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The range of skincare products on the market is wide and varied as are product prices, but the aim of all is ultimately the same; to make the skin appear more youthful.  Who doesn’t dream of having younger looking skin?

Some products work and some don’t and I have in the past been disappointed with a handful of products that I have bought especially when I have spent a pretty penny  only to find they don’t do anything even when the sales person has sworn blind they do.  I remember buying a serum a few years back for over £100 and it did nothing at all, not a sausage.  Of course not impressed by the misinformation or the fact I could have bought some boots with that I never featured them on my blog – why would I!

One company that has never steered me wrong is Skin Doctors.  Recently I discovered they had two NEW products available and was really excited when they asked me to review these for them.

I was sent a pack of both the Skin Doctors Day Ampoules and Night Ampoules to experiment with.  Each jar cost £39.99 and contains 50 measured doses.  A quick google search lead me to discover I could get the pair for £45 which is a great saving!

Skin Doctors Day and Night Ampoules are capsules that are easy to open and use.  You simply twist off the top, apply the serum to the skin then apply your moisturiser and wait for your skin to start improving and this really doesn’t take long at all.  The great thing is they don’t add much time to your pre-existing daily routine and the serum is really fast acting too.  You will also be pleased to hear they are paraben free.

I gave the ampoules a go and on initial use I noticed that they were quickly absorbed into my skin and the skin felt increasingly silky smooth on each application.  The product was absorbed easily into the skin with no oily residue and on each day I used these my skin felt much softer than it did prior to the initial application.  Within 5 days my skin looked brighter and this was even more obvious by day 7.  My skin continued to improve and I had developed a gorgeous healthy, plump, glowing skin in record speed.  I have to be honest I am overly observant when it comes to these sorts of things but I was amazed at the results of the contents of these teeny tiny ampoules.  The product has been well thought out.  The product is easy to use and each ampoule contains a fresh daily dose as it is airtight and isn’t transparent thus preventing exposure to air and light which would otherwise denature the contents and affect their efficacy.

A quick tip: if you are using these.  Make sure you also squeeze the small top of ampoules so you don’t miss any of the product.

Skin Doctors Day Ampoules (Gold)

10% concentrated dose of pure Vitamin C

These are infused with “potent vitamin C” (ascorbic acid) which some may be aware is a powerful antioxidant.  Antioxidants fight free radicals which are formed by the body when food is broken down to form energy.  Antioxidants are great at helping fight the signs of ageing as they destroy free radicals (free radicals break down collagen resulting in a loss of elasticity and wrinkle formation) so it makes sense to incorporate them into this sort of product to stimulate skin regeneration and help give the skin a more youthful appearance.  Studies have shown that this fabulous vitamin may also be able to help in the prevention and treatment of UV damage.  Vitamin C is also vital for collagen.  As we age our bodies produce less collagen so a boost can really make a significant difference to the skins appearance making it look smoother and much more supple.

The combination of ingredients in these ampoules make the skin look brighter, firmer, plumper, wrinkles look less defined and the skin feel softer and smoother.

Skin Doctors Night Ampoules (Blue)

15% dose of pure Vitamin A

These are infused with “potent vitamin A” (Retinol) another antioxidant that packs a punch.  Numerous tests have been carried out and show this to be effective at restoring an even skin tone, improving the appearance of the skin making it look smoother, younger and reducing the appearance of wrinkles.  This is a “must use” for anyone age 30 or over.  As retinol is photosensitive (it reacts in sunlight) it is used in products targeted for use at night, so basically whilst you sleep this super antioxidant works to help give the skin a more youthful appearance including a gorgeously healthy glow.  This product also contains Microsponge® slow-release technology to enhance its stability and deliver the active ingredient efficiently to minimise irritation.

My Findings

  My deeper wrinkles were still there when I finished using the whole sample but who knows with continued use what might have happened.  There was a marked difference in my skins appearance brighter, plumper, with a healthy glow, small creases were not so obvious and I had numerous complements about how fabulous my skin looked.

I can wholeheartedly say that these products performed a miracle on my skin.  I normally have a tendency to talk a lot but I could barely keep my mouth shut about this telling friends and relatives and even shop assistants how amazing these products are.

Would The Results Be The Same If Just The Day Or Night Time Ampoules Were Used?

I appreciate that the cost might put some readers off but in comparison to some products these are not expensive especially when you weigh up the results.  After you’re trying these any concerns will simply disappear as you see the results literally before your very eyes in a short space of time.

I would say that these products could be used individually but for faster and better results I would personally advise using both (from my own experience).  The product really worked well when both day and night time samples were used and each works slightly differently too which backs up the argument for using both day and night ampoules.

Having been so impressed I asked if I could share this amazing product with one exceptionally lucky reader.  Seriously, you all want this!!!

No I’m not offering my empty jars – you’ll get a brand new pack of both the day and night ampoules to try out.

So if you want gorgeous, radiant skin that looks great hurry and enter.

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Disclaimer: I was sent a pack of both the day and night ampoules to try.  The views expressed and results are my own – these are some of my favourite products out of all those that I have ever tried that improve the skin.  Love them!!!

211 thoughts on “Want Great Looking Skin ?”

    1. This is quite a common concern especially now it’s cold with all the central heating. A combination of great skincare, water and healthy eating can help 🙂

  1. I’m concerned about the bags under my eyes from not sleeping very well and also small patches of dry skin.

  2. These look and sound great! My main concerns are dry cheeks and hormonal breakouts. I’ve been wanting to incorporate Vitamin C into my skincare routine.

  3. i have very sensitive skin so i always find it hard to find products to suit my skin but this product sounds like it might be good.

    1. I’m not sure the product would help with this not having had it myself. It really does give the skin a more youthful glow.

  4. I have dry and dehydrated skin with the start of fine lines (I’m now 31 so this is a major concern). I often feel my skin isn’t very bright or radiant either. But overall, I try and look after it as best as I can.

  5. I would love to win this, my skin concerns now that I am the wrong side of 45 are that I have lines and wrinkles and need a lot of help lol!

    1. I noticed that mine was affected by diet and stress as well as skin products. Increase your water intake and cut down on saturated fats and on sugar and you should notice an improvement. Stress can also be a factor so try to find activities you enjoy doing. Good luck x

  6. I am getting red blotches by face especially when the central heating as been on. I can control the temperature at my house but not at others!

    1. Oiliness can be affected by make up and face creams It might be an idea to look at foundations that give a matte finish for example.

  7. The start of fine lines and wrinkles for me – not horrendous yet, but I’ve started being more careful about sunscreen!

    1. Glad you are being careful. I always use a factor 50 all year round. I know I will be pleased I did when I’m 50 odd.

  8. My main skin concern at the moment is dryness, and dull looking skin. I do find increasing healthy fats helps, and lots and lots of night creams!

  9. My main skin concern is blemishes, I went through my teenage years virtually without a spot, now I’m in my 40’s my complexion is terrible!

  10. Yes to vitamin C for skin, even when we eat it we don’t store it so it’s important to get enough. My skin is a bit tired, these little pods might do the trick.

  11. My main concerns are dullness and ageing – really loving the sound of these, especially as they are measured doses, such a great idea

  12. I am approaching the big 3-0. So my main concern is ageing. Those fine line and wrinkles are starting to appear.

  13. I have really annoying combinations skin, I have a very oily T-zone but I also get dry patched on my cheeks and above my eyebrows, most days I can’t wear any kind of foundation or even BB cream or tinted moisturizer, I spent time looking for some kind, any kind of product that would help but I’ve basically given up now.

  14. I don’t worry much about my skin, smile and people won’t notice, or at least won’t comment on it. Redness and chapping in winter maybe.

  15. The main issue for me is my skin is normally great (unless it’s the dreaded time of the month) but the closer I get to my hairline, the drier and flakier my skin becomes not just on the scalp

  16. Unfortunately I have a whole list of issues from dark circles, aging lines and uneven skin tone to oily skin, large pores and prone to spots even now at my age! 😱

  17. Just that it’s dry, old and wrinkly but my mam and dad had and have respectivley lots of wrinkles so I have a feeling it is genetic. Can but try to improve it though.

  18. I’m concerned about ageing skin now I’m getting close to 40 and find my skin gets dehydrated easier than it used to so would love to try these to see if they help. Thanks for the chance x

    1. These are your miracle or at least the scientific breakthrough you’re looking for. Make sure you try them you’ll be astounded at good they are.

  19. My skins normal really, sometimes a little greasy, sometimes a little dry, and it’s obviously aging as time goes on!!!

  20. I always thought my spot-prone skin would clear up before I had to worry about wrinkles. Now I need to find an anti-wrinkle cream for teenagers’ skin!

    1. Oh dear it sounds like you have quite a bit to deal with there. At least with these the wrinkles won’t look so bad x

  21. I have combination skin which is very annoying, especially the very greasy parts! I also have awful dark circles!

  22. I’d love to try these.😀 Menopause has ruined my skin, 2 years ago I was told I looked 15 yrs younger than I am now I look my age and I’m hitting 50 this year. So all help is welcomed 😁

  23. My most pressing skin concern is dryness and a taught feeling if I do not use moisturiser. I am also trying to protect against sun damage and fine lines.

    1. Skin naturally gets dryer as you get older. This can be counterbalanced through diet and good skin care products.

  24. My main skin concern is combination skin and I have had trouble finding a moisturiser that can tackle the visible patches of dry, scaly skin and the oily patches that I seem to have on my nose, chin and forehead. I also have wrinkles and these seem to have increased dramatically over the last couple of years.

  25. My skin can feel dry and tight – and I hate the fine lines and wrinkles appearing but I tell myself they are laughter lines!

  26. Since hitting my 50s i have been getting a lot of spots especially on my chin. I am guessing its to do with the menopause. I am constantly looking for skincare that helps so would love to try these.

  27. my skin tends to go oily towards the end of the day!
    it starts of really normal to dry but by the end of the day it feels oily! im also concerned about aging!!!

    1. The dullness was something that I noticed was overcome very fast with the use of the serums. My skin looked so much brighter very quickly.

    1. Central heating can dry out skin. If you increase your water intake and take healthy oils in moderation this will help.

  28. Have rosacea, it started when I went through the menopause – I’m trying different remedies to see if anything will help x

  29. My main concerns are a few fine lines around my eyes and forehead. I have very oily skin so keeping on top of this is a problem.

  30. Saggy old wrinkled tired looking skin – dont wear too much makeup so anything that helps would be greata

    1. The serums help to tone up skin and make it look brighter. You would be amazed at how your skin would look after using this even just for a few weeks.

  31. I just hit 40 and started using moisturizer since my skin feels dryer than it used to be, my other half has a whole mountain of potions and creams so I dip into hers on occasion to see what helps

  32. My skin is really spotty, it’s always been like this. When I was a teenager I used to take comfort in the face that when I became an adult it would get better, but here I am in my thirties and it’s even worse.

  33. A little bit of everything! Mostly oily skin, especially on my forehead. Also prone to acne around my mouth and chin.

  34. I always find serums quite confusing. I get dry skin and I get acne, so I never know what to try. These look very good though so very interesting.

  35. I get dry skin when the weather is cold (especially in between my eyes) and still suffer with spots sometime.

  36. I have sensitive skin and suffer from ezcema. Finding a product that does not react to my skin is hard.

  37. My skin can be a real pain, I have combination skin with an oily t zone, large pores, acne but dry flaky skin on my forehead and around my mouth. So as you can imagine finding the right skin care products can be a challenge.

  38. My skin concerns are acne rosacea on face and blepharitis which I am not managing as I should due to needing regular compresses. I also may have dermatitis of skelp

  39. My face was damaged in an assault leaving with with loose skin and marks on my face so my main concerns are too look after my skin as best I can and to find skincare products that improve it’s condition and appearance x

  40. I am concerned with my adult acne seeming to get worse and not better the more I do to try and help it. Change my diet, keep up a good skin routine etc

  41. I’ve just had your email letting me know I’m the winner of these fantastic skincare products – thank you very much!

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