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Children’s Party Bags Minus the Stress

For those organizing birthday parties for their little ones it can be quite a stressful job making sure everything is organized in advance and that it all runs smoothly on the day.  I have organized numerous birthday parties now either in Church halls or at ours and I like to be as organized as possible so to avoid any last minute panics.  One of the best and most fun things that you can do in preparation for the day in advance is preparing the party bags for guests as well as the prizes that will be used in various games including one of my favourites pass the parcel.  In fact I love pass the parcel so much and so do the children so now I make two parcels as that works very well.  Thought needs to go into the prizes as you want toys that are fun for little ones, it’s not what parents think is fun that is important.  Fortunately for me I have Peter Pan Syndrome so I generally know just the thing to get mini ones excited.  For example my Halloween birthday party last year for my eldest went down a treat with boxes full of maggots (rice), worms (noodles) and brains (jelly) and some great prizes mixed in being the talk of the year apparently amongst the children at our school.

This year we opted for a little party at home but for my youngest daughter but that didn’t mean we would cut out all the fun.


I of course set to work wrapping a pass the parcel and preparing goody bags well in advance so I had time to prepare the rest at a leisurely pace.  Don’t I have great pass the parcel and party game prizes, I used little prizes too and sweets in the parcel.  I will tell you where these are from shortly.


Two tier pencil case 90p, small metal construction kit 85p, wooden pic up sticks 90p.

Don’t tell anyone but I cheated!!!!  I’m a mum of three.  In the day, I cook, clean (a little), run around after Mr Squishy ferry the children to different tutors, spend hours doing homework and also try and teach my eldest how to play the piano as well as teach myself.  This means there isn’t much time for me to go shopping for goody bag items etc. so I did what all people with barely any time to spare do, I searched online.  A brilliant idea as I came across Little Party Parcels who had everything I needed plus they were very reasonably priced too, an added bonus!

This site has all sorts from toys and sweets.  They can provide you with everything you need to create great children’s party bags and can even provide pre-filled bag to save you doing that yourself.  The product range is constantly changing; new products are added on a weekly basis so that there are new and relevant items throughout the year.


These contain bags with gifts that have not been bagged up to prevent creases.

Really you couldn’t ask for more. You can order individual items, tailor the items to different ages and interests the choice is yours and prices are competitive and items start from a mere 4p.  YES you read that right 4 pence!  They have party bags and boxes that can be filled with a great range of party bag fillers.  This sweet bag for example would cost 95p.


Here are just some of the other items available:



Magic pre-filled party bags £1.35 each.


Super hero pre-filled party bags 90p each.


Colour and create pre-filled party bags £1.80 each.

Little Party Parcels even have activity bags which are a great idea to keep children busy at weddings and Christenings so if you are planning one yourself take note as this will greatly reduce the number of children running around causing chaos and the children’s parents will be very thankful.  I went to a Christening not that long ago where each child had its own party box and it kept them busy for hours!!!!  What a heaven send.

Most orders are despatched on the same working day, or the next working day if it is late in an afternoon. Their standard parcel despatch is sent via the Royal Mail’s 2nd Class “Signed For” service, this is normally £3.95 or free for orders over £30. They also have two faster but more expensive delivery services.

I was sent these goodies by Little Party Parcels, all views are my own.

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  1. Those bags are fabulous! So much less hassle than having to source everything and put them together yourself xxx

    1. It’s a sanity saver and time saver 😉

  2. I can’t wait until our little one is born and then old enough to have party bags. I am going to go all out!

    1. It’s quite fun choosing what to have in the bags x

  3. These are fabulous certainly take the stress out of planning a party

    1. They sure do, there are so many little gifts to chose from which covers everyone.

  4. The smiles of the kids are enough to remove the stress. Haha. They all look happy with the party.

    1. It does help but I prefer to avoid stress where possible.

  5. I remember party bags when I was a kid, we’d always go to our local market and buy items there. These are such good prices though x

    1. Thes prices are very reasonable.

  6. this is such a great idea! no stress required and more the fun

    1. It really does help to get these bits out of the way and off your mind.

  7. What a clever idea! I want to use this I do party bags if I have a few people with kids for dinners, events and Christmas. Seems very reasonable to.

    1. They are very well priced and have a huge range.

  8. Hits the nail on the head and a brilliant time saver.

    1. Sure s and they have some great items.

  9. It definitely sounds like the way to go, so much less stress

    1. It does make life easier with everything else that needs to be done 😉

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