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My main concerns are dullness and ageing – really loving the sound of these, especially as they are measured doses, such a great idea

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Year-Round Gift Guide: Because Presents Aren’t Just For Christmas
Love the idea of a personalised food hamper, would love to receive that – or a book token – love reading but sometimes won’t buy books for myself

Affordable Luxury Watches
I have small wrists so love the look of the Meek – petite silver

Afternoon Tea at Harrods
This sounds like a real treat, always loved walking round Harrods when I was younger, just seeing all the different produce in the food Hall was an experience – the tea sounds fantastic!

Chinese Style Fish and Chips with Wasabi Mayo
Really interesting take on fish & chips, would never have thought of cookign the fish like that – it sounds very tasty

Top 10 tips for Visiting Kidzania
I’d not heard of this before your post and looks like this should be a definite read for anyone who is planning to go! That does seem like a lot of money for such a limited time, comparing it to going to the zoo or something similar for example.
Thanks for your review

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