Introducing EvoShave

Shaving isn’t always a fun or easy part of any man’s or woman’s beauty regime but unfortunately for many it is a necessity.  There are numerous types of razors on the market many are large and bulky others are dainty and easily broken.  For those that shave regularly I am sure you would appreciate the latest product that I have discovered.

Have you heard of the award winning and innovative shaving system EvoShave that makes shaving easier and gives a lovely smooth finish?

I will admit I hadn’t until recently but I have just been introduced to EvoShave who have a handy new razor system that can give great shaving results.  The system allows for a very close shave as you can control it at very close contact directly with your fingers.


The razors are nice and sharp so make sure on your first few shaves you don’t press too hard!  This is extremely easy to use and comes with one razor blade.  To use it simply glide (shave), rinse and repeat.  The results speak for themselves leaving the skin exceptionally smooth and very importantly hair doesn’t get stuck in the razor blade clogging it up.  My husbands face is kissably smooth after using one and I thankfully don’t get stabbed by stubble.

Made using the latest blade technology in the UK and Germany this razor comes in 3 different colours; blue green and black and is targeted as an item for men although ladies you will want one too as it’s great for shave legs, it’s far better than your average razor that’s for sure.

The product itself is relatively inexpensive with the handle costing only £4.99 and comes with a blade.  A pack of four blades costs £5.99 and a pack of eight blades will set you back £9.99.  Great news for us as we tend to like to buy in bulk in our household.


Doesn’t the razor look great!

I’m sure you would all love to get your hands on one and just like your Fairy Godmother I am about to make one lucky readers wish come true and give away one of these fab razors in my latest competition.  In addition the winner will also get a pack of four blades and a Luxury Hotel Chocolate Gift Box.

So what are you waiting for get entering!!!


Please make sure you read the terms and conditions before entering:

T’s & C’s

  • Entrants must be 18 years +

One winner will receive a EvoShave razor, one pack of four blades & one Luxury Hotel Chocolate Gift Box.

UK entry only.

The winner must be following @MelanieMse and @EvoShave on twitter and must have retweeted the competition tweet.

The prize will be delivered to the winner within approximately 28 days of confirmation of their delivery address.

There is no cash alternative to Prizes which are subject to availability, non-transferable, non-negotiable and non-refundable. Prizes may not be sold, offered for sale or used in connection with any other competition or promotion by the Prize winner.

The competition will close on Sunday the 22nd of January at midnight.

The winner will have to respond within a week of being contacted to claim their prize.

To enter please Follow and RT here:

The competition tweet will need to be added after it has been tweeted with the link to this post attached if you cannot see it here please do go to my twitter feed @MelanieMse and RT the pinned tweet.

Good Luck xxx

Ferrero Rocher Price Comparison Christmas 2016

I tend to buy Ferrero Rocher each year as a little thank you gift for people either as a small gift or to include as part of a larger gift.  Before I go to make my purchase I do make sure that I do my research before parting with my hard earned cash.  I don’t always use price comparison charts but I do look up local supermarkets of which there is a good variety where I live in London and compare the product I want on each or look to see which I will be passing on a specific day it would be convenient for me to stop off and make a purchase and see which shop had them at the best price.

I did this again this year and though as many of you will also be looking to buy Ferrero Rocher as a gift I would list the prices from the various shops I looked at so you too can see the price differences too.

The one that I compared was the 24 piece box 300g.


Morrisons £5.00 (this was an in store price, it says £6.00 online)

I phoned Morrisons to confirm this today 14/12/2016 but I suggest you hurry if you want them for that price in case they do increase it as it did say £5.00 a few days ago on the website.

Tesco £5.50

Sainsburys £5.50

Asda £6.00

Co-operative Food £6.00

Ocado £6.00

I bought 12 boxes so made a pretty good saving (£12), I could go and get another two boxes lol.

Whilst I was looking at the chocolates on the Asda website I noticed someone had done a whoopsy!

Can you spot the mistake?


Have fun shopping xxx

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Cocoba: An Introduction Plus a Giveaway!

I love chocolate what can I say it’s fabulous, but I don’t like all chocolate.  I know, crazy right!  Let me explain.  When you purchase some types of chocolate the quality of the ingredients are not always to the level they should be.  Some companies attempt to cut costs by substituting what should be good quality ingredients which would make a fabulously delicious chocolate for cheaper inferior ingredients thus increasing their profits but creating a product which is in some instances not fit for consumption in my opinion.  Yes I am a harsh critic in some respects but good quality products should be enjoyed by all so when I find good quality products the foodie in me can’t help but tell everyone.  I appreciate some might not agree but then we are all unique and have different tastes and have also experienced different quality products.  In many an instance I am finding that some of the most fabulously delicious chocolates are best purchased online.  One such chocolate is that which you will find over at the Cocoba website.  They believe in creating great quality chocolate products and search the globe for the highest quality cocoa beans and best tasting chocolate (how amazing does that sound!!!!).


Cocoba opened their first cafe in Bluewater Shopping Centre, Kent in 2014 and there you can enjoy their own Cocoba coffee blend, loose leaf teas, and iced drinks, along with their selection of freshly made baguettes, sandwiches, soups, paninis and salads, delicious pastries, cakes, slices, or one of their 100 chocolate products including chocolate bars (all made in store), truffles, pralines and more.  Is your mouth watering yet?

Cocoba’s hot chocolates are made from real Belgian chocolate that is slowly melted.  For those that can’t get to their store fear not, you can also recreate the experience at home, using their Signature Hot Chocolate flakes, or Hot Chocolate Spoons.

I really need to get myself to their store sometime because they also have a selection of Cocoba signature desserts, including a chocolate pizza, a brand new Chocolate Waffle menu, and warm chocolate cookie dough with ice-cream, plus an ice-cream and frozen yoghurt station with over 16 toppings to choose from!

It really does sound like my idea of heaven.  But again not everyone will get the chance to try these if they are not located close enough to get there but fear not these guys also make some of the most deliciously divine chocolate you could ever try and these and many more products can be found over on their site . There you will find products including drinking chocolate, chocolate spoons, chocolate bars, truffles, tea, flavoured syrup and more.  There is even a Chocolate Collection Box monthly subscription that costs £19.95 for a month, less then many of us chocoholics spend on chocolate and containing some scrummy treats.

The Chocolate Collection box monthly subscription contains:


A selection of truffles and pralines

Handmade chocolate bars

Decadent drinking chocolate

There are 3 of these boxes available at the moment; the Cocoba collection box, milk chocolate collection box and the dark chocolate collection box.  There is also a hot chocolate spoon subscription box which is going to help see many of us through the winter months and I am sure it is amazing.

Subscriptions are available for 1,3,6 or 12 months.

I was sent one of the chocolate box subscriptions to try and here is how I got on.

What was in my box:

A guide clearly labelling each type of chocolate.

Assorted Truffles & Pralines x 2 different types

Pack 1 (contains 3 types)

Caramel Truffle

A lovely milk chocolate with a gorgeous smooth caramel centre.

Cappuccino Truffle

A yummy thick melt in the mouth dark chocolate ganache encased in a gorgeous rich dark chocolate.  Coffee lovers beware one bite and you’ll be hooked.

Tipsy Run Truffle

Chocolate, cream and rum are combined to create a divine ganache which is enrobed in dark chocolate.  I do love adding rum to alcohol as it works very well and this is a great example of how it should be done.

Pack 2 (contains 3 types)

Grenoble Praline

This comprises of a delicious walnut praline in a lovely thick milk chocolate coating.  Not a chocolate that you will come across often but one that you will simply adore.

The Marzipan

What can I say I do love marzipan and these guys really do it justice.  The addition of the chocolate is the cherry on the cake, yum!

White Nougatine

There were two of these in the pack but interestingly the both vanished.  I suspect my girls may have had something to do with that when I went to answer the phone.  The moral of the story, don’t leave chocolate unattended at my house there are lots of little and also big hands that will snatch it up before you realise its gone.

Extra Smooth Milk Chocolate (small bar)

Mr Squishy got wind that there was chocolate and found that this bar was just the right size for him, he grabbed it and hid under the table and didn’t come out until it had gone.  The only tale tale signs were that his hands, face and top had a good coating of chocolate, somehow it even made it into his hair too.  Anyone for a chocolate coated toddler?

Salted Toffee Truffles

Dusted with cocoa for a touch more flavour and because it looks pretty, these smooth, thick, creamy, velvety truffles melt slowly on the tongue.  You will be in heaven when you eat these with the contrasting texture of crunchy toffee pieces and the addition of the sea salt.  It is hardly surprising this is their best selling product, the truffles are wonderful.

Milk Chocolate Spoon

This has been hidden for me to enjoy over Christmas, ssssshhhhh don’t tell anyone or my little troop of chocoholics will hunt it down and eat it off the wooden spoon.

Mint Crunch Dark Chocolate (bar)

This is a 71% dark chocolate (nice and rich) which has been infused with organic peppermint oil and also has a sprinkling of mint crunch.  If you love good dark chocolate and mint you will love this bar, it’s simply exquisite.


Caramel Sea Salt Milk Chocolate (bar)

This yummy silky smooth caramel is sprinkled with sea salt to give a delicious contrast between salty and sweet.  I was lucky to get a piece of this.  I am strongly considering hiding my chocolate review products in someone else’s house although I’m not sure who I can trust to look after it and not eat it lol.

44% Venezuela Origin Chocolate

This is a lovely simple chocolate button like no other, the rich creamy chocolate melts gently on the tongue.  This isn’t bulked up with rubbish instead it contains a whole 44% of cocoa solids unlike many inferior quality products.  Those that haven’t had the opportunity to experience this quality of chocolate before may mistake the flavour of this for dark chocolate.

Further information

The expiry dates on the items included in the box varied from 4 months 15 months although whether such a subscription box will last in my house for more than a few days is questionable with the number of chocoholics here.  It’s crazy I actually have to hide chocolate and hope no one finds it.  Even chocolate gifts for others are not safe which can at times be a nuisance.  My husband is the worst of all having eaten gifts I have bought and with me discovering last minute it can be very frustrating.  The chocolate as you saw was nicely presented with simple, clearly labelled packaging.  There is a fair amount of chocolate in the box that should keep most happy for a fair few weeks depending on their rate of chocolate consumption and of course the number of chocoholics living in the household.  As this chocolate is of a higher quality you might find that your craving is satisfied far quicker and you don’t need to consume quite so much I know I do.  That’s the beauty of having better quality items your weight increase is far less (yaaaaayyyy) and also the health benefit is greater.  Don’t forget chocolate contains antioxidants which as we all know causes ageing and various ailments, it also triggers the release of endorphins making you feel good.  There are numerous benefits of eating chocolate but of course the quality of the chocolate will influence this greatly, stick to good quality and you can’t go wrong.  The products are well priced, I did look at a leading competition and these guys charge less so keep that in mind next time you are looking to buy chocolate for yourself or as a gift.

So now for a really exciting announcement, the generous guys at Cocoba have said that I can giveaway one of their 1 month subscription boxes away to a lucky reader, it could be you!!!!

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November Fab Finds

Now that November is truly over and well are well into December I am going to tell you all about the Fab Finds that I came across last month.  In my Fab Finds features I will include products that I have either come across when out and about shopping, samples of items that I have tried and loved and also products that I have been sent for consideration that I have liked.  My first every Fab Finds feature included some items that I discovered in September that I really liked, October was super busy for me and I didn’t find anything particularly Fab so I skipped that month, there is no point wasting anyone’s time telling you about pointless items now is there.

This month my Fab Finds post seems to have been taken over by items for foodies.

One of the items that I was introduced to in November which I found handy was a healthy Italian alternative to sweets.  My girls love sweets and when they get them from anywhere be it birthdays at school where they get a sweet of some kind, birthday parties, their grans, friends or uncles houses they will secretly squirrel it away somewhere in their bedroom out of my sight.  I know they do this as I find sweets lying around and sweet wrappers carelessly disposed of on the floor next to the bin (come on kids really, you somehow missed the bin by 2cm).  I find that if a sweet craving is hijacked by a healthier sweet item being introduced such as whole pieces of fruit – not always a child’s first choice or something like dried fruit then the craving is satisfied reducing the need for sugar and rummaging through their room to find their hidden sweets when mummy isn’t looking.

Noberasco the Italian masters of dried fruit have a selection of fruit cubes which can be found at the Ciao Gusto Italian Shop on Ocado.  They have a range of flavours including Plum,  ‘Red Fruits’, Apricot and Pear.  The Fruttime packs are great for adding to lunchboxes and also for adults wanting a convenient snack that doesn’t include the hydrogenated fats and cereals that appear in so many snacks these days.  The products do not contain pectin, colours, gelatinizing agents, apple juice, added sugar, artificial flavour or preservatives just 100% fruit.  The pouches are a handy size making them easy to transport and they are resealable so you don’t need to finish the whole pack in one go.  Just a reminder though that although they do not contain added sugar the product will contain natural sugars from the ripe fruits used and also will not have the fibre that comes with the fruit.  I have been using these as an addition to whole fruit, it’s great as an after school snack on the way home or on the way to the tutors.


Another item that I thought was rather good especially for children was Puds in a Mug.  These are a recent addition to the Dr Oetker range.  There are times where the little ones or I get a craving for cake and and nothing else will do.  Dr Oetker has 3 products in this range:

Dr. Oetker Pud in a Mug Sponge Puds are available in Asda, Sainsbury’s, Morrisons, Tesco and Co-op.

Dr. Oetker Pud in a Mug Velvety Desserts are available in Asda.

The MRRP is £0.79.

I made tried the rich chocolate dessert which really did have a rich chocolate flavour.  Although not the same as home made it helps when you need cake straight away and is not bad at all when eaten whilst still hot with vanilla ice cream.  It’s super easy to make, you simply add milk and microwave.


I use coconut milk quite regularly and recently I came across a new coconut milk pouch in Asda.  The pouch contains 200ml of coconut milk where as the tins have 400ml.  Normally I use tins and reduce the milk as it isn’t always thick enough and there is a touch too much so the pouches make a fabulous alternative, these simply need pouring over the food you have cooked and heating through which takes a matter of minutes and adds a gorgeous creamy coconut flavour to your dish.  The coconut content is high too, this is one of the better quality products on the market as it contains 60% coconut extract where as many other have less and don’t taste as good.  I am looking forward to experimenting with some more vegetable pasta dishes so keep your eyes peeled for some yummy recipes coming soon.  This is high in fats but should be fine when eaten as part of a balanced diet.  In many instances you will be combining it with vegetable which will contain fibre and will actually trap some of the fats within the fibre strands helping to eliminate some of them from the body.


Have you discovered anything Fab recently that you would love to spread the word about?

Tommy Tucker Gourmet Popcorn (plus a competition too!)

Who loves popcorn?  I am sure if you were all in the room with me I would see a sea of hands.  I think that there are very few people that do not enjoy this treat that is if you think about it very versatile as it can be found in a range of sweet and savoury flavours.  Recently a company called Thomas Tucker got in touch and sent me some of their popcorn to review.  I must admit I hadn’t really known much about this company before now which really is a shame as they are a UK based company and I do love to promote UK based products where possible.  Their popcorn is apparently so good that they are the supplier of choice for the British cinema industry, they also supply their goods to a string of high-profile businesses across the retail, leisure and hospitality industries, and, since their acquisition of RJ Foods in 2015, offer a growing portfolio of baked goods too.

I was pleased to discover that their popcorn does not contain artificial colours or flavours and is wheat, GM and gluten free so we were off to a good start before they had even sent the product.

Mr Squishy a foodie himself clearly sensed the presence of food hidden within the box and tried his hardest to break into the box and begin consuming it’s contents but fortunately to no avail as it had been sealed well thankfully.

Tommy Tucker have a range of popcorn available and they sent me some of their gourmet range to taste.  Of course I was besides myself with excitement, who wouldn’t be!

So the big question, was it any good?


Salted Caramel and Vanilla

For the lovers of sweet and salty combined of whom I know there are many this is the flavour for you.  With the perfect mix of sweet and salt and is my favourite out of the selection I tried.  I can safely say it’s yummy!

Raspberry Sensation

Unusual for a popcorn flavour but interestingly this actually does seem to work.  There is a lovely sweetness from the toffee coat with a tangyness from the raspberry.  This sure is a unique flavour, I wish it could be counted as one of my five a day.

Indulgent Cocoa Nib

This has a lovely toffee and cocoa nib coating that really did go down well, my hubby, daughters and little man polished this off but I did manage to try a few pieces first.  Perfect for chocolate lovers which we have no shortage of here.

Gingerbread Latte

Would you believe I have never had an actual gingerbread latte before?  I know for a foodie that really is awful but I hope to rectify that this winter.  This is lovely it tastes like a crunchy gingerbread and is super tasty.  It’s also my favourite (ok, so I have two but it’s really hard to decided between them!).

Tropical Coconut

Again with a toffee coating but this time combining it with coconut with works again incredibly well.  I do love coconut and am impressed how well it works as a popcorn coating.  I love this too!!! (Also my favourite lol, I see a trend here.)


The recipe creators at Tommy Tucker have clearly done a superb job and are clearly simply fabulous at what they do.  Dare I say the test is in the tasting and I’ve tasted and thoroughly enjoyed it.

A suggestion for the company although probably unnecessary would be to make the packs resealable.  I know that this suggestion might sound ludicrous to some but I have a couple of friends who like to spread the enjoyment of such a product over a period of time, I know crazy right! just buy more packs lol.  Anyway, for their sake I would suggest the resealable pouch.  Not such an issue at mine as I live with what seems like a swarm of locusts and this sort of thing doesn’t last long at all in fact it generally becomes every one for themselves and you wouldn’t believe how well Mr Squishy does with the treat food scrambles (he is shockingly strong for a 2 year old).

Now for those that are unaware I am from Greek origins and as a result we of course love to eat food but we tend to love to share food too.  Don’t worry I am not sending anyone any half eaten packs of popcorn, those are mine!  But what I am doing is giving away one box of the NEW flavours as featured above of Tommy Tucker Gourmet popcorn.

OK, so you all know the drill but for those that don’t and are recent discoverers of my fabulous blog (even if I do say so myself) entry is super simple – trust me if I can do it so can you.  With odds far better than the lottery and gorgeous Gourmet popcorn up for grabs you’d b crazy not to enter.

Instructions if needed can be found here:

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WIN a Haribo Carnival Frenzy Prize Box

We love Haribo.  Seriously who doesn’t!!!  Haribo have been keeping my kids and their classmate happy for years with their various sweet treats.  Each year we give out the fun bags when it comes to a birthday at school and also at parties.  The sweets make a great filler for smash cakes and piñata cakes which are super easy to make.  We could barely contain our excitement when a fabulously fun package arrived from Haribo with their carnival range to encourage all to get into the spirit as a result of the Olympics in Rio.  These fun limited edition treats feature the same iconic pieces found in Starmix and Tangfastic, but in a range of exotic flavours to bring home the taste of Rio.  Inside the Haribo Starmix Frenzy Carnival packs you might discover a blue banana flavoured bear; a mango flavoured green egg and many more exciting flavours.  The Haribo Tangtastic might surprise your tastebuds with an exciting lemon and lime cherry or even a grapefruit and pineapple flavoured bottle.  They sound like great fun and very tasty don’t they!!!

Watch our unboxing video here:



One lucky reader will WIN a Haribo Carnival Frenzy Prize Box containing:

One bag of Haribo Starmix Frenzy Carnival

One bag of Haribo Tangfastic Frenzy Carnival

Four carnival masks for all the family

A mix of colourful accessories for decoration

Samba shaker

Confetti cannon

Party poppers

Limited edition Haribo Carnival Box with a special surprise

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form.

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We were sent a box of these tasty treats for the purpose of the review but as always all thoughts are our own.

Join a Haribo Starmix Team and Enter to Win Great Prizes!

We love Haribo with the various fun shaped jellies.  Most parents by now will have come across the starmix range with their mini party packs being extremely useful as party bag fillers.

Haribo asked me which my favourite Haribo are from the Starmix range.  It was a hard decision but I decided on the rings.

For a limited period of time Haribo are inviting us to choose our favourite piece within Haribo Starmix and join their team for a chance to win prizes inspired by our chosen piece.  There are over 4000 prizes to be won including mugs, towels, sunglasses, keyrings and shopper bags. They are giving away 25 prizes each day.

You can enter ‘here‘.

DSC05779 DSC05782 DSC05785

Which is your favourite?

Haribo1We were sent the goodies pictured in the box which were very yummy!

We did not receive payment for this post.

Nancy Fashion Dolls Review and Giveaway

It was my little girl’s birthday and look what arrived from Bandai ‘Nancy Dolls’!  You cannot imagine how excited my girls were when they saw the dolls.  These gorgeous fashion dolls look great, so much more lifelike than the sort that were around when I was little and they are also a good height for a doll standing at 42 cm tall they are very appropriate to children’s current tastes in dolls.  Not only are Nancy dolls trendy but they also come with some great accessories to make imaginative play so much more fun and feel more realistic.


First launched in 1968 the Nancy doll is the leading Fashion Doll sold in Spain and you only need to take a look at the product  range to see why.  Now they are travelling across the sea to come and make lots of new friends in England.

There are numerous pretty dolls in the range including Nancy World Adventures.  There are 4 different World Adventures dolls (Paris, Rio, London & New York City) each includes a bag, pet carrier with dog, travel documents, stickers and also a secret diary with a key!!!!

Each dolls bag has an appropriate picture, the Paris dolls bag has the Eiffel Tower, the London dolls bag has Big Ben etc. It’s great the amount of thought and detail that has gone into the design of each of these beautiful dolls.

Pictured below is the Paris doll.  Isn’t she lovely!



The dolls look great, they can stand by themselves and they are a great size for creative play as they are so much larger than conventional dolls.

The Nancy Dolphins doll looks great too.  Vet Nancy has everything she needs in the medical carry case kit to give mum and baby dolphin a check up. What’s more, Nancy has a magic tattoo that appears when you put her in water!

You can check your dolphin friends’ heartbeat with the stethoscope or give baby a feed from the milk bottle.  Vet Nancy loves spending time in the water!


The Nancy Hair Braids dolls are available with brown and also blonde hair.  Their hair looks lovely and is easy to braid with the added braider and you can create cute hair styles with this and the four cute hair bows included in the pack.



My daughters loved the dolls and sat outside playing with them for hours.  They loved the hard plastic diary that came with the World Adventure doll with the key, notepad, paper and the secret compartment with the mirror hidden inside.  They also thought it was great that you could braid the dolls hair and set to work creating pretty hair styles for their dolls.  The dolls may be quite large but they are not heavy and make great travel companions.


Here the lovely Vicki tells us all abut Nancy Dolls:


As it is almost their bedtime our Nancy Dolls wanted to say good bye before they go.


Before you all log off too I have one last set of dolls to introduce you too.  The Nancy Flowers dolls.  These dolls are just as pretty and stylish as the rest of the dolls in the range but with one special difference which makes them different from the rest, they’re scented!!!

There are 3 scented dolls to collect each with it’s own aroma (Rose, Violet & Jasmine) and each comes with flower accessories, jewel stickers, and glitter so you can make your doll unique and show off your super sense of style.


The Flower Dolls will be arriving in June and can’t wait to make some new friends.

To help them on their way I have one Flower Doll to giveaway to one lucky reader.

To enter just fill in the Rafflecopter form.

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Nancy Dolls are available to buy from The Entertainer, Amazon and Toys R Us and make great friends for little girls.

Disclaimer: We were sent the dolls pictured with my daughters for the purposes of the review and all views are our own.

Children’s Party Bags Minus the Stress

For those organizing birthday parties for their little ones it can be quite a stressful job making sure everything is organized in advance and that it all runs smoothly on the day.  I have organized numerous birthday parties now either in Church halls or at ours and I like to be as organized as possible so to avoid any last minute panics.  One of the best and most fun things that you can do in preparation for the day in advance is preparing the party bags for guests as well as the prizes that will be used in various games including one of my favourites pass the parcel.  In fact I love pass the parcel so much and so do the children so now I make two parcels as that works very well.  Thought needs to go into the prizes as you want toys that are fun for little ones, it’s not what parents think is fun that is important.  Fortunately for me I have Peter Pan Syndrome so I generally know just the thing to get mini ones excited.  For example my Halloween birthday party last year for my eldest went down a treat with boxes full of maggots (rice), worms (noodles) and brains (jelly) and some great prizes mixed in being the talk of the year apparently amongst the children at our school.

This year we opted for a little party at home but for my youngest daughter but that didn’t mean we would cut out all the fun.


I of course set to work wrapping a pass the parcel and preparing goody bags well in advance so I had time to prepare the rest at a leisurely pace.  Don’t I have great pass the parcel and party game prizes, I used little prizes too and sweets in the parcel.  I will tell you where these are from shortly.


Two tier pencil case 90p, small metal construction kit 85p, wooden pic up sticks 90p.

Don’t tell anyone but I cheated!!!!  I’m a mum of three.  In the day, I cook, clean (a little), run around after Mr Squishy ferry the children to different tutors, spend hours doing homework and also try and teach my eldest how to play the piano as well as teach myself.  This means there isn’t much time for me to go shopping for goody bag items etc. so I did what all people with barely any time to spare do, I searched online.  A brilliant idea as I came across Little Party Parcels who had everything I needed plus they were very reasonably priced too, an added bonus!

This site has all sorts from toys and sweets.  They can provide you with everything you need to create great children’s party bags and can even provide pre-filled bag to save you doing that yourself.  The product range is constantly changing; new products are added on a weekly basis so that there are new and relevant items throughout the year.


These contain bags with gifts that have not been bagged up to prevent creases.

Really you couldn’t ask for more. You can order individual items, tailor the items to different ages and interests the choice is yours and prices are competitive and items start from a mere 4p.  YES you read that right 4 pence!  They have party bags and boxes that can be filled with a great range of party bag fillers.  This sweet bag for example would cost 95p.


Here are just some of the other items available:



Magic pre-filled party bags £1.35 each.


Super hero pre-filled party bags 90p each.


Colour and create pre-filled party bags £1.80 each.

Little Party Parcels even have activity bags which are a great idea to keep children busy at weddings and Christenings so if you are planning one yourself take note as this will greatly reduce the number of children running around causing chaos and the children’s parents will be very thankful.  I went to a Christening not that long ago where each child had its own party box and it kept them busy for hours!!!!  What a heaven send.

Most orders are despatched on the same working day, or the next working day if it is late in an afternoon. Their standard parcel despatch is sent via the Royal Mail’s 2nd Class “Signed For” service, this is normally £3.95 or free for orders over £30. They also have two faster but more expensive delivery services.

I was sent these goodies by Little Party Parcels, all views are my own.

Father’s Day Gift Guide 2016 with 5 FAB Competitions

It’s Father’s Day soon!!!!!! On June the 19th to be precise.  Let’s face it, dads are not always the easiest to buy for as they generally have everything they need already or at least claim too.  When I ask my dad what he wants he always says a big hug, not much use to me, thanks dad for the pointers.  With that in mind I always have to start doing my research early so I can get him the perfect gift in time for Father’s Day.

If your dad is as good as mine as sharing with you the various items that might be of use to him for Father’s Day fear not.  With a little detective work and knowing generally what he likes this post should help guide you to choosing the perfect gift.  Firstly, you will need to do some investigative work.  Ask your mum if she knows what he would like provided of course you can.  Not an option, why not take a long bathroom visit next time you visit and have a quick search for part used bottles of aftershave or other toiletries that might be an option.  A quick browse through his wardrobe may also be required. In any case do your research first!!!!

 I initially planned to include a large range of products but sometimes that can make it harder to choose the right gift so instead I have narrowed it down and sectioned the ideas into categories helping you find the ideal gift for dad much more easily.

For Fun Loving / Young at Heart / Outdoorsy Dads

For the fun loving outdoorsy dads there is not end to the products that you can buy from scooters and skateboards to rollerblades. have a great selection of skates, scooters and skateboards for dads that love to be outside with their children and don’t want to miss out on the fun.

Scooters and skateboards are all the rage in the adult male world at the moment and the more I venture out the more I see dads out with their children each of them riding a scooter or skateboard.

With that in mind off I went to the Skates website having had one locally or many years so of course it’s the first place I naturally think of for these products.  I have picked out a range of great items that would be perfect for dads.


Fitbits are also a great idea for dads it may also help encourage those that are not so active to do a bit more once they see how few step they are taking each day.  You should be doing around 10,000 daily!!!!  Not as easy as one might first think.  There are numerous fitbits available but I quite found that having test driven the fitbit surge myself this is a good one and also rather a masculine looking fitbit too.  A quick search led me to find that the lowest priced fitbit was on Amazon priced from £145.93 followed closely by Littlewoods at £151.51.


Hands On Creative Dads

Why not get your dad a Ducati???  No not a real one lol, but you can now build your own miniature with Meccano.  My husband was really excited when he saw me looking these up online, he’s a big kid at heart (most men are).  This is available from most major retailers.

The kit contains 292 pieces which make up a replica model of the iconic Ducati Monster line. With real steering, multi-piece wheels and coil-spring suspension this bike is ready to handle even the toughest tracks.

Fancy splashing out a bit more?  Then why not consider a Meccanoid which is a high tech build-your-own robot.  These are already being tipped as being at the top of everyone’s Christmas list!!!!  You can easily programme this to record and playback movements and sound, recognise your voice and respond with over 1000 phrases including jokes, fun facts, questions and more.  Pre-programmed moves include Kung-Fu, Exercise, Dance and even High-Fives! You can even control your Meccanoid via a free app on your smart device.

Meccanoid G15 KS has an SRP of £349.99 (I found it for £205.07 on Amazon) with his ‘little brother’ Meccanoid G15 (Toy of the Year Award winner 2016) available at an SRP of £169.99.  Meccanoid is available from Amazon, Argos, Maplin, Smyths, and Toys R Us.


For the Foodies

Chocolate is always a winner with my husband and my dad won’t say no either that’s provided he can get any with my mum around (poor dad).  My husband is even more hardcore when it comes to chocolate, you would be shocked at the amount he can eat in one sitting so it’s not at all surprising that I have to hide any / all chocolate that enters the house.  He will even eat the chocolate I buy for cooking (In his defence it is proper chocolate) .  If I foolishly forget, well basically it’s too difficult to talk about but if it’s my Gnaw Chocolate then to sum it up, it becomes the end of the world.  (Don’t judge me especially those that have yet to try this chocolate, I wish they would employ me as a chocolate taster and pay me in chocolate it IS that good!!!!).

 Here is a selection of my favourite items from their site.  You have NO idea how hard it was not to include all of them!!!


Dads and alcohol well it’s a given that I would mention something.  I wanted to stray from the norm and after a considerable amount of searching I found this Ice Cider.  Sounds exciting doesn’t it!!!! Often use in wine making icing intensifies the flavour of the apple and gives the drink an overall sweeter and richer flavour.  Well I’m sold, I’d love to try that myself.  It’s make by a Sandford Orchards who I am sure will be very pleased once they hear their product is one of my top buys for this year’s Father’s Day!


Tastecard –  we have all heard of tastecard.  The card that lets its owner get discounts of their meals at a whole range of restaurants and probably the most well-known of it ‘s type here in the UK.

There are over 3 million members now enjoying 50% OFF or 2 FOR 1 at over 7,000 restaurants!  You no longer need to book at PizzaExpress, ASK Italian, Prezzo and La Tasca. It also includes access to the FREE App including a digital tastecard plus FREE access to tastecard+ (with up to 40% off cinema).  The cherry on the top = it even includes FREE standard UK delivery!  What more encouragement do you need it’s a great idea for dad’s that love their food.


Another great idea for Father’s Day is a meal out this can be for the family or something a bit more extravagant and just parent and child if you prefer.  I object to paying full price when you can get a great deal from sites such as Groupon, Wowcher, Money Saving Expert, My Voucher Codes etc.  They have a vast range including Michelin starred restaurants, you could have an afternoon tea, all-you-can-eat steak or a simple burger and chips with a beer if that’s what dads likes.  Remember you are buying for him so make sure you look for what he would like.


Want something a little more personal?  Make him a meal!  It’s not JUST about spending money it’s about spending time together primarily and dads like to be spoilt even if they don’t say it.  Check out my recipe section if you need a little help, don’t worry they are not all vegetarian.


For the Fashionable Dads

Ties and socks are always a great option.  If your dad is anything like my dad or my husband then they go through socks like beer, it’s crazy and honestly I really don’t get how they wear them out so fast.  I found a great selection over on the 40 Colori website which boasts a colourful range of men’s accessories which embody the tradition of Italian craftsmanship, top notch quality, and avant-garde style.  Their products feature bold colours and statement patterns and it won’t be hard for you to find dad a great gift that he will love.  The ties can be customised if you like, handy for Father’s Day!

Here are just some of their products:


Mr Squishy was rather impressed with their ties!


Watches are always a useful and practical gift provided dad doesn’t have a few already.  If he is a man that loves watches then why not pop over to the Watch Shop.  I rather liked this one for my dad.  The design is simple, sleek and attractive to the eye.


Summer will be here soon or so I’m told and sunglasses are always a great idea.  Look for styles similar to choose that dad likes to wear.  I found that the Sunglasses Shop had a large range when sourcing photos for the post.


For Dads that like to Look After Themselves

Noble Isle have some lovely masculine scented products so whether you are looking for a body wash, body cream, hand lotion or even a scented candle for dad to burn whilst he relaxes in the bath they have you covered.  There are also some great gift sets available should you want to get a selection of items for dad.



For those looking for fragrances Superdrug have 20% off ALL fragrances instore & online this Bank Hol weekend, beauty card holders can also get triple points & free delivery.  So hurry if you want to take advantage of this offer.  They also have some star buys that have been highlighted over on the Hot Deals UK site so it’s worth taking a look.

For the Sentimental Dads

Personalised keyrings are a gorgeous gift for dad.  With a lovely selection of products, The English Shipmate is the company that you need for beautiful handcrafted designs.  Trainer tags can also be personalised for dad if you prefer.


I’ve been including feefo ratings in some of my posts so here is one for The English Shipmate.


Impressive isn’t it!!!!

If helping you source some fabulous Father’s Day Gift’s wasn’t enough I even have a competition, in fact 5 competitions.  There will be 5 winners, each will win one of the prizes featured in the collage below (entering daily options greatly increases your chances of winning multiple prizes):


Mr Squishy will NOT be included with any of the prizes, sorry xxx

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