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Boosting Children’s Immune Systems Naturally

The change in weather is taking its toll on some of the children in my daughters and sons classes.  With mums on high alert now that the cold season is in full force the worry is that we make sure we steer clear of catching anything.  It’s not fun if the children catch colds as any parent knows so this year I am going to try my hardest to put all necessary precautions into place.

Of course I will be trying to make sure that the children go to bed at a sensible time.  Easy enough to say yet extremely difficult at times to enforce.  The girls share a room which is lovely for them as they have company but also not so good as we can hear them nattering when I need them to sleep.

I am covering the basics.  Common sense dictates that you make sure they are full loaded daily with plenty of vitamins but hey with fussy eaters such as my own there are no guarantees they will eat all that is presented to them.  For this reason it is vital that they keep up their vitamin intake.  Now some of you will recall we use Haliborange vitamins daily.  If you missed it take a look at my post “Helping Fussy Eaters Eat a Healthy And Balanced Diet“.  There you will also find a super delicious smoothie recipe designed by me to help keep my children feeling full and concentrating in class for longer and helping to give them that competitive edge.

Haliborange is the UK’s leading children’s vitamins brand.  They have a super range of vitamins and we loved the Omega-3 fruit burst capsules.  Disaster struck though when our local supermarket ran out and didn’t restock.  I was extremely concerned but then remembered the brand range is pretty varied and so I opted for the Omega-3 softies instead.

Another option for this time of year is the Vitamin C Immune Support Softies to help support normal function of children’s immune system and contribute to normal energy release.  These are also a great choice but as I am not sure whether my mini ones are getting enough omega-3 each week (my memory isn’t the best) so I am sticking with the Omega-3 softies to guarantee a suitable intake.  I think it would be a great idea if Haliborange added omega-3 to the Vitamin C Support Softies then I’d have all bases covered.

To help support the children’s immune system of course the vitamins are great but it is also beneficial to take in nutrients that will help through diet.  Now if you have fussy eaters this isn’t always easy.  It helps to make foods look pretty and tasty to entice the children into trying them.  Smoothie bowls look great and when combined correctly taste good too.  I decided to combine a mix of fruits to help me boost my children’s immune systems and provided them with a nutritious breakfast.

My latest creation: Raspberry, Blueberry and Apple Smoothie is not only tasty but also bursting with immune boosting properties and slow release energy too.

Nutritional Overview

Gala Apples

Apples are high in fibre (pectin) and many children often don’t eat enough fibre so apples are a great addition to any smoothie.  Apples can help make you feel fuller for longer due to the fibre content.  The natural sugars help give an energy boost and is perfect to help sweeten smoothies naturally and without the need for sugar or honey.  Apples contain antioxidants which help prevent damage from free radicals and can help lower the risk of various illnesses.  Quercetin found within (red) apples can help to boost the immune system.  It has anti viral properties perfect for combating a common cold which is caused by a group of viruses called rhinoviruses.  There is truth in the saying “an apple a day keeps the doctor away” or at least it can be helpful to fight off those nasty winter colds!

Raspberries & Blueberries

Both are antioxidant rich and tasty too they make a great snack food for all.  The antioxidants help fight viruses so the berries are perfect for fighting off / preventing winter colds.  Raspberries also have a high water content which is great for those that don’t drink enough fluids.  Raspberries are also a rich source of manganese which is important to keep children’s bones healthy.  Blueberries are also great for forming bone mass as the phenols (give blueberries their blue colour) stimulate bone cell growth, great for children and adults alike (helps work against osteoporosis).

Use fresh berries where possible as research has shown that frozen may only have half the vitamin C content as fresh.


Oats are a great way to add soluble fibre to the diet as kids tend to avoid fibrous foods  when they can!  They are great for providing slow release energy to enable children to concentrate better in class leading up to lunch.  The complex carbohydrates keep blood sugar levels stable so that there are no dips in energy.

Coconut Milk

This has such a large list of benefits for both children and adults that I couldn’t resist using it.  As mentioned in my previous Haliborange post it provides slow release energy.  Coconut milk also has antiviral properties, the body converts lauric acid into monolaurin which is antibacterial and antiviral so again a good addition to help keep those colds at bay.

So here is my latest recipe, an antioxidant filled smoothie that will help your children fight off colds, provide slow release energy and much much more.

Raspberry, Blueberry and Apple Smoothie


1/2 a gala apple- if you peel it you reduce the fibre content (for my smoothie I peeled the apple)

25g fresh raspberries

30g blueberries

5g oats

35ml coconut milk

5 raspberries for decoration

5 blue berries for decoration


Pop the oats into a nutribullet / blender.  Pour the milk over and allow to sit for about 10 minutes.

Throw in the fresh fruit and give it a quick blitz.


Do you use foods to help boost yours or your children’s immune system over the winter months?

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This is a collaborative post.

Vitamin A: helps support normal vision, Vitamin C: helps support the immune system, Vitamin D: essential for the normal growth and development of bones in children, Vitamin B12: contributes to normal energy release.  

Food supplements do not replace a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.

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  1. Ooooo I am going to have a go at that smoothie I think my three would love it. Anything to help keep all the bugs away!

    1. Tell me about it. It’s great to be able to boost the immune system naturally.

  2. Oo this looks delicious and the kind of breakfast my eldest daughter would love – must give it a go, thank you 🙂

    1. It’s really yummy and great for adults too. Enjoy x

  3. We definitely try to focus on immune boosting foods as much as we can with our resident picky eater but I find supplements also make a huge difference too. My daughter has been so much healthier this winter as a result.

    1. We have found that they’re catching less colds which is great glad you have too x

  4. I used to love those Chewable Vitamins when I was younger. If I was honest, I still have them now sometimes. That breakfast looks yummy.

    Ami xxx

    1. Ha, my hubby and I do the same x

  5. My daughter is allergic to coconut but I’m sure if I mix up the coconut for almond milk this would work. Sounds lovely!

    1. That would work well too. Hope she likes it x

  6. I have bought some frozen fruit to put on the kids cereal and in their drinks – they love it

    1. That does go down a treat doesn’t it. It’s a great way to get fruit into them.

  7. That looks yummy. E loves berries, so I’m sure this will go down a treat.

    1. It’s really good. I get requests from mine.

  8. My nephew has already caught the sniffles and its been bad as many kids at his school have it too. Its important to be prepared but also to have supplements for after they got it.

    1. Oh no poor little things, it’s a nuisance once they catch things. Hope he recovers quickly.

  9. I absolutely do use foods to boost my sons’s immune system! I strongly believe that what we eat matters the most.

    1. I agree although it isn’t always easy with little ones admittedly.

  10. This is delicious! I always try to serve fruits to get those natural vitamins.

    1. That’s good to hear Lauretta. I do love fresh fruit especially berries and it’s handy as they are healthy.

  11. The right nutrients can work wonders, and are particularly beneficial during the winter!

    1. That’s very true. The right nutrients can really help ward away colds.

  12. Very useful article and I enjoyed reading. Wow, that breakfast looks so yummy. I will definitely try it.
    I liked chewable multivitamin as a child. I haven’t yet tried it with my son who is soon to be 3yrs old. He uses wellbaby syrup which I have given him since he was a 6month old. I will probably try this option if he happens to not like it anymore.

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