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Regular readers will recall a post featuring a dog food company called Pooch&Mutt (grain free dog food) and the adorable Ruby earlier this year.


New Melanie’s Fab Finds readers that own dogs will also be interested to hear that Pooch&Mutt have five different dog foods to choose from including: Move Easy, Calm & Relaxed, Slim & Slender, Fresh Breath and Digestion & Wind.  The competition hosted with my last post proved to be quite popular so we thought as it was a while back it would be nice to get another up and running.  This time the prize on offer is a 2kg bag of dog food (winner can select which one) and a six pack of treats (again winner can chose which one).  The prize is worth almost £30.  For those eager to get their hands on some of this great dog food you can get a £5 off a 10kg bag voucher simply by filling in a short survey.

To complete the survey visit www.poochandmutt.com/petsurvey2015

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

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My little girls are extremely inquisitive as one would expect given their ages.  The only thing that concerns me though is their fascination with bugs especially spiders eeekkkkk!  I’m really not a fan but I do like to do things at home with them that are educational.  With a science / medical background I am myself also interested in the natural world and all the beauty that can be seen within.  Now although I’m not into spiders I do like other sorts of weird and wonderful creatures so I thought as it’s the summer holidays it might be fun to in a sense, grow out own pet(s).  I discovered Triop World after a brief search.  It wasn’t hard to summon up my inner child and get the girls to assist me in my latest ‘science lesson’ Life Cycles.

Here’s the science part.  I feel like one of those women from the hair shampoo commercials lol.

Triop are great little creatures for science demonstrations plus you get all the fun of having pets but without the long term commitment.  Triops have been around since the Triassic period (the time of the dinosaurs) with fossils dating back 200 million years.  Triop normally live from 3 to 6 weeks but not to fear they normally leave eggs behind.  Even if you only have 1 Triop don’t despair as they often produce eggs without having to come in contact with another Triop (I’m leaving out any mating talk as my girls are way too young for that to be mentioned).

TriopThe best temperature range for Triops is between  21 to 31 degree C but they can survive at 15 degrees although this can greatly affect their survival, growth and fertility.

The girls were of course so excited they could pop when the package containing the Triops arrived.

DSC01739We followed the instructions and washed out the tank with bottled water and then dried it.

DSC01752The tank was ¾ filled with bottled water and allowed to reach room temperature.  Then the detritus containing the eggs was poured in and the sides were washed down to make sure that no eggs had stuck to them.

DSC01765Within 24 hours we had babies!!!  They were tiny at first but luckily for me I have superhuman vision so I could see them quite well.  On day 3 we put a tiny amount of food in.  We noticed that they were doubling in size each day and also moulting.

Size on day 3

The girls would stand watching the tank for ages, they loved watching the little creatures scurrying along the floor of the tank and swimming around.  We even had a torch next to the tank for the girls to shine in to take a good look.

Here are ours at 6 days old:

DSC01938You can even see parts of the exoskeleton that they shed each time they grow.  The instructions said that we could remove the detrius that the eggs had been combined with (the small brown pieces of what looks like bark) but we decided not to as our Triops seemed to have so much fun with it.DSC01939DSC01940P1150882Here you see our Triop shed it’s exoskeleton.

When our Triops reach 2 weeks we will add the sand provided in the kit.  This will help to keep the water clear and keeps the Triops busy as they search for food.  Our little pets may reach almost 7-8cm although they normally grow to 4-5cm.

The little ones are really enjoying having Triops and we would really recommend getting some for parents with young children from about 4+.

The Triop world kit contains everything you need but you can also purchase additional eggs and food, sand and tanks.

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Thanks to wikipedia for the first Triop photo.


As a nation of animal lovers we want the best for our pets.  For dogs this means plenty of exercise, fun things to keep them occupied so they are not gnawing at the furniture and on our shoes etc. and of course good nutrition.  You can tell a lot about a pets wellbeing by its coat and interaction with others.

  Ruby is a 7 year old Hungarian Vizsla and one of the most mild mannered a friendliest dogs you could meet.  Given her age a pet food that helps give her suitable nutrition to help her mobility is appropriate as like us, dogs can suffer from joint problems as they get older.  Ruby loved her new dog food from Pooch&Mutt (MOVE EASY complete grain-free dog food).  This is tailored for dogs with mobility issues or for those like Ruby that are very active.  With high levels of essential fatty acids from Scottish Salmon, Chondroitin, Glucosamine, green lipped mussel, rosehips, linseed, alfalfa and yucca this mix is formulated to support healthy joints and mobility.


 Pooch&Mutt have formulated a grain-free dog food because many dogs struggle to digest foods containing grains.  This can then result in digestive discomfort and itchy skin.  The food is naturally hypoallergenic as it does not contain common allergens like dairy products, soya, wheat or rice.

Well it’s one thing to tell you all about how great this product it supposed to be but another to be told straight from the horses mouth or in this case dogs.  What did Ruby think?  Well from the second she was told she was told she could eat her head did not move from the bowl until it was sparkling.  You would never have known that it had been full of food just a few minutes earlier.  Although joint problems have yet to be seen in Ruby, by eating this food it helps to avoid them manifesting.


There are five different dog foods to choose from including: Move Easy, Calm & Relaxed, Slim & Slender, Fresh Breath and Digestion & Wind.

dog 1

As well as foods they also have a range of tasty treats available.

dog 2

Treats are also available for our canine friends.  There are seven different types.  Containing only natural ingredients the hand-baked bone shaped treats are a great low calorie treat that dogs will love.  Again we tried the ones tailored for easy mobility.  Ruby loved them, the second she smelt the treats she was like putty in our hands, no trick was too much trouble if it meant she would be rewarded with these tasty bite site bones treats.





Containing ingredients that have been scientifically proven to improve joint comfort and also incorporating Yucca which was traditionally given by North American Indians to their animals to aid normal joint function these are guaranteed to benefit your dog.

Available straight from Pooch&Mutt as well as Amazon Prime, Ocado and Pets at Home their products are well worth a try by our four legged friends.

Would you like to win a 2KG bag of this great food for your dog?

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a Rafflecopter giveaway