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Wonderful Pistachios

Wonderful Pistachios.’  Wow what a great name for a company that sells Pistachios!  The best part is they don’t just do pistachios, they have also branched out to almonds.  I was curious to discover whether a company with such a wonderful name was truly deserving of it so I set about investigating.  Firstly, let me mention that they do 4 types of pistachios: Roasted Salted, Salt & Pepper, Sweet Chili and last but not least Roasted no Salt.


The almond range so far includes blanched and natural.

I love eating nuts as a snack or an accompaniment to wine with friends and family.  I also use nuts in my cooking / baking.  Wonderful Pistachios sent me 4 packs of their nuts to sample in exchange for an honest review so armed with one of my mini taste testers I set about to do just that.


I decided to try them in order to flavour as it doesn’t make sense as eating a blanched almond after you have had a Sweet Chili Pistachio it just wouldn’t do the almond justice.

We collected 4 bowls and set about tasting the nuts.

Blanched Almonds

The first thing that I noticed was that these were good quality, fresh nuts.  Mini taster agreed and asked for some in her after school snack pack.


They had a good texture too and would be great to nibble on and even grind down to make macaroons.


Natural Almonds

A different flavour with the skin on these make a tasty and nutritious snack.  Again, fine specimens, no stale nuts here.


Roasted Salted


These are normally my daughters favourite so it was no surprise to me that she turned into a human nut sheller and gobbled them down like there was no tomorrow.  Perfectly salted and not a single one overcooked showing that great care has been made to selected the best nuts and roast them to perfection.

Sweet Chili

My daughters reaction to these did surprise me though.


I failed to warn her that these were spicy as I was interested to see her reaction which was initially one of shock.


After fanning her mouth briefly and realising they were not actually that spicy she had some more…


and more…..


and, well, a few more!!!!



I loved them all and would use them as a healthy daily snack quite easily, my daughter agreed but her favourite one was……….

lol, yes you guessed it……


the sweet chili.

I am really pleased that she tried the different nuts as they are extremely healthy and increases the range of nuts that I can give her as a snack although of course not in excess.  Would you believe a high fat food that is good for you!  Almonds and pistachios are rich in monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids (good fats) and as a result can help reduce the level of saturated fat which raises blood cholesterol within the body.  Cholesterol in the blood can cause clogging of arteries and reduce blood flow to the heart and brain.  They also contain flavonoids that have antioxidant properties (inhibit/ prevent oxidation of molecules. Oxidation of molecules results in free radical formation which can cause damage to cells and cell death).

Wonderful Pistachios have said that I can give away some of their yummy nuts to one of my fab readers, yaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy!!!!

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  1. My guys love pistachios, and I buy Wonderful pistachios very often, plain salted being our favourite variety. They are the best on the market for sure.

  2. This sounds like a great range, I must look out for them in the shops!

  3. Entered and commented on another post.

    These look amazing and very tasty, I know some of these will end up in my slow cooker!
    Love looking for blog posts for ideas especially with food.

  4. Fab. My hubby would enjoy eating these.

  5. We love these wonderful pistachios in our house, especially the sweet chilli flavour

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