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Why the Fuss About Charlotte Tilbury Creams?

With the growing popularity of Charlotte Tilbury products I noticed over the course of last year everywhere I turned I would see them mentioned whether in an advert or a promotion.  There were staff in store beauty departments in London’s West End spraying copious amounts of the “New” fragrance onto passers by.  The promoters really did go to town making sure the products where almost everywhere.

I wanted to know what all the fuss was about.

Are they Really that Good?

Having looked around the internet at various reviews it seems that people are pretty impressed by the products.  I had a small free sachet sample of the day, night and eye cream sent through the post and here are my initial reactions to the products.

Magic Cream


Although the sample size wasn’t very large I did get a good idea of the absorbency level and also the texture of the products and how they felt on the skin.  The Magic cream absorbed well and after application my face was left feeling silky soft without any dry patches.  The moisturiser is not too rich and did not leave a coating on the surface of the face or the hands.  It is a great base for make up and holds foundation, concealer and powder well on the skin.  The aroma was pleasant and not at all overpowering.

The cream itself contains a range of ingredients including plant based and is paraben free.  It claims to increase collagen production and also contains SPF15 and a UVA filter to help fight the ageing effects of sun (did you know chocolate can help prevent against some forms of sun damage?).

Magic Night Cream


The texture of the night cream was far richer and heavier than either of the other two sample creams that I tried.  It was similar to a vaseline like consistency and it left my hands and face feeling greasy to the touch.  It took a little while for this to be absorbed into the skin.  The cream had left the skin on my face and hands feeling silky soft in the morning and that thickness of cream consistency for me wasn’t an issue although I do know that some people don’t like the feel of this sort of cream texture on their skin.  The cream ingredients are well thought out as in the other products featured here and really are a good recipe for great looking skin.

Magic Eye Rescue


This too absorbed well into the skin well and leaves the skin feeling soft and moisturised.  The formula is slightly thicker and heavier than the Magic Cream but not as thick as the Magic Night Cream.  I thought the thickness of the cream was good as the skin around the eye area tends to need that extra little help.  This takes a little longer to soak than the day cream in due to the consistency but soaks into the skin all the same and makes a great basis for foundation and concealer if you are trying to hide dark circles.

This comprises of a range of natural ingredients and is said to be an “anti-ageing rescue remedy that works to slow down the ticking time bomb of ageing” on the Charlotte Tilbury website.  Studies have shown an improvement within 8 weeks of trials but having used this for just a few days I unfortunately cannot confirm this although with my skin being as receptive to these sorts of products as it is I am sure it would show an improvement sooner than that length of time.

The products seemed pretty good from initial assessment and my skin did not react to any of them.  I did have a healthy glow to my skin although that could also have been due to the fact I had been exercising and drinking lots of water.

If you want to buy all three you are looking at an investment of £215.  Don’t forget anything that will actually help give you a younger looking healthy skin is an investment for your future appearance and starting early will be something you are thankful for as the signs of ageing slowly appear or begin to wave manically at everyone as they progress.  The set can be found with a saving of £15 from the individual product size on the Charlotte Tilbury site which is good to know.  I appreciate for some this is still a bit steep so if you really want to try something from the range I would suggest going for the Magic Cream (day) at £70 and see how you go.  Even if you are not using all three products if the products do what they claim to then there should still be a marked improvement with continued use for two to three months.

Have you tried the Charlotte Tilbury creams before?

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  1. I’ve never tried Charlotte Tilbury creams before but I did have an amazing make over with them recently at my local John Lewis and loved their products. Jo x

  2. I want to try each and every one of these, the look amazing x

  3. I too have seen so many raving about Charlotte Tilbury creams and wondered if they lived up to the hype. It sounds like you like what you have experienced thus far and it would be interesting to see how someone feels about the effects of longer term use. I think that the price is probably a bit too steep for me to actually purchase the products, however.

  4. My best mate is crazy on this brand and have to say do like the look of it all.

  5. I am a HUGE CT fan. I use both the creams you have featured and adore them. What I love about the eye cream is that it works for 24 hours so you can apply at night and no need to reapply under your foundation next day 🙂 yay x

  6. Always hear good things about the brand but never tried it myself. No idea where to get it either! X

    1. They are available in quite a few stores and you can get them straight from the site too.

  7. I’m so intrigued too – will longer application give the same results I wonder?

    1. That’s what I would love to find out. Hopefully I will try hem at some stage.

  8. The packaging on these products is SO pretty! I would definitely love to try the Magic Eye Rescue!

    1. I think I need to apply it to my eyes every hour at the moment lol.

  9. eek thats a lot of money isnt it! I have seen a lot of people talk about CT and swear by it but it would need to be pretty special to have me spending that kind of money!

    1. It is and I hope to get to try them properly so I can tell you if they work or not and so whether it’s worth the money x

  10. I like Charlotte Tilbury products although I do get a bit skeptical of makeup brands offering skincare products. I really only tend to go with a skincare brand or one that has developed a range of skincare for years like Dior or Chanel. It may be worth bearing in mind that Chanel, Dior, Estee Lauder and Elemis moisturizers I have tried are still a lot cheaper than the Magic Cream which is £70. I’d rather spend money on a moisturizer from established skincare, Charlotte Tilbury is still a relatively new brand x

    1. They are pretty new but the ingredients really do seem good coming from a natural perspective and the positive reviews help sway opinion.

  11. i didn’t know CT had face creams as well. I’m a sucker for good packaging but not sure I could justify the price tag for these. x

    1. They are a bit pricey but there is a lot of positivity round the products.

  12. I’ve never tried Charlotte Tilbury creams before but they look fantastic!

    1. They do don’t they. I’d love to do a full length trial and see how effective they really are.

  13. I’ve heard so many great things about this brand, but have yet to try them out.

    1. I hope you get to try them Jemma.

  14. I haven’t tried it yet but I’ve heard such rave reviews that I’ll probably pick it up soon 🙂

    1. The reviews do all seem to be very good.

  15. I’ve only tried Charlotte Tilbury makeup and not the skincare but the day cream is an indulgence I’d love to make x

  16. Every Charlotte Tilbury product I’ve tried I’d loved – so I really should look into her skincare line x

  17. The brand does seem to be everywhere but when I nipped into John Lewis the counter was empty nobody even browsing. I’m yet to try anything my budget doesn’t normally stretch that far x

  18. I too received some samples of Charlotte Tilbury creams in the post. I agree with you they are so nice, however I too found the nice cream just too heavy and thick. Really didn’t like the consistency at all. But I did wake up with lovely soft skin in the morning. Whilst I like them I just feel that they are so expensive! Maybe I’m too tight.

    1. The question is whether they have a marked effect. If they do I would invest in it for sure.

  19. I’ve still never tried anything by Charlotte Tilbury – I only ever hear great things though!

  20. I love the original cream, it is so nourishing and luxurious. A great investment.

    1. Glad you liked it. I look forward to doing a proper trial sometime.

  21. I’ve heard such positive things about this product myself, I love the packaging!

  22. I haven’t heard of these products before, but I am always looking for new things to try.

    1. I do love trying new products you never know what you will find.

  23. I have been reading many good reviews about the brand but not tried them myself. Sound like like lovely products

    1. The reviews are all very positive!

  24. I was just thinking how great these sounded – then I saw the price! Wow, way too much for me, but worth it to those who it really benefits. Kaz x

    1. I know the price tag does mean that many won’t buy them which is a shame although I don’t know how well these actually work yet.

  25. I’ve tried her makeup, but not her skin care. I must admit, her makeup is amazing! xo

    1. I haven’t tried that yet but really want to 😉

  26. These just look so pretty, the packaging is beautiful. Sadly I think they are a little out of my price range! Maybe as a birthday present though? Roll on July!

    1. I do hope you get to try one. I plan to see if I can get a deal in duty free.

  27. I have never heard of the brand before and at the price will be unlikely to indulge in any of their products anytime soon.

    1. The price is quite high but if they work I’d say the are worth it.

  28. Shocking I know but I havenmt tried ANY Charlotte Tilbary yet!!! I wasn’t aware of the creams at all!!!

    1. Well the good thing is that you know now. I hope you get to try at least one of them 😉

  29. My mummy has a work colleague called Charlotte Tilbury, I’m are its not the same one – the creams sound divine!

    1. They do sound great I’d love to do a proper review.

  30. oh this looks and sounds as if it may do the trick for me my poor eyes look like I am aged 90

    1. I’m feeling like that too at the moment with Squishy waking us at night.

  31. Like I said on Twitter, I am yet to try this brand. Would love to. Heard only good things about the products.

  32. If they ever need one to do a full trail I would love to it as the sound really good

  33. My girlfriend absolutely loves this stuff

  34. These creams look really great and that they will take care of your skin

  35. Jesus I had no idea they were that expensive! The night cream doesn’t sound like it’s for me if it’s very thick but I would be interested in trying the other two.

  36. Would love to try the Charlotte tilbury creams although I have to be careful as I have rosacea

  37. The packaging of these products are so gorgeous!
    I’d love to give these creams a go 🙂

    Dani x

  38. Ive never used this brand before
    But all the hype has certainly put it the forefront of my mind

  39. Don’t think I’d go for the night cream as the consistency of it doesn’t sound like my cup of tea. The others sounds good though.

  40. I haven’t heard of this brand before. I’d love to try the eye cream!

  41. First time I have heard of these creams

  42. The magic eye rescue sounds right up my street!

    1. It did feel nice on the skin.

  43. I love Charlotte Tilbury perfume which I have but I do go for more well known brands that deal with skin care because I have eczema .

    1. It is best to be careful if you have eczema.

  44. I don’t use anything at all, so doesn’t matter how nice it is, I still won’t be buying it. Fun to try products though.

    1. It sure is fun to try different products.

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