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Appy Ice Pops

Appy Food and Drinks have been busy creating a new product for us.  Some of you may recall a post I wrote about the innovative drinks that they have available that helped us reduce the sugar content in the juices that we give to our little ones.  Well now they have a new product available in the form of Ice Pops!

There are 3 flavours available: Apple & Cherry, Orange & Apple & Blackcurrant.


They can be frozen and enjoyed as ice pops, opened and poured into ice cube moulds and enjoyed as juice cubes that can be added to other drinks.



The girls had a great time reviewing these.  Their favourite flavour was the Apple & Blackcurrant as this had the strongest flavour.  Easy to prepare and easy to open these juicy pops can be enjoyed by children from quite a young age as they do not have excessive amounts of sugar unlike some ice pops and have great characters on the packaging that they will recognise and love.


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  1. My little brother Kai would love these, he just helps himself to tip tops, from the freezer, already! He’s only two!

  2. I used to love ice pops as a kid.

  3. my daughter is addicted to ice pops, she eats them even in the winter.

  4. My niece and nephew would love these they just love an ice lolly!

  5. These look really cool! My kids would also eat them in the winter!!

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