Following up from my previous post Unique Coming of Age Gift Ideas For Daughters I thought I would write another post that covered pre-tweens and tweens.

Pre-teen (or tween) girls can be very difficult to buy gifts for.  They are still children but like to think that they are adults and make a point of making sure we are fully aware of their so called adulthood!  Of course this puts parents in a difficult situation.  Obviously, they want their daughter to be pleased with her gift but they don’t want to buy something that is inappropriate.

Here are 5 Top Gifts Ideas for Pre-Teen or Tween Girls

Age appropriate makeup

Some girls are not remotely interested in makeup but most will have started to show some interest in it by the time they reach high school.  Of course mine already love it at the ages of 7 & 8 so I plan to start getting make up tips from them in a few years lol!  It is nice for them to have some makeup of their own so they do not keep borrowing / stealing mine.  This gives them a chance to experiment with how to apply make up correctly. Many young girls / tweens love to watch YouTube videos that show them how to do that.  Start off with a neutral shade of lip gloss, a little highlighter and a touch of mascara.

3d Pen

This is something both boys and girls would love, it’s pretty cool I must say.  3D pens are suitable for children of around 12 years and above due to the hand eye co-ordination required. With one of these the can create very impressive projects and hone their design and technology skills before they get to high school.

A mobile phone

This can be a very contentious issue but most girls will want a mobile phone before they reach high school.  Mine have been asking for the last 2 years as some of their friends supposedly have them already.  I have told them that when they are a little older they can have one as their safety is a priority for me – I am a major safety freak!!!.  As they become tweens they are becoming more independent are walking around on their own.  If they have a mobile phone you can check in with them when you need to. Unfortunately, if they are anything like my second daughter they will lose their phones on a regular basis and so sim only deals are the best option.  Reconditioned or cheaper model handset are a great idea and can be upgrade when they are a little older.

Experiences as a Gift

Sometimes an experience is more valuable than a physical gift. Trips to theme parks are always popular or you could try something more adventurous such as indoor skydiving or skiing.  An increasingly popular option are ‘Escape Rooms’ where you have to work with a team to get out of a room in a certain period of time using a series of clues.

Clothes, Shoes & Bags

Many girls are changing their taste in clothes at this time so they will have a list of new items that they would love to have.  The problem is that this phase of experimentation can prove expensive.  If they want some designer items, it may be best to purchase nearly new versions from apps such as Depop whilst they decide on their true style.


This is the age when they discover music so you have several years of deafening tunes ahead of you!  Most teens store their music collection on their phones so why not get them a mini speaker.  They can use it in your house and take it with them into the garden, the park or to a friend’s house!

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What gift(s) would you by for a pre-tween / tween?

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20 thoughts on “5 Top Gifts Ideas for Pre-Teen or Tween Girls”

  1. These are all great gift ideas, I’m mentally remembering some for nearer Xmas and birthday times. Tweens and early teens are so difficult to buy for, I dread when my daughter comes home to tell me it’s one of her friends birthdays.

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  2. I believe experiences are the most memorable. Once on my birthday, my aunt asked me if I wanted a present or an afternoon tea get together with family and I opted for the latter. Still have those memories fresh in my mind. This is a great list but I will definitely opt for a gift voucher for an experience, when giving to a teen.

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