardian can come to your house in the morning, get the children ready before driving them to school.  OMG now doesn’t that sound amazing, I wonder if they can also do the spellings on the way like we do, wouldn’t that be just perfect!!!!

*Get children ready / dressed for after school activities after taking them to the venue.

*Drive children home from school / after school activities.

  • Provide 2 hours of childcare.

At the moment the service is restricted to zones 1-3 but due to the nature of the service and the number of people that this would work exceptionally well for I am sure that they will need to expand the zone coverage soon to keep up with demand.  In Fact, OneLine hope to expand within the next 6 months to offer a larger coverage of London and to also offer its services to other UK cities during 2017.  They also plan to add carpooling to their service later in the year.  Their problem-solving approach extends beyond the family circle to society at large.  Its carpooling service will help to solve the issue of congested roads and, as a result, will have a positive effect on road safety and car emissions.

Of course we want assurance that our “little angels” are safe when they are with someone that isn’t us!  OneLine ensures all its Guardians are experienced in childcare (they are selected specifically by their experience) and are thoroughly vetted, with enhanced DBS checks as standard.

This company wants to build long-term relationships between families and Guardians founded on trust.  Guardians are introduced to children initially prior to any trips being taken and where regular journeys are arranged the company will ensure the same person is used for each visit helping to establish a bond between both Guardian and child.

Jina Kwon the Head of Business Development at OneLane, is a London-based mother of one and is passionate about addressing key family issues through OneLane.

She says; “OneLane’s wraparound childcare service allows parents the flexibility to choose childcare when they need it – even if just for a short space of time. Our service is reliable, affordable and flexible. Many other childcare options in London are expensive and don’t allow parents the choice of just a couple of extra hours to help with the school run or after-school activities. With OneLane parents have complete control.

 “OneLane offers a service that parents can trust and rely upon. That’s something everyone needs when arranging childcare.”

I think this is a great service and one that parents at my school as well as all around the country will want to use.  Parents will no longer need to worry about being in more than one place at the same time fulfilling work commitments, enabling children to get to and from school safely and lead active, rewarding social lives. If only I had known about this service a week ago one of my girls wouldn’t have missed a birthday party as it clashed with one we had already said we would attend.

Well thought out? I think so, they even have an easy-to-use app to give parents updates which for me is fabulous as it would save me phoning every ten or so minutes during the first use of their service to check on my little one.

OneLane already has a core of loyal customers who appreciate the stress-relieving, time-saving benefits of this service – and the effect it has of enhancing the quality of their family time.

Having just discovered this great company I plan to spread the word to other mums that I know need the extra assistance but also don’t want to pay excessive fees.  I am sure some of the mums I know will be looking up the site to see how much they could save by swapping to OneLine.

   Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post

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  1. It must be super tough trying to get through the whole six week summer holiday trying to care for your kids when you work x

  2. One Line sounds brilliant and its great that they are planning to expand because I am sure that other cities will want one in their area too.

    1. It is a great concept and many parents will make use of them I am sure.

  3. This is a great product! I will have to tell the many moms I know about it! thanks for the great review!

    xoxo, Candice

  4. What a great sounding idea, I am sure it would be a perfect idea for some London based parents 🙂 x

  5. I think this will be extremely helpful for parents in so many situations. It’s nice to have reliable care that is more flexible than standard daycare.

  6. It can’t be easy living and working in London during the holidays. It’s great there are options to explore for childcare though!

  7. Sounds like a great service – it must be so hard to organise work around the summer holidays!

    1. I’m dreading all the working around the children.

  8. This sounds like a gret idea for busy parents who are in a rush in the mornings and need a bit of help

    1. This is a great idea, very handy.

  9. this is definitely a great idea! i do hope they become big and ive never heard of such thing before

  10. A friend of mine does the taking to and from children school service and she has her DBS check and she is having to take on extra people to help x

  11. This is a great service. Please come to Cheshire.

    1. LOl, hopefully it won’t be too long x

  12. OneLine sound great! I shall also spread the word

  13. This is such a great concept, I can see it being pretty popular!

    1. I’m sure it will be 😉

  14. This sounds like a great idea. I bet plenty more cities could benefit from this service xxx

    1. They sure will it’s a great idea.

  15. Ooh I hope this takes off nationally! I bet it would feel weird using OneLine for the first time but would be invaluable for working parents after a while. I had to give up my job because of childcare commitments in school holidays – People who have an abundance of childcare options from family are so lucky!

    1. I know it’s hard if family can’t help which is why this service is so good.

  16. Thats a good idea. We are looking into childcare options at the moment. I guess being in London with a child must be tricky with transport too. This service sounds interesting.

    1. It does sound good!

  17. This is exactly what I need but I’ll bet there’s nothing like it in Cardiff. It’s really frustrating how all the entrepreneurs seem to gravitate to London first, but not surprising!

    1. Hopefully they will make it to you soon x

  18. This is fabulous! We have nothing like this up North (not that I know of anyway) what a brilliant concept for parents 🙂

    1. With any luck they will be making their way further around the country soon.

  19. This sounds like a great idea for those who work full-time! Seems like an odd thing for me to think about because for the majority of my childhood my parents were self employed so mostly managed to have time off while I was off school, or I’d go to their work place. I can imagine how difficult it must be to find things for the kids to do while you’re working!

  20. This sounds like a brilliant service for busy parents. I always pity parents at holiday time as they’ve suddenly got to entertain their kids for what will undoubtedly seem like an infinite amount of time. Will remember this when I’ve got kids of my own ;P

  21. This looks like such a good idea, I think they should offer this in other cities too as I think it would be very popular

    1. I agree Lucy it does sounds great doesn’t it 😉

  22. We need this all over the country. Let’s spread this far and wide!

  23. This sounds ideal for mornings when everything is such a rush
    Hope it comes to our area

    1. It’s a great idea and is sure to spread around the country fast.

  24. I can only imagine how difficult it must be in the London area to fit everything in every day. This is bound to be very helpful for quite a few people; thanks for writing it up.

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