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My youngest daughter loves the little mermaid whom we all know as Ariel.  Who doesn’t love the great songs featured in the movie and of course love the fact that there is a happy ending.   My little mermaid loves Ariel so much that when she appeared at her Birthday party last year she was over the moon and beaming from ear to ear for the whole day.


You can imagine her excitement when she saw the Ariel doll advertised from Jakks Pacific with a singing and talking Ariel.  She was bouncing around like a mini kangaroo and begging to have one offering to do chores and even homework in return for the super cute doll.  This is no ordinary doll though, this little mermaid doll can accompany you and play in the bath.  The moment her tail touches the water it lights up creating a fabulous light show.  It even lights up outside of the water when you press the button and really is a lovely toy for any little girl or boy.

Mr Squishy seems to have taken after mummy.  OOOoooooo look a button!  I had better press that and see what happens.


This beautiful doll will keep little ones entertained for hours whether it’s in or out of the water.  Why not take a look at out video review to see her in action.

Isn’t she wonderful!  This is a lovely toy to help encourage creative thinking and roll play so really good for little ones and their development.  The children were really excited about that fact that she could talk and sing and they love to sing along with Ariel.

ariel3This is a great toy for a little one that loves the little mermaid movie and even for any child that loves mermaids.  It keeps my little ones entertained for hours even my little man which shows it’s not just a girls toy!

Do you have little ones to buy for this Christmas?

18 thoughts on “Colours of the Sea Ariel”

  1. What a fantastic doll! I love Ariel as does my daughter, no doubt this will be on her Christmas wish 🙂 I love that this doll helps with creative thinking! xx

  2. Can’t get past that first picture! Your daughter must have been in her element 🙂 seen little girls at parties getting excited seeing the princess from frozen. Must be something else meeting your hero! X

  3. I only watched A Little Mermaid for the first time ever a couple of years ago and couldn’t believe I had missed out for so long. Ariel however is one of my daughters favourite Disney Princesses and she would have loved this if she was a little younger, she seems like such a fab toy! xx

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