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My main skin concern is blemishes, I went through my teenage years virtually without a spot, now I’m in my 40’s my complexion is terrible!

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Unicorn Jewellery At Lily Charmed
I really like the unicorn collection, but for me, the dragon has got to be my favourite!

How Being More Observant and Careful Can Improve Your Life
For me, being more observant and careful would directly impact my health, I am the clumsiest person, and am forever bumping into things and falling over!

Doing A Little DIY? What You Need To Consider Before Getting Started
My partner is very practical, and has tools for everything. He always does a good job, as long as you don’t mind waiting a year or two for him to get around to it! I on the other hand am eternally clumsy so stay away from the toolbox!

Affordable Luxury Watches
My favourite is the THEY Grande Black and Rosegold watch

What Everyone Should Be Saving For!
I’ve recently succeeded in clearing my debts, and have started to be able to save a little, I feel much more relaxed knowing I have some money for emergencies!

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