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Coping with an overdue pregnancy

It’s my 3rd Pregnancy and yet again I am overdue and it is very frustrating.  For me the fact that I like to be organised doesn’t help as the thought of not knowing when he is coming and thus not knowing what plans I will be making for my two daughters does not sit well with me.

Whilst waiting for the little ones arrival you can fill your days up with various activities to help reduce the boredom and help you be prepared for their arrival and possibly help encourage their arrival.

Firstly make sure that you are getting plenty of rest, this helps to trigger oxytocin release and can help bring on labour.

Try and keep moving about.  The downward pressure below can also help bring on labour and the standing encourages baby to move down.  If you decide to walk out and about away from home make sure you have a fully charged phone with you and its best not to travel too far!

Arrange with friends to pop over to keep you company.  It’s a good distraction plus they won’t mind making the tea.  It’s also sods law that the day you arrange something baby will decide to mess up your plans!

Prepare and freeze foods so that once baby comes you can quickly and conveniently prepare a healthy meal as exhaustion can mean you may otherwise reach for any junk food that may have made its way into the cupboards.  Spend quality time with your partner as you will have difficulty doing this once baby comes.

Read a book, watch movies you have wanted to see but not had the time.  This will ensure the body is in a relaxed state (unless of course you are reading / watching a horror) and can help encourage baby to come out.

A spot of light housework is always good as it keeps you active and can encourage baby to come along.

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  1. Not long to go now Mel! When my partner was in the last week of pregnancy you couldnt get her to stop tidying and cleaning!

  2. Well…. the way I induced both my children was by having sex! My waters broke during sex with the first. That was a shock I can tell you, and with the second, the contractions started quite soon afterwards!

  3. Fingers crossed you go into labour soon 😀

  4. I was over due with my second and third pregnancy.
    My second I got induced 12 days over, he was nice and snug in there haha.
    My third was a nightmare, I ended up in hospital twice as my little dude didn’t want to move. He was fine though.
    At 7 days over due, I ended up in hospital with slow labour, had a sweep then they said I was to be induced the day after. then 3am it all starts. Waters were broke at 9am and had him finally at 4:30pm.

    I hated being over due, it is so hard to cope, worried about going anywhere incase your waters pop (We have all heard those horror stories!)
    Worrying about cooking something incase you go into labour and forget, every twitch, pain or movement you think ‘is it finally time’.
    Funny feeling between your legs thinking your waters have popped, but no, was baby lying on a nerve and sending funny spasms down your thighs.

    I was fit to burst from 20 weeks nevermind being overdue haha.

  5. I really feel for you as i went overdue with my second. It drives you scatty when people say 2Have you still not had that baby yet” Errrr does it look like I have lol

  6. I went overdue with my second little girl. Its not nice at all

    1. It’s a nightmare especially if you have to go into hospital for check ups.

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