Silver Forever Love Heart Pendant Necklace

I love sparkly jewellery but it has to be dainty.  I really don’t see the appeal in some of those enormous pieces of jewellery that some people seem to adore even more so if they are bright bold colours.  It’s simply a matter of taste but for myself I prefer the dainty, delicate sophisticated look and always have.  We I was asked whether I would like to review a piece of jewellery that fitted perfectly with my my taste of course I had to say yes please.

The item was sent through Amazon and arrived incredibly fast considering I don’t have a prime account and was packaged well.  The croc skin faux leather presentation box the necklace comes in is pretty and I liked the plain colour.dsc00817

The necklace itself really does sparkle and is embedded with zirconia down one side of the heart with a large stone in the centre.  The stones really sparkle and attract the eye and the silver has been well polished to give that a good shine too.  This is a well made piece and one that I could easily give as a gift as I am sure everyone I know would love it.

Isn’t it beautiful!

This was from a company called Pealrich and they had numerous other pretty sparkling pieces available.

I loved that the chain is delicate and simple.


The clasp is strong enough for the weight of the chain and pendent and on the link it is clearly marked that this piece is sterling silver.dsc00853I can’t fault the item it is stunning and something I will wear happily.

Take a look at my YouTube review here:

I was sent this item for the purpose of the review and all opinions expressed are my own.

The Pandora Rose Galaxy cubic Zirconia Charm from The Jewel Hut

Although we are all partial to a little jewellery our tastes are constantly changing as we are exposed to different design ideas.  I have noticed that with the current trend I have been taking more notice of pretty sparkly pieces that feature rose gold.  Yes, rose gold is now in fashion, it has been for a while and it’s going to stay in fashion for the foreseeable future.  The variety of pieces that you can find in this gorgeous colour are growing in number.  Having seen a few pieces in rose gold online I decided that I would take a look at the jewellery available.  The Jewel Hut is a fabulous website with a vast array of gorgeous, glittering rose gold pieces.  I did a search for rose gold on their site and got 1729 hits!!!!  From earrings to watches, necklaces and bracelets you are more than certain to find what you need here no matter how particular you may be about your choice of jewellery.


1, Swarovski Rose Gold Plated Tennis Clear Crystal Bracelet. (5039938)

2, Swarovski Ladies Daytime Light Peach Watch. (5182231)

3,  Thomas Sabo Sparkling Circles Rose Necklace (KE1491-416-14)

4, Pandora Rose Dazzling Daisy Cubic Zirconia Band Ring (180934CZ) 

I wanted to purchase a rose gold Pandora charm or spacer.  We have of course all heard of Pandora, a name synonymous with quality and beautiful jewellery.  Having come across The Jewel Hut over on twitter I decided to see what they had to offer.  To be honest I was impressed at the range of products available on the site.  They have numerous rose gold charms to chose from and I must say I did love the choices available.  I was after a charm to wear on a chain around my neck although I may at a later date also buy a bracelet and a few more charms.  Whatever I decide to do it is in a way an investment as Pandora jewellery is always in demand.

I struggled to decide which piece to chose and here is why:


Aren’t they all so pretty!!!!!!

These were my favourites and it took a while to slowly whittle down the numbers but eventually I decided which one I wanted.

I even found two outfits online that it would look great with too, how exciting!!!  This had turned out to be a very successful shopping day.  The charm on a long silver chain would look great with these dark blue bootcut jeans and this lovely black shell top from Next.  The lovely rose colour would really draw attention and help finish the outfit.  This is great for daytime and casual evening wear.


Of course there would be something seriously wrong with me if I didn’t also match this with a dress or two.  These dresses again from Next are not only gorgeous but would show off the bracelet well and combined create a look worthy of attention.


So which Pandora charm did I choose?



The Pandora Rose Galaxy cubic Zirconia Charm (781388CZ)

Isn’t it fabulous and as you can see it really does sparkle.  This is the perfect piece for wearing as a necklace on a silver chain  or piece of black / dark blue ribbon around the neck or for combining with other pieces on a bracelet as it really does catch the eye.  You can find all the featured jewellery over on The Jewel Hut Website as well as many other equally attractive pieces.

You can also find The Jewel Hut on Twitter and Facebook.

I found the service to be very fast and efficient and over 38000 reviews can’t be wrong with the company being awarded a 5* Feefo rating!!!!!

Have you purchased from The Jewel Hut before?  Why not consider them next time you need to purchase a lovely piece of jewellery whether it’s for yourself or a gift, you won’t be disappointed.

Kaya Jewellery

I love to wear jewellery and so do my little ones.  Even Mr Squishy has been known to wear it in the privacy of our own home.  Jewellery isn’t just a fashion statement it is also a way of expressing oneself and I love pretty and dainty items.   I generally shy away from large clumpy pieces that are brightly coloured as they are really not ‘me’.

I also love to give jewellery away as a gift and bought lovely pieces for my two friends that christened my daughters.  My daughters love to receive jewellery and always have it at the top of their list at Christmas and for birthdays.

Recently I got in touch with a jewellery company called Kaya Jewellery who specialise in jewellery for babies, children and mums.  They have some great pieces and are the perfect site if you need a gift for any occasion including Christenings and Holy Communion and even bridesmaids.  On their site you will find matching mother and daughter bracelets and bracelets that cover 3 generations.

Kaya jewellery offer free engraving of their jewellery including names, word and dates.  All items are handmade in the UK and gift wrapped for free!

Kaya jewellery believe that they can make a difference ad have the responsibility to support people in need.  Because of this belief Kaya donates part of the profit to the Eduki Foundation who help underprivileged children in Africa.  Last year they donated €2,500 to pay for 10 children’s school fees, books, school dinners, shoes and uniforms.

Here are just a few of the lovely pieces you will find over on the site.

Girls Star Bracelet


Mum & Me Bracelets ‘White Star’ with Silver Heart


Sterling Silver Cupcake


Silver Mum & Me Chains ‘Entangled Hearts’


Mum & Me Silver Necklaces ‘Intertwined’


Sterling Silver Star Earrings


High Quality Bracelet ‘Infinity Pink’ with Silver Initial Charm


3 Generations Bracelet ‘Princess’ with Heart Charm


Don’t the pieces look great!

My girls and I would love most of these.

Would you like the chance to win a £40 voucher to spend on the site?


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Win a Gorgeous Sterling Silver Forget-Me-Not Necklace & Earring Set

It’s not long until the world famous RHS Chelsea Flower Show opens its doors once again to the public (24th to the 28th May).  With their amazing blooms, exciting garden ideas and so much more it’s hardly surprising that they attract over 157,000 visitors each year and why not as we can all appreciate flowers in bloom whatever our age.  To coincide with this show I thought that it might be lovely to do a flower themed competition so have teamed up with Scarlett Jewellery who have a range of stunning flower themed pieces to suit all tastes and budgets.

I loved the range so much that I created a collage with my favourite floral sterling silver pieces.  The main designs include daisy’s, forget-me-nots, poppy’s, bluebells and I even found a gorgeous butterfly charm on their site.

Scarlet 6I love their stack me rings as you can create some gorgeous combinations.  Some of the pieces combine gold and 925 sterling silver to add that little bit extra colour to their pieces as in the beautifully crafted silver and gold daisy charm shown in the collage above.

Scarlet 7

The mix of products is good too so whether you want a ring, necklace, earrings or bracelet they will have just the piece to suit you.  There is no doubt that this company has some fabulous pieces on their site but almost equally important is the level of service that they provide.  Scarlett jewellery take pride in giving clients the best service possible which is why they have a direct link to their feefo rating from their site.  The service rating has 100% positive feedback and the product rating 99%.


I was impressed by the speedy delivery and the quality of the jewellery.  I was sent a pair of handmade 925 sterling silver Forget-Me-Not stud earrings.  Great attention has been paid to the detail of these down to the little hearts on the back of the studs.


I also received a forget-me-not necklace.  The pair came with a gift box and a meaning card explaining the meaning from the language of flowers.  Forget-Me-Nots are the idea gift as they mean ‘Everlasting Memory’ making them the perfect gift to remember someone, an absent friend, family far from home, or someone sadly missed.

It’s not just keen gardeners that will love these beauties inspired by an old book about the Victorian Language of Flowers discovered in Scarlett founder Sarah’s grandma’s attic.  Scarlett jewellery are regular exhibitors at the RHS Chelsea Flower Show and their Forget-Me-Not jewellery is extremely popular with keen gardeners, and those who simply love the meaning and iconography of the Forget-Me-Not as a symbol of lasting memory.

Doesn’t the set look amazing!!!


I am pleased to announce that thanks to Scarlett Jewellery there is a set up for grabs for one of my lucky readers.  Bet you’re glad you subscribed to my emails now!!!

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I was sent this beautiful set for the purposes of the post & of course all views are my own.

Win a Sterling Silver infinity Necklace from Made by Plumb

It’s almost Valentines Day!!!!!  Do you love anyone enough to give them your last rolo??? Hell yes, although to be honest let’s face it rolo’s aren’t really that great in the first place.  Personally I like chocolate that is a far higher quality but then I must admit in my old age I am becoming a bit of a chocolate snob.  Chocolate isn’t the only gift given to loved ones for Valentines although it’s a great start.  Something longer lasting than a gift that is perishable or that will be gone in 60 seconds is always a nice idea and jewellery tends to tick most people’s boxes.  You don’t need to buy anything ridiculously expensive either!  Something more symbolic can be so much nicer.

 I have been talking to a lovely jeweler who was telling me her handmade earrings were worn recently by Darcey Bussell from ‘Strictly Come Dancing’ a show where celebrities and professional dancers compete.  Apparently you can see Darcey wearing them on the BBC website.  Look out for these!!!!!

Plumb 1

The jeweller that I had been speaking with runs a company called ‘Made by Plumb’.  She uses the highest quality components in each of her pieces and you can see that great care has been put into the making of each.

I love these gorgeous bracelets.

Plumb 4

Plumb 3And this silver necklace with Swarovski crystal is lovely.

Plumb 5These would make anyone’s Valentines day and also be the perfect gift for any other celebration.

As I hadn’t yet arranged anything on my blog for Valentines I thought that it might be nice to give a prize of this stunning sterling silver infinity pendant on an 18 inch sterling silver chain from this great company.

Plumb 2You can give it away to a loved one of keep it for yourself, the choice is yours.

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Can’t wait???  Want something from this great site right now!!!  Lol, thought you might so here is a discount code MEL10 which will get you 10% off any purchases.  (Just to add I do not get anything from sales, in case anyone wondered xxx)

Happy shopping.

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A Fashionistas Christmas Party Dress Wishlist 2015

Very soon the Christmas party season will be upon us bringing with it panics about what to wear.  I am so unprepared this year, I haven’t started my gift shopping or decided on any party outfits or even what I will wear on Christmas day.  Yesterday I went to a local shopping centre and came back empty handed OMG, no!!!!!!  So that night once I had put all the kids to bed I turned on my computer to begin a search for something suitable.  By now regular readers will know I like the sleek, feminine, sophisticated look.  I am always drawn to clothes that flatter the female form without revealing excessive amounts anywhere.  Oh and by the way I love dresses (seriously, like I you didn’t already know if you’ve see my other fashion posts)!

I went straight to the Esprit website as they always have great quality clothing and low and behold they had just what I was looking for.  I felt like a child in a candy shop it was fabulous!!!!!  From gorgeous knitted dresses and jumpers, shoes and handbags to die for and so much more I must admit I was on the site for hours drooling at the fabulous clothing etc.  My only problem I can’t buy everything unless I get a bigger wardrobe which in turn would require a bigger room and ultimately a bigger house.  As that really isn’t on the books I am writing a wish list for my reference and thought you would like to see it too!

I had to narrow this down to just party dresses and of course some accessories (a vital part of any outfit) otherwise I would probably be posting a few hundred items and crash my blog, opsy, we don’t want that now!

 Sophisticated, chic and conservative(ish), the sort of dresses everyone’s fashion icon Kate Middleton might wear, the cuts, colours length and fabric make them every fashionistas must have items for the festive season.

 Need to hide a multitude of sins, this loose dress works wonders and will help you do just thanks to it’s cut and colour.

Esprit 1

This dress is very flattering and is available in two lovely colours that are perfect for party wear all year round.

Esprit 2Simple yet pretty all by itself this is a great party piece that you can dress up or down depending on they type of party you are attending.

Esprit 3

The bold colour and feminine style of this dress makes it a head turner.  Just add a great pair of heels, some sparkle and a pretty bag and you will easily be the belle of the ball.

Esprit 4

Lace dresses can look great provided you have the right style for your body shape.  This trio of gorgeous lace dresses are all winners in my books all demonstrating a sleek, sophisticated style that will never go out of fashion.

Esprit 7Esprit 6Esprit 5  For the event that needs a longer style dress this chiffon maxi dress will be perfect just make sure you add plenty of sparkle.

Esprit 8

Shoes can make or break an outfit so make sure you pick the right ones!!!!  I was instantly won over by these glittery court shoes.

Esprit 9And these faux suede court shoes, how cute are they and they would also look fabulous with jeans!!!!  The faux suede shoes are also available in the perfect blue shade that would complement the blue lace dress above.

Esprit 10Want a little more heel?  These faux suede sandals will give you extra height and make your legs look great in the process.

Esprit 11

Once you have decided on your perfect outfit the next decision is the perfect bag and as this is a party outfit that we are selecting the ideal bag style would be a clutch bag.  Esprit have just the thing.  It’s large enough for essentials and looks good too!

Esprit 12Isn’t it lovely?

Another piece of wrist candy a girl simply must have is a bracelet with just the right amount of sparkle.

Esprit 13 Esprit 14Don’t forget a necklace!

Esprit 15 Esprit 16Now you can see what I mean.  There is so much to choose from and that’s just the party dresses.  Anyone want to buy me a bigger house?  With everything you could possibly need for the perfect Christmas outfit Esprit make life easy so make sure you take a look at their site to find out about these and more amazing dresses.

Most of the featured dresses were available in black which is great as that is normally my colour go to as it really is slimming and lets face it it’s always fashionable.  I love black dresses as they also let jewellery stand out that bit more and work well with any colour of jewellery.

I thought that you might be interested to hear that Esprit is running a Christmas competition where they have various prizes on offer with a main prize of a dream holiday to Thailand.  Want to try your luck??

Enter ‘here‘.

Good Luck!!!

Jewellery Designed with Children in Mind!

Following in their mothers footsteps my little girls or mini fashionistas simply adore finishing off their outfits with just the right piece of jewellery.  With this in mind I was browsing the pages of the My First Jewellery site to find items that would be perfect for my girls to wear on a daily basis as well as for special occasions.  You can see that a great deal of thought has gone into each piece of jewellery on this site with the cute designs that capture the imagination and bring with them a bit of sparkle and magic.

my first jewellery 1

The range includes necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets and for that little bit of individuality there are also birthstone necklaces available.  I was overjoyed to discover that they had the cutest little panda necklaces.  Pandas are my youngests favourite animal and up until this point she did not have any jewellery featuring pandas on it.  I was of course eager to rectify this.  My eldest daughter on the other hand loves bunnies and low and behold I found some bunny studs.  Clearly his was meant to be and of course once the package arrived with it’s precious cargo all you could hear were squeals of excitement.

Each piece of jewellery comes in it’s own little pouch with a free charm attached.

DSC00109 DSC00123DSC00130 The necklace was the perfect length (14inches) and the design was met with delighted approval by my little girl.

DSC00170The earrings were just the right size for my daughter to wear to school (at least I think they are as we haven’t been told off).  My daughter has been wearing them since they arrived and they are now her favourite pair of earrings. DSC00122 DSC00161Both girls were delighted with their new jewellery and couldn’t wait to show everyone.

DSC00202There are more great items to choose from such as this frozen snowflake which is sure to be popular.

my first jewellery 3This cute ring and necklace set.

my first jewellery 4

These festive earrings are the perfect stocking filler.

my first jewellery 6

They even have Christmas themed items to choose from like this Christmas bracelet.

my first jewellery 5The boys haven’t been left out, there is a small selection of jewellery for boys my favourie item being the blue suede bracelet with a solid silver plane charm, isn’t it lovely!!!

my first jewellery 2If you are planning on buying jewellery as a gift for little ones then make sure you take a look at their website as there is so much more for you to see.  As Christmas is almost here I thought we should hold a giveaway for something from the site.  Who am I kidding, it’s always like Christmas here but that’s because we all love competitions especially ones for jewellery.

Want to win a ring or pair of earrings from the My First Jewellery Site???

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form:

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Make your own Jewellery can be Fun!

My girls love jewellery, not surprising most of us do.  In fact they like it so much that I can guarantee you it will feature high up on their list to Santa.  As a result when Interplay asked me what I would like to review this month after taking a good look on their site I decided that the ‘Shamballa Rose Gold Jewellery’ would be something fun for my little ones to do.

DSC00398What’s in the box?

DSC00406DSC00407First to be made the necklace.

The thread ends kept fraying which made it a bit harder to thread the beads on.  A little tip, a quick snip to tidy, moisten the end and roll it into a point as much as it will go which will make it far easier to thread.

DSC00415When using the cord ends you can open them to up to make threading easier.

DSC00416The finished necklace!DSC00423We also decided to attempt the bracelet.  I will admit that I did struggle to do this but mainly as I had a severe head cold and was struggling to concentrate.  Once I got into the swing of where each thread went I did it quite quickly.  Just to note if like me you mess up the beginning part because you have forgotten which side you need to start the thread from (I had a 2 second memory like Dori from Finding Nemo, it was awful) you can undo and start again to make it look better.

DSC00436Not bad for my first go!

I think for the bracelet the instructions were quite good and it is aimed at the right age group (age 8+) as any younger and children would find it confusing.

We have yet to make the earrings as my daughters can’t decide who will have them (they both had their eye in them).  This was quite fun to do although the bracelet was a bit time consuming the children were happy with the end result so for me that made it worth the effort.

This makes a great gift for the jewellery making and craft enthusiast.

We were given this product for an honest review and hope you enjoyed reading it.

This is NOT a sponsored post!

Choosing the Right Jean Style for your Body Type

When you go out in jeans whether they are styled to be casual or a bit more glam you really want to wear the most flattering jeans for your body type.  Sounds simple enough, yet many get it so wrong.  This post has been written to give advice to those unsure of what style of jeans will suit them best and not to tell people what they can and can’t wear as that wouldn’t be fair as we all have our own tastes.

Before I go through the different body types and jean styles I wanted to include a little arm candy that would look wonderful with all the styles of jeans whether you are going casual or glamming them up.  This pretty crystal stretch bracelet from Majique is just the piece to finish off any outfit and the crystals sparkle nicely to make this not only eye catching but also a jewellery box essential.



What you need to know before you can choose the right jeans for your body shape is that the ‘rise’ of a jean is the measurement from the top of the waistband to the bottom of the crotch seam.  High rise jeans sit under your bellybutton covering the hips and bottom.

Pear Shaped

Seen on the likes of Kim Kardashian and Jennifer Lopez.

Pear shaped women are smaller on top and have curvier hips, bottoms and thighs.  A high rise flare, bootcut, skinny or trouser jean would look great as they make your legs look longer and help give the appearance of slimmer hips.  Trouser jeans look similar to trousers (simply put).  These are generally found in dark washes making them more suitable as workwear.  They fall in a straight line from the hips and take attention away from your middle area.

Boot cut and flare jeans will help you look thinner but it is important to remember that you should always go for a darker colour (dark blue, indigo or black).  Don’t go for jeans that fit too tightly as they will accentuate bulges.

Straight leg jeans can look like skinny jeans on a pear shaped body.  Go for a dark colour to flatter your figure the most and make sure the fabric of the jeans is a heavy one so one that falls rather than squeezes.

 Draw attention to the upper part of your body either with bold colours, eye catching patterned tops, long tops and or a chunky / sparkly necklace.


Seen on the likes of Kelly Brook and Salma Hayek.

This figure is best suited to a wide leg jean with a mid rise to show off your curves yet keep you looking slim in the right places.  The styles of jeans are the same as with a pear shape.


Apple shaped celebs include Elizabeth Hurley and Jennifer Hudson.

Apple shaped ladies are larger across their mid-section generally with slim legs and are best suited to straight leg jeans with a dark wash to complement their shape although bootcut and flare will also look good.  Go for a mid to low rise jean.


This Straight up and down figure is seen on the likes of Nicole Kidman and Cameron Diaz.  This means your bust, hips and shoulders are the same width.

Mid rise bootcut and flare jeans look great on this figure although you can get away with most styles.

Whatever size you are make sure your jeans have some lycra in the fabric to help the jeans retain their original shape.

Trouser Jean

(from Banana Republic)

Banana Republic Trouser JeanBootcut Jean

 House of Fraser Bootcut jeans 1

House of Fraser Bootcut jeans

Skinny Jean

House of Fraser Skinny jeans

Straight Leg Jeans

House of Fraser Straight cut jeans

Flared Jeans

Next Flared Jeans

As worn by Michelle Keegan available at Next.

I hope that you found this useful.

All jeans featured are from House of Fraser unless otherwise stated.

This is NOT a sponsored post.

Demin: From Casual to Glam Made Simple

Denim is super flexible in terms of styling.  You can dress it down for casual daily wear or dress it up to create a cute little outfit for a night out, but, make sure you don’t forget the accessories.

Denim is great no matter what shape or size you are but make sure you choose the right style to fit your body shape.  I will be addressing jeans to specific body types next week so make sure you watch out for that post.  But back to this week’s post, creating a casual look is simple enough all you need is a style of jeans that suits and is comfortable to wear.

What do we consider?  The weather is a biggie, who wants to go out shopping in the West End or their local shopping area and get soaked, frozen or baked.  As we are approaching Autumn I will make the assumption that it will be cool with the possibility of rain when styling this option.  The first item I am going to mention is this pretty silver tone star necklace from Majique, just the thing for casual wear!

DSC02843DSC02840Working my way down to the top this great crossover top is perfect for a casual look.

next 10 This soft lace panel blouse looks beautiful and creates a great feminine look.

next 12

Then the jeans.

Next 8Boot cut jeans can be worn with a great range of boots and heels depending on the look you are aiming for and come in varying sizes and lengths

Choosing the right footwear is of utmost importance and these boots would work perfectly with this day outfit.

 Whether you fancy ankle boots

Jones Bootmakers 3 Jones Bootmakers 4or long boots you will find every taste accounted for at the Jones Bootmakers site.

Jones Bootmakers 1 Jones Bootmakers 2With the temperature having dropped this short down jacket is casual, functional and looks great.
next 14
And to finish the ensemble a gorgeous rose umbrella that you can find out more about ‘here’.

DSC01071Moving on to the going out outfit.

This super sparkly silver tone and crystal necklace is the ideal swap to add a touch of glitz and glam.

DSC02822This is exceptionally sparkly and the picture really doesn’t do it justice.

DSC02825The necklace is very long and can be worn as it is but I think it looks great doubled as shown in the first picture.

A quick change of the top to this gorgeous navy mirror embroidered folk blouse combined with the gorgeous necklace will have you turning heads.

next 9And so will this 2 in 1 sparkle lace layer jumper with detachable lace trim cami.

next 11Although the jeans will remain the same if you are going for a super sophisticated / sexy look then these court shoes with varying sized heels are a must.  How lovely are they!!!!!

Jones Bootmakers 7Jones Bootmakers 5Jones Bootmakers 6A sophisticated and stylish faux fur lined waist coat is perfect to complete the look.

next 13The second necklace can also look great as a bracelet, take a look at this:

DSC02832All the gorgeous clothes featured in this post are from next and all the fab footwear can be found over at Jones Bootmakers.