7 in 1 Beauty Care Massager

We all need a little help to help us look our best especially as we get older.  There are so many gadgets out there that we can assist to help us look our great and they don’t all need to cost a fortune.  Take the 7 in 1 Beauty Care Massager that I discovered recently.  This super gadget has such a range of functions that it has quickly become a bathroom beauty essential in my eyes.  The massager has 7 different heads that can be swapped around to suit the beauty treatment that you require.  It is claimed to decrease fine lines, exfoliate dead skin and give deep pore cleansing.  This is safe to use with high and low speed options and easily changeable heads. The massager is perfect for use on the face, feet, elbows, knees, basically anywhere that you might get rough skin or where you want the skin looking brighter.

The Heads

As I mentioned there are 7 heads for this device each with its own purpose.

Short & Long Ultra Fine Brushes (1&2)

Both these brushes can be used to clear any dead skin from the surface of the area it is used and exfoliate at the same time.

Pumice Applicator (3)

This head is great for filling down and smoothing rough skin often found on the feet.

Crude Polish Accessory (4)

Perfect for exfoliation of dry and hard skin.  This will rub the dead cells off super fast and reveal the healthy soft skin beneath.  Results are immediate making the skin look healthier.  It also helps increase blood flow to the area used increasing the removal of waste from the area and increasing the nutrients to the skin in that area helping to improve its appearance further.

Rolling Massager (5)

This feels great on the skin and is also quite relaxing.  Its purpose is to stimulate an increase in blood circulation to the skin helping to increase removal of toxins and help oxygen travel better to the skin helping to promote a smoother fresher complexion.

Latex Soft Sponge & Make Up Sponge (6 & 7)

These super soft sponges are perfect for use over the skin to clean and massage.  The sponges gently massage to remove dead skin and also increases the circulation to the area helping to make the skin appear brighter and smoother.  The latex sponge is designed to be used specifically over the delicate eye area and cheeks.

What did I think?

This is super simple to use.

The heads are easy to change they simply slip on and off just make sure that you click them into place when adding them onto the massager.

The massager is a great size so it doesn’t take too much space and isn’t heavy to hold.  It can be easily slipped into a suitcase for your travels.

The device is easy to hold due to its handle design and I love its super feminine colouring.

I also liked the range of heads to allow you to improve the appearance of various parts of the body.

This seemed to do a good job at exfoliating whether I used it on my face or body and I just applied different amounts of pressure depending on the area of use.

How long it will last I don’t know but if you buy it off Amazon for £13.99 and they sell them with a one year guarantee.

The device needs two AA batteries which are not included.

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Top 5 Gift Ideas for Batman Fans

I grew up watching Batman.  I used to watch the tv series with my brother as a child and watched all the movies too.  I wouldn’t say I am a hardcore fan but I have enjoyed watching the range of movies and think I have probably seen them all to date from Batman and Robin featuring various characters like Poison Ivy and Bat girl to the most recent Dark Knight Trilogy.

batman1One of the items that I have seen and actually bought for a mini fan before is this great clock which has moveable arms and legs.  You can find these in John Lewis priced at £19.99.

This Batman mug is great and I think any fan would be delighted to have one of these.  It’s not too pricey either as it is on offer for £6.99 at The Gift and Gadget Store.

My next suggestion is pretty useful.  It’s a Batman Multi Tool for £6.50.  This bat shaped key ring is also a bottle opener and has crosshead and flathead screwdrivers in the wings.  If you want one make sure you check out The Gift Experience .co.uk.

batman3The Dark Knight Trilogy Box Set is a must for any Batman fan and can be found at HMV for just £14.99.  Forgot to buy your Batman fan one at Christmas ont worry grab it as a Birthday Gift, they will love it!

Last but not least is this super cool projection torch that no Batman fan will want to be without I know i’d love this it’s great.  Available from The Gift and Gadget Store for just £4.99.


Now I am sure many of you know at least one Batman fan, you might even be one yourself and with that in mind I am going to giveaway one Dark Knight Trilogy Box Set (check this) to one lucky reader to help you have one less gift to buy this year and as it’s January Blues time and I like to make people happy.  One lucky entrant will have their frown turned upside down when they win this great boxset.

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Did you Cut your Spending this Christmas?

I have been reading all sorts of articles over the Christmas period from those about gift ideas for various members of the family, great party food ideas and more.  Some of these were found online and some I found in my inbox.  One that caught my interest covered spending over the Christmas season.


An online voucher company recently did a survey and discovered that 42% of those asked have tried to save money this Christmas.  It’s not surprising Christmas is an expensive time of year and it’s hard especially when you have little ones not to feel that you should get them the latest toy that they really want and have been on about for the last month and a half.  With our desire to make Christmas as special and magical a time as possible for children and loved ones some really do get a little spend happy it’s easy to get swept up in the Christmas buying frenzy that seems to happen and sometimes we might swipe the plastic a little too much it’s easily done as by not physically handling cash it can make you a little less aware of what you are spending resulting in quite a few cases in accounts being overdrawn as we venture into the cold January months.  I wrote a post in November titled ‘Save this Christmas and Enjoy a Happy New Year’ which I hope some of you managed to read and this gave some great tips on how you could save money for this Christmas as well as begin working on saving money for the next.

The company that carried out the survey that caught my attention was none other than My Voucher Codes which I frequently use and you can see the full survey ‘here‘.  The great thing about this particular company is that savings are not merely restricted to Christmas time although saving money at this expensive time of year is of course great.  These guys like many other voucher services allow you to save money on a whole array of products /  services from holidays, dining out, shopping for clothes, jewellery, beauty products, the list goes on.  I will be using vouchers to help save me money over the year and might even buy a few Christmas gifts on the way to reduce the load for next Christmas.  I’m quite excited to see they link to the offers on the buyagift page where I plan on making the most of discounts and go on a few of the experiences yet again.  The gift and occasion page is one to keep an eye on for those needing gifts over the year or want to get their Christmas shopping for the coming year finished early.  At the moment many of the stores they list are offering up to 50% off so if you want to grab some bargains why not go take a look.


Have fun shopping x

Do you use money saving voucher sites like these and which do you use?

Coolreall 15600mAh Power Bank

As you will recall I recently reviewed a 3 USB port power pack from a company called Coolreall.  Well I am at it again this time with a slightly smaller version.  The power pack I am reviewing this time is the Coolreall power bank 15600mAh and has 2 ports meaning it is able to charge 2 items at the same time.  In comparison to the other power pack this one is slightly smaller in size and weighs a little less too so it’s easier to carry in a hand bag as it’s not quite as weighty.  This is a more practical power bank to take if it’s travelling in a handbag.  The power bank is again black and has the same sleek design and can be used with most popular smart phones and tablets.

Inside the box as with the coolreall 20000mAh power bank I had everything I needed to get the power bank charged so I could take it on my travels this included the power bank, a micro USB cable and instruction booklet.

The 4 LED lights on the unit show the charging progress of the power bank and when it is not being charged you can press the small button at the side and these lights will come on to show you the power level.  There is also a torch light which can also be turned on and off using the same button and comes in handy should you need a torch or are using the device somewhere that is dimly lit.


The power bank has a high capacity and can charge an iphone 6 up to 6 times, a Samsung Galaxy S6 4 times or an ipad mini 2 times.  Sounds useful doesn’t it especially for long car and aeroplane journeys.

This power bank detects and delivers the optimal charging current for any connected device to ensure the fastest and most efficient charge which is very useful when you need a device in a hurry.  As with the coolreall 20000mAh power bank there are 5 built in safety mechanism to prevent over charging over-discharging, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection which is reassuring to know.

You can take a look at the power bank here:

This is a great item to have at hand when you are out and about especially in cases of emergencies as it’s just typical that our batteries are going to be running low when we need them.  I like to avoid problems and keep my phone charged as much as possible but with a hundred and one other things to do each day it isn’t always easy to remember so having some form of back up can be very helpful.

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 I received this product for free in return for an honest and unbiased review

The Espon EcoTank ET-3600

My hubby loves his gadgets.  He’s pretty good with figuring out how to work them too which is great as he is sometimes called upon by friends and family for assistance when they get stuck.  Naturally when I had a fabulous new printer arrive from Epson I asked my lovely hubby to get it set up for me.  This particular printer is one that he had had his eye on for a while and when he heard it was on its way he was like a large child.  Honestly I think he had swallowed the instruction manual as he was a fountain of knowledge.  Apparently it’s very good because it hasn’t got those awfully annoying cartridges to deal with, handy as it’s not always easy to find the cartridges you need and also because it’s hard to get the damn things in and out of the printer.  The EcoTank ET-3600 comes with 2 complete sets of ink (approx 2 years worth) which is great and this allows one to print up to 11,000 pages both in black and also in colour.  You save on the cost of having to buy quite a few ink cartridges with this and when you eventually do come to need more bottles they are reasonably priced.  I found sets of all 4 colours for £28.39 on the cartridge save site.  This 3 in 1 inkjet will scan, copy and print (double sided printing if required which can save you money on paper).  You can print wirelessly from a computer, tablet – android or ipad, smart phone or iphone.  You can even email files for printing from anywhere in the world via Epson Email Print.

My husband said this Inkjet printer is great because it has an integrated high capacity ink tank system allowing for a more economical product and I could do far more printing before it needed less refilling – hence he would get the “babe my printer needs ink” less often (the lucky man).  Asking my husband was like asking google but with far more in depth knowledge of the product.  I wonder if he had also memorised the trouble shooting guide too just in case lol.  I looked on the site fearing I may exhaust the husbands brain cell by asking him a gazillion questions about the machine and saw that this amazing printer can save me up to 74% in printing costs, how fabulous does that sound!

I’ve just realised I’ve been nattering on and not even shown you what my newest toy looks like, silly me.


Included in the box: the EcoTank ET-3600, 2 of each ink colour, a power cable, an instruction book and software disc.

So as you can see I am more than a little excited and wanted to see what this baby can do.  Of course before it could show me anything the hubby’s services were required to get the printer connected and loaded up with ink.


Adding the ink was easy enough to do which is handy as I can refill these myself when they eventually need a top up.  You can see from the photo the ink colour numbers are clearly labelled, it’s pretty idiot proof which is perfect and it also allows me to be more self sufficient, I hate when I need help to do things like get that damn jar of Jalapenos open – seriously that jar has it in for me I’m sure.

Once the ink had been added my husband set about making sure he had the computer communicating with the printer and we were off.  First off the press was a copy of an email for an event I was off to.  I normally print my confirmation emails as well as maps when I need them and the printer did it’s job nice and quickly.  The print speed for black and white is 14 pages per minute and for colour 7 pages per minute.

Paper is loaded into a handy hideaway tray to keep the paper dust free which can hold 150 sheets .  It’s also clearly marked for the different paper sizes you might want to use so you know where about to place the paper.  There is also a pull out tray that folds out to hold paper when it comes out of the printer.

This got me thinking.  Every year we make photo calendars for relatives and we have a teeny tiny photo printer (for 4×6 pictures) for this that I will admit causes us no end of problems and we have been through about 3 of them over the last few years.  Could the Epson EcoTank Et-3600 compete with this?  I bet it could and leave it redundant.  You see the photo printer we have can only print small photos, needs cartridges and in essence the Epson EcoTank ET-3600 should be far superior and cost less to run.   Of course when I went to get the calendars (£1.50 from  the photo lab in Tesco – bargain!) to add the photos to they were out of stock, typical.  Eventually I got my hands on a few and also some photo paper (5×7) for which there is a sizing clearly marked in the paper loading area.


The moment of truth:

(In order to fit the pictures onto the calendar I have used 5×7 sized paper rather than the large one shown.)

The screen was clear as were instructions.  Buttons were self explanatory and add to the ease of using the device.

dsc02022 dsc02029

Here is the printer in action:

How great does my calendar look!  My parents  are bound to love it.

dsc02033I really love this printer, it’s very easy to use and it’s saving me money too so it’s win win.  If you print, scan, photocopy regularly I would suggest looking into getting one of these.  The initial outlay may sound like quite a bit but the savings over time make up for it.

I was sent this printer for an honest review, all thoughts / opinions are my own.

Panasonic Outdoor Camera

We all expect to be safe in our own homes don’t we?  But what happens when someone threatens that safety and it could have been easily prevent.  I wanted to share a post about home safety.  Why?  Because recently it has been a topic for discussion between myself, my neighbours as well as within our household.

Within the last month and a half we have had two break ins on our street alone and I heard there have been others on roads nearby.


I’m going to be straight up, I am a teensy bit scared, more so because I have young children and frankly you never know whose outside if like me you have a great big wooden door with no windows to see out of.   The worst part is that the second break in was whilst there was someone in their own home.  Apparently someone knocked on their door, they of course went to open the door and 4 large men pushed their way in.  Fortunately they just stole from the poor woman but as we all know it could have been a far worse situation.


Since then I have been more than a little nervous about opening the door and if my husband is around I get him to do it.

What we clearly need is some form of security camera system to enable us to see who is outside and then decide whether we want to open the door to them.  It’s also handy for avoiding door to door sales people and Jehovah ’s Witness’s who like to come calling just when I am in the middle of something.

My parents have recently installed a system which is brilliant so no matter where they are they can see both outside and inside of the house either on their phone or tablet.  By coincidence I had an email land in my inbox from Panasonic about a Panasonic Outdoor Camera, seriously how on earth did they know!  With the concern as to our home security firmly in my mind I did not hesitate to take a look at their site.  Amazingly there on the screen was the exact item that would help disperse my fears, an outdoor security system.  Like the device my parents have it streams live footage to both smartphones and tablets.  There are built-in visual and infra-red sensors, a microphone so you can communicate with those outside your front door which is great if you are out shopping when the delivery man arrives as you can ask them to drop off your parcel to the neighbour.  Pictures can also be recorded to the SD card in the system’s hub and there are various SD cards with different amounts of memory to choose from.


It’s great for safety and I must admit if you also get the indoor camera it is also quite useful for those with young children as you can pop babies, toddlers to bed and go and do the washing, cleaning, cooking, have a cup of tea but be able to see them easily via your device of choice.  The cherry on the top ……. there are no monthly fees!

Take a look at this great video which really sums up everything you need to know plus the house in the video looks fantastic so it’s worth having a look at that too.

It sounds great doesn’t it and has to be something I will strongly consider using at home to keep my family safe especially with Christmas coming up and the increase in break ins that generally happen around that time.

Would you consider having a home a Panasonic security system in our home?

In collaboration with Panasonic.  All views are my own.

Coolreall 20000mAh Power Bank

I recently ordered a coolreall 20000mAh power bank from Amazon.  I was really impressed by the speed and efficacy of the service given and in no time at all after ordering my power bank had arrived.  The product was well packaged in a solid box to prevent any damage.


Inside I had everything I needed to get the power bank charged so I could take it on my travels this included the power bank, a micro USB cable and instruction booklet.


This particular power bank is slightly larger than a smart phone and not excessively weighty as one might expect and it is able to charge 3 devices simultaneously.  The power bank will automatically detect and deliver the optimal charging current for any connected device to ensure the fastest and most efficient charge.


This is nicely designed and comes in a matt black finish.  It’s handy for charging various devices on the go and depending on what you chose to charge can charge items such as phones several times (5-7).

There are 4 LED lights on the unit to show the charging progress of the power bank and when it is not being charged if you press the small button at the side these lights will come on to show you the power level.


There are 5 built in safety mechanism to prevent over charging over-discharging, over-voltage, over-current and short-circuit protection which is great.

What did I think?

I was very pleased to finally have one of these as they are super handy for use when travelling.  I really liked that you can charge more than one item at a time as it’s typical for my phone and my husband’s to run low of battery at the same time so this comes in very useful.  It looks great, I love the sleek and simple finish and the fact that it can hold so much charge.  It is compatible with many smart phone chargers which makes things easy especially if you lose the lead it comes with.  This is a really simple item to use so technophobes do not fear my 2 year old could get things charging if I showed him what to do.

Have you bought a power bank yet?

 I received this product for free in return for an honest and unbiased review

Crispy Duck, Hoisin and Cucumber salad & Win a Lurch Spiralo Spiraliser

Anyone that has read my blog will be fully aware that I love my food.  For me the best part of the day is when I get to eat a delicious home cooked lunch or dinner although I am not averse to going out for the odd meal, saves me having to tidy and wash up after.  I have recently gotten into spiralising but of course how easy this is can be dictated by the tool that you use.  My last spiraliser gave great results but left much more waste than I was happy with and eventually I decided to try another so here it is my latest spiraliser find which I am loving.  This spiraliser is from a company called UK Juicers, this is the ‘Lurch Spiralo‘.


It is an upright spiraliser that is BPA free, has it’s own storage compartment for the stainless steel blades, 2 different size noodle cutting blades and also a spiral making blade, is really quick and easy to clean and has suction pads to stabilise it whilst you are spiralising!



It sounds good doesn’t it but how is it in action?

It’s great!!!

I was really pleased at how much easier it was to use the Spiralo.


This isn’t moving anywhere!


Just choose the blade and slide it in.


Make sure the fruit or vegetable is placed in securely.  The teeth help to hold it in place.  Simply lower the gear so that they food item is wedged between the gear head and blade (on on either side) and you are ready to get spiralising.


Just turn the handle!


You can see that I chose the ribbon / spiral blade.


A quick twist of the handle and look what I got!  It’s so simple and quick.


There isn’t much waste which I do love, look how much was left!  (Per piece of cucumber spiralised.)


The result, beautiful cucumber ribbons.

How pretty!


These can be used in various types of meals.


Why not try making a crispy duck, hoisin and cucumber salad.

This is inspired by the yummy dish you can get from Chinese restaurants but with less calories and is wheat free and gluten free (depending n the brand of hoisin sauce used).  This make a deliciously light and healthy meal that is easy to make.  It’s one of those dishes that makes you feel healthier at the the mere thought that you will be eating it.  The cucumber contain lignans which are believed to help reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease as well as some cancers.  In this fresh state cucumbers are packed full of antioxidants and also have anti-inflammatory properties. The duck is of course a great source of protein, iron, zinc and Vitamin B6.  If you are watching your cholesterol levels then avoid the skin although there isn’t much in this recipe.

The recipe serves 2.


420g cucumber (3 pieces so they fit in the spiraliser)

1-2 spring onions

372g / half a duck (you can buy a Chinese kit with half a duck in supermarket)

Hoisin sauce to taste.  I used about 5-6tbs


Cook the duck at 200 degrees (fan oven) for 25-30 minutes with the skin on to keep the meat moist.  If you cook it long enough to crisp up the skin you can keep that in as it adds flavour and texture to the dish (removing the skin reduces calories of course).

Whilst the duck is cooking spiralise your cucumber and place on a dish.

Slice the spring onion and sprinkle this over.

When the duck is cooked debone it and shred the meat and skin (if you are eating this too) then place evenly over the cucumber.


Add the hoisin sauce and serve immediately.



I am pleased to announce that I have a Lurch Spiralo Spiraliser worth £29.95 to give away to one lucky reader.

This is perfect for those that love to eat healthily and make great gifts for foodies who love to cook.

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Watermelon, Black Forest Berry and Red Pepper Smoothie

I know it sounds odd but I felt like having something red to eat / drink the other day and when the urge takes me its best to just stand back and let me do my thing.  I used to be very in tune with what my body needed nutritionally prior to the constant exhaustion that came with having 3 mini people.  I am trying to tune back into myself so to speak and it seems to be happening, slowly.

My creation sounded a bit odd to me but I followed my instincts and hey presto I had a red smoothie.  Interestingly enough this actually tasted really good.  Of course I need to tell you a little about the nutritional benefit before I give you the recipe because well that’s what I do!

Watermelon is of course delicious when ripe as well as very refreshing.  It’s a great way to add water and nutrients to a smoothie.  It contains vitamins A, B6 and C and also interesting to know lots of lycopene so has anti ageing effects.

The red pepper contains vitamin C and has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties.

The berries are full of vitamin C, fibre, and have been said to help reduce mental decline with age when eaten regularly.  My grandmother had Alzheimer’s so naturally this is a concern and anything that helps reduce the onset is great in my books.

I got to take my nutribullet that I got off a great site called etefy.co.uk for a spin which was great.  This smoothie is tasty, super fast and easy to make.




2 small slices of watermelon

Half a red pepper

100g Black Forest Berries, frozen (one of the premixed and frozen ones as it make life easier)


Slice the pepper, chop the water melon and throw into a small nutribullet cup.

Blitz, then add in the frozen berries and serve.

See what did I tell you it’s so easy, enjoy!


Thai Style Minced Chicken In Gem Lettuce Baskets

We don’t have a clue what goes into preprepared foods nowadays.  Companies combine all sorts including fats, skin, large blood vessels, intestines etc. to create our sausages, burgers, minced meats on sticks, meat balls and other foods.  We have to trust that all these foods are above board and safe to eat until the next food scandal that is.  For those of us that care about what goes into our bodies there is good news.  I have found the perfect device to help make making your own our own burgers etc. simple so we no longer need not rely on companies whose main purpose is to make money over and above their customer’s health.

I recently got my hands on the Eddingtons Mincerpro!  This super kitchen gadget is great to help me make a wealth of home cooked meals and this way I know exactly what is going into my food.  With the mincer I control all ingredients within my recipes including fats which is great and helps me keep my meals healthy.

It was love at first use with the Eddingtons Mincerpro, not only was it simple to use and clean but it also enabled me to make the most amazing Thai inspired recipe EVER!!!!!  If you love Thai you will love this, even if you don’t you’ll probably love this as it is literally bursting with flavour, super simple to make and tastes in a word AMAZING!!!!!


Simply clean the machine and you are ready to get mincing.  The machine can be taken apart and washed in a dishwasher which is very convenient.  Ready to use it?  Simply pop pieces of chicken breast pieces into the top of the mincer and push down with the meat pusher.


Turn the handle and out comes the minced chicken.


This is really easy to do and you don’t need to press down hard to get the chicken to travel through.



And finally one of my favourite recipes ever:

Thai Style Minced Chicken In Gem Lettuce Baskets

Serves 2-3

Make that 2 it’s so good you will want as much as possible.


600g Minced Chicken (I minced it myself with my Eddingtons Mincer pro)

To add whilst cooking

1tbs Coconut oil

1ts soy sauce

4 finely chopped kaffir lime leaves

3tsb brown sugar

3 cloves of garlic chopped

2x2cm cube of fresh ginger, chopped into small pieces

1tbs fish sauce

2tbs sweet chilli sauce

1 stem of lemongrass the white part only, finely sliced

To add once cooked

3 tbs chopped coriander

1 s chopped spring onion,

2tbs chopped fresh mint

Zest of 2 limes

Juice of 1 lime, use the other zested one as a garnish (can be added if needed to individuals meal)

To Serve

4 baby gem lettuces washed and the larger outer leaves removed and left to dry.



Mince the chicken breast, cover and set aside.

Make sure you chop all ingredients that need chopping / slicing, zesting, jucing etc.

Place 1tbs coconut oil in a heated saucepan and add the chicken, stirfry for 3 minutes.

Add in the soy, lime leaves, sugar, garlic, ginger, fish sauce, sweet chilli and lemongrass and cook for a further 5-6 minutes (medium heat).

Once the chicken is cooked through add in the coriander, spring onion, mint, zest and lime juice and stir in well.

Spoon some of the mixture over the gem lettuce leaves and serve with a wedge of lime.