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Bunny Jump from University Games


For those that have seen this blog post before fear not I’ve changed it and also as a bonus added a shiny NEW competition!!!

I know exciting right!!!

It’s all about bunnies and how super cute they are and some super fun toys too.  We all love our fur babies don’t we!  We have the cutest Rex rabbits ever Daisy and Miffy whom we took in after their owner found out she was allergic to them.  We’ve had them for longer than we’ve had Squishy!

Hereeeeeee’ss Squishy…

(PJ Masks Lights and Sound Robot)

Our love for our furry companions has only grown over the years.  It’s not surprising that bunnies are one of our favourite animals they’re so cute and fluffy and cuddly.

Now some of you recall a little while back that the kiddies reviewed a game called Bunny Jump from University Games which was great fun and is a popular one for the children to pull out of the games cupboard when they have play dates.

Bunny Jump

Bunny Jump is a fast-paced game of luck that also tests reaction speed, patience and self-control.  We’ve played this game for hours and hours and hours. The kids had a fantastic time tugging at carrots and catching the cheeky bunny that jumped at us from its burrow when we least expected it to protect its carrots.  Watch out though as this little chap is pretty fast rather like our bunnies who felt that they should also make an appearance in the post.

It a simple game and great fun too.  It didn’t take long for the children to get into the swing of playing this.  They also became pretty good at catching that bunny when it decided to jump.  Mr Squishy also thought this was a great game and his giggles of laughter as well as the girls could be heard throughout the house.  Naturally, I was in on the action too and tried my luck at pulling the carrots and catching the bunny.

We wanted to show everyone how much fun this simple game can be.

How To Play:

What Did We Think?

This was a winner with my family and something we play with a considerable amount since we first got it.  The game is suitable for ages 4+ years and is for 2 to 4 players.  The SRP is £19.99 and this game can be found at Argos and Amazon.  It’s available at Very for just £17.99 (29/01/2019).

Another game from University Games that we hope to try out sometime is:

Googly Eyes

For children ages 7+ this drawing game sounds like really good fun.  Players take it in turns to put on the vision-altering google glasses and then attempt to draw a picture.  Their teammates need to attempt to guess what they’re drawing with hilarious results.  It sounds like a game that parents would enjoy getting involved with too.  With the google glasses, players of different ages and skill levels can compete on equal terms.

Win the Googly Eyes Game

We really wanted to share the fun and let one of you win your very own Googly Eyes Game!!!!

University Games will be sending one of these super toys to one lucky reader.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  All those in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there – thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my

FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions can be found on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

Enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Disclaimer: University Games is providing a prize in exchange for its mention in this post.


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  1. Aww, this game is so cute and it looks like such a fun one to play with a big range of ages. I can see why it is is so popular in your house and it’s just too bad Daddy can’t release his inner child enough to enjoy playing as well.

    1. Lol, it is very popular. We don’t mind daddy not playing as with all three kiddies and me we use up all the baskets.

  2. aww this is such a sweet game! we are big game players in our house and are always on the look out for new games so I will definitely be entering the competition, and those real bunnies are adorable! xx

    1. Good luck it is really good fun! They are lovely bunnies and enjoy cuddles which is great 😉

  3. Looks really fun, I love games that are simple and easy for all of the family to play.

    1. Me too and this was great especially when we went to grab the bunny and it shot across the room.

  4. Those bunnies are so cute! This game sounds like so much fun. Perfect for Easter!

    1. The game is really good fun, I wonder what our bunnies would have made of it.

  5. Such a cute game and nice to tie in with Easter x

    1. It did keep us entertained between the Easter egg hunts and playing with the bunnies 😉

  6. Haha I love it when a toy is just not limited to the kiddos Haha. And you just have to emphasize with the kids that it’s ‘ours’ not yours alone. Must really be a brilliant game if you played it for hours.

    1. Lol it is great fun. I can see adults playing this as a drinking game too. It’s hilarious! And that sneaky bunny is pretty fast!!!!

  7. Such a cute game. I now my niece would enjoy this. xx

    1. I’m sure she will too. All my little one enjoyed it just as much as me 😉

  8. What a cute game! My nephew would love this!

    1. It’s a lovely game for kids and super fun!

  9. We hear that mama! It’s really difficult making reviewing videos with kids! Sounds like a great game and way to continue with having fun after the Easter Holidays x

    1. Lol, i lost rack of how many takes we took. You need loads of full loaded batteries and breaks. Or a great game like this to play between every few attempts.

  10. This is such a cute game and definitely a good one to play at Easter rather than just eating lots of eggs haha.

    1. It did keep them distracted and me for ages!!!

  11. What a fun game! I know my niece and nephew would love to play this x

  12. Bunny Jump is making my inner child scream with delight!Oh how I would love to give this to my foster sister x

    1. It is great fun and something I am sure she would love.

  13. It looks like a fun game and it’s great that your family has enjoyed it so much 🙂

    1. WE love this, can’t recommend it enough for those with children!

  14. love this! makes me think of buckaroo – remember that? Looks like you all had a great time <3

    1. Oh yes my friend had one of those it was great fun too.

  15. What a fun looking game! I love the games that enchant children and get them giggling and wanting to play more, which this looks like it does xx

    1. It sure does. It also got some giggles from me too!!!

  16. This looks so much fun for kids which makes for a great toy/game!

    1. It sure is a great toy. I know mine will want to take it to school on toy day.

  17. This reminds me of a game called pop up pirate that I used to play when I was little! xxx

    1. I’m sure I played that when I was little too. These sorts of games are great for kids to get them interacting rather than just staring at a screen.

  18. We really enjoy a family game night and are currently loving Monopoly Jr. and Frustration. This would be a great addition to our collection. x

    1. It sure would be this is really good fun and a great family game.

  19. This looks like a great game! Your rabbits are really cute too, they’re one of my favourite animals.

    1. Thanks, we do love our bunnies they are very sweet and like cuddles 😉

  20. Do the real live bunnies come with the game…they are so cute!? x

    1. Unfortunately no those our my adopted babies 😉

  21. I really love this game, it looks like so much fun and can see a lot of giggles trying to catch the bunny.

    1. They did find it very funny 😉

  22. What a fun game! I can remember being your girl’s age .. and spent hours with my best friend playing games like this. I’ll keep an eye out for it at Target .. it would be a fun one to play with my grandson!

    1. I am sure he will love it it really is great fun.

  23. Looks like lots of fun, Megan has a squirrel one similar to this and she loves playing it xxx

  24. My daughter would love this she loves rabbits well she calls them Nini’s. Great prize

  25. Looks alot like pop-up-pirate, one of my faves a kid and I am sure the kiddos would love it in this household!

  26. This looks lots of fun for our family game nights 🙂

  27. What a great toy! My kids would definitely love this one x

  28. this looks a cute game, I would love to play this with my little grandson

  29. my grandaughter would love this! looks a fun game x

  30. Happy Friday and have a lovely weekend – all we need is the sun to peak through now!

  31. This would be a perfect christmas game for all the family to play!

  32. Looks like a lot of fun, thanks for yet another chance to win!

  33. This looks like such a fun game and fun for all the family to play!

  34. Would be an ideal gift for my niece for Christmas, lovely toy

    1. It’s a lovely toy for little ones.

  35. My two little ones would love this. We always try and play a family game every Sunday afternoon.

  36. Would love to win for my little 1s, smiles all round!

  37. This looks like a really fun game to play.

  38. This game looks like a lot of fun & I would love to play it with my nieces & nephews.

  39. Great game for families.

  40. Great game for families. Wonderful gift for the children.

  41. These games look like they’d make great christmas presents. Thinking ahead.

  42. this game looks amazing fun for all the family

  43. We’re massive board game fans in this house and could do with a new one. My sons birthday is October 15th so this would be lovely for that

  44. This looks like a fun game – thanks for running this comp 🙂

  45. The game looks great,my son would love this.

  46. This reminds me a little of Buckaroo which is always a firm fave in our house

  47. Looks like a fun game – the kids would love it

  48. looks a fun game for all the family

  49. great game looks lots of fun

  50. We have a real life bunny, bunny cups and plates. So a bunny game is always good

  51. I’d love to win this for my granddaughter. We love playing games together. I think I have as much fun as she does. We love reading together too! 😊❤

  52. This looks like a lot of fun, would love this for my nephews

  53. Would love to win this for my daughter. Thankyou for the competition x

  54. This looks great love playing games with my grandchildren lots of fun and laughter

  55. Thanks for hosting the giveaway, we are bunny obsessed in this house and love games.

  56. Looks good fun. My two children would enjoy playing this game.

  57. This looks like a great game, we’d love to have a go!

  58. This looks like a really fun game. Perfect for all of the family x

  59. My nieces would love this

  60. Thank you for the chance to win this fun family game .

  61. This looks like so much fun! I’d love to play this with my niece and 2 nephews!

  62. This looks like such a fun game for the little ones.

  63. A really good review. Thank you. Playing games like these makes for wonderful family time.

  64. I would love to win this game as it looks great.

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  66. I would be able to play this game with my grandchildren who are 4 and 6 years.

  67. This looks like a great little game for all ages. We love playing games as a family to get everyone away from the TV and gadgets and enjoying time together.

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  79. Great competition! Fingers crossed that I win!

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  82. This game looks like such fun, my little boy would love it!

  83. This looks such a fun game, we love bunnies in our house!

  84. I’m stocking up on games this christmas. I find playing them on rainy days such a fun way to get some family time in.

  85. Thank you for the opportunity to win this prize! It looks like so much fun.

  86. Perfect for my little girl who loves bunnys!

  87. This game looks fantastic my kids would definitely love this

  88. looks like you guys had a great time with this game xx

  89. Thanks for sharing another lovely giveaway with us, would be a lovely game to play with kids, especially over Christmas when there will be lots of other visitors to play with

  90. This looks like a lot of fun! Very affordable too 🙂

  91. looks like a great game, something the whole family could enjoy playing together

  92. This game looks like so much fun and cute too! I just know my daughter would love it!

  93. My kids were always singing the theme tune for this tv advert, looks fun

  94. My boy is just starting to get into games and this looks like a great fun game I think he would enjoy

  95. Would be a great game to play with my grandchildren, plenty of giggles especially when grandma doesn’t catch the bunny

  96. Thanks for all your giveaways. I’d love to win this for Piper and Daisy because I can imagine the fun we would have with this on Christmas Day

  97. What a great fun looking game, would be great for Christmas.

  98. thanks for the competition, love to win

  99. id love this for my nephew. it would make a great xmas pressie

  100. These games look such good fun, my lot would really enjoy them

  101. love playing games with the grandchildren so this would be excellent

  102. My kids would have so much fun playing with this!

  103. Looks like an enjoyable game, thanks for the chance! x

  104. Thanks for the chance to win this looks great fun

  105. Super cool prize, I have my fingers crossed that we win!

  106. I’m sure that the children would love this game.

  107. looks great, perfect for the christmas afternoon games session.

  108. This sounds like the perfect entertainment for rainy days.

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  113. looks lovely

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  154. What a lovely game! The kids would love this!

  155. This sounds like a fun game, after a couple of Gin and tonics I won’t need the goggles!!

  156. This looks so fun!!

  157. Looks like great fun with my 2 boys

  158. This game looks really good fun for all the family

  159. It looks like such a fun game to play and i bet it’ll be one that kids remember even after they have grown into adults.I remember playing Pop up pirate,Hungry hippos,Operation,Ghost castle and many more and even now when i see those games i’m like i had that game! it was so much fun.

  160. Looks fun

  161. They make decent quality games, nothing will ever match MB from when I was a kid but I have bought some Uni Games over the years as gifts and always well received by the kids

  162. Bunny jump with keep the kids busy for for a while and im not surprised it looks a fun game to play

  163. Gorgeous photos of the children and very helpful review. Tha k you.

    1. Glad you liked it Susan x

  164. What a great review! The games look so much fun. My niece would love to play them.

  165. This looks like a whole load of fun 🙂

  166. a great game that all the family can join in

  167. what a perfect game for Easter, twins Rose and Teresa would love as obsessed with bunnies!

  168. Thanks for the giveaway, googly eyes looks like a lot of fun

  169. Nice game for a log cabin break with no phone or wife on site

  170. This looks like a fab fun game thanks for the chance to win

  171. This sounds like a great game to play with extended family.

  172. University games have such a great selection! We already have Bunny Jump and it’s a game that is perfect for the whole family and is great fun on rainy days – the Googly Eyes game would be a fab addition to our family’s expanding board game cupboard!

  173. This is a really lovely game that the whole family would enjoy

  174. Looks like a fantastic game for the family

    1. It’s a great game for the whole family and for playdates.

  175. This game really does look fun, my niece is six and really starting to enjoy playing board games. This would be perfect to play with her

  176. I have 3 boys and they would have a riot with the Googly Eyes game. We already have Bunny Jump – very popular at Easter!

  177. This is a great giveaway my girls would love this haha x

  178. Sounds great, I think my 3YO would be able to join in too

    1. Ha, I’ sure they’d do a great job although it is targeted for 7+ it could be hilarious if they join in.

  179. Thank you for the competition, my kids love board games! x

    1. They are great to keep them occupied when it’s raining outside.

  180. This game looks like great fun and it’s good that the younger kids would be able to join in with it too x

  181. Bunny jump looks like a great game to play with the kids, and the educational value would be fab!

  182. this game looks great fun–a great present for my new great niece rose may

  183. This is a fab game to have in for when my neices and nephew come to visit! Lovely age appropriate game

  184. I love family games like this, where it ends up with proper belly laughs, much better than staring at ipads, a good family game….Many thanks

  185. I’m sure my boys would love it! Bunny jump looks good too, a great game for Easter

  186. We have played a lot of games in the university games line and they have all been very enjoyable

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  188. Great games to play on a Sunday on a rainy day.

  189. this looks a fun game to play great giveaway

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  192. When my grandchildren sleepover we have a games night and this would be a great addition to our selection

    1. It sure would it’s a lovely game.

  193. My daughter is 4,we just started playing games like this and she is bunny mad so I think she would love it.

  194. This looks like great fun! And easy for my son and I to play together x

  195. love this! id love to win for my nephew

  196. Fab game looks like great fun for all the family

  197. fab to see a non-gross board game to keep the kids away from screens with added cute bunnies!

    1. Lol I haven’t seen many gross ones but I’m sure my children would want them!!!!

  198. This looks like a great family game, and perfect for Easter too x

  199. Looks like lots of fun. My nephews and nieces would like it.

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  202. This looks like it could be a really funny game! Thanks for running this comp.

  203. I love playing games with my kids. It enables us to spend quality time having fun, chatting and not taking life so seriously for a short time.

  204. I’d love to play the Googly Eyes game with my grandchildren

    1. It looks like a fun game 🙂

  205. Googley eyes.ooks so much fun would love to win

  206. I love the sound of this game and drawing whilst wearing goggles must make it hard but hilarious!

    1. It does sound like good fun. I know my girls would love to play it.

  207. It looks like the type of game my boys would love, they enjoy the exciting type like this, sometimes boardgames are a bit boring for younger kids. The googly eyes game looks cool too

    1. I agree, you need to select the right toys to a childs age.

  208. I think this looks really good fun and Piper and Daisy would be fighting each other to see who could catch the bunny!

  209. This looks like so much fun

    1. It sure does 🙂

  210. This looks great, my little girl would love it. Thanks for the opportunity

  211. My kids would love this!

  212. Looks like a great game to play with the kids

  213. To be honest I had not fancied googly eyes game as I thought it was some sort of selfie game but it sounds like fun especially when you have friends over.

  214. This looks really fun, I think my son would enjoy this especially.

    1. I agree, he’d love it!!!

  215. My sons would really love to play this game, it looks such fun

  216. My girls would love Bunny Jump! They saw it in the shop and both thought it would be great fun 🙂

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  223. Playing games together is one of my favourite family activities.

  224. This seems great fun, I haven’t seen it around yet but I can just imagine some of the laughs that you could have with it.

  225. Great giveaway love the idea of the game look like a fun time.

  226. I can imagine the vision-altering glasses would make the game so much fun for the whole family!

  227. this game looks like a lot of fun

  228. This game looks awesome! my son would love it 🙂 x

  229. We love a good game in our house. The Bunny Jump one looks like great fun.

  230. I’ve never heard of the googly eyes game before but it looks like fun. Me and my girls love plaaying the bunny jump game.

  231. this game looks like fun and one i would love to play with my grandchildren

  232. Looks such good fun I can see my grandson liking this thanks for the chance

  233. This looks like good fun, one all the family can enjoy.

  234. I love the Bunnies

  235. We are always on the look out for good games to play with our two kids, I do love reading your reviews about them.

  236. That Googly eyes game looks like a lot of fun! I used to enjoy making people play a silly drawing game with me that involved drawing with your eyes closed!

  237. My 5 year old grandson would love this game. He adores all animals.

  238. Looks a really fun game x

  239. Love the look of these games, perfect for the Easter holidays coming up.

  240. thanks for the chance, lovely giveaway xx good luck everyone x

  241. Would love to win this for my niece and nephews to have at my house so when they come over they have something to play with!

  242. Would love to play these with my little ones, we love nothing more than a family games night.

  243. Looks like a lot of fun! Thanks for the great prize and competition.

  244. Fantastic giveaway! Thank you. If I am lucky enough to win then this will be a wonderful surprise treat for my friend’s children. I think it would be great fun for them.

  245. My grandchildren would have so much fun playing this

  246. My daughter would absolutely love this game – thankyou 🙂 fingers crossed

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