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Beautiful glistening locks and gorgeous glowing flawless skin are what we all aspire to but what if I told you that you could achieve this with minimal effort and just one product.  Would you believe me?  The results speak for themselves.  Coming from a medical and research background I put The Moroccan Argan Oil Company’s one and only product through vigorous testing on myself of course and the results are in!

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Firstly, I want to tell you a little about the product.  Argan Oil, is also referred to as liquid gold thanks to its multiple uses and amazing results.  Originally derived from the Argan Tree, or more specifically the nuts from this tree the oil is commonly used in Morocco in numerous ways, whether it is eaten as a dip for bread at breakfast or used as a drizzle over salad, pasta or couscous (roasted argan food oil), applied to the hair, skin, nails its effects on the body (unroasted argan oil) are truly spectacular.


Rich in essential fatty acids, vitamin E and antioxidants this oil yields wondrous results on the user.  The Moroccan Argan Oil Company use only the best quality, fresh Argan oil and this is available in two forms a dropper and a spray bottle.  In each bottle you will find nothing other than pure Argan oil, so no added fragrances, parabens or water.

 argan oil for hair

I tried the oil on my skin, nails and hair and I loved it.


Application on my skin helped keep it moisturised and softened any hard skin on my feet.  I found it was best applied straight after a bath or shower for full body application as it helps to seal in moisture.  It is also great for dry brittle nails and regular use can make the worst looking nails look healthy restoring their natural shine.  Simply add a little to the cuticle of each nail and gentle rub in.  The oil can even be used on the lips, great for me as I do sometimes find I don’t drink enough fluids and my lips get dry and flaky.  With the use of the oil I noticed that they looked great as the oil softened and moisturised them too.  Argan oil is great for healing irritated, acne prone, eczema prone and even burnt skin and to reduce the risk of scarring.  It is also perfect as a day moisturiser giving the skin a gorgeously healthy glow and as an added bonus it has antiaging properties due to its antioxidant properties.  The oil is believed to stimulate the renewal of skin cells and boost skin elasticity which in turn reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

The results after use on hair are also nothing short of a miracle.  Hair is instantly transformed from dull, damaged, lifeless and brittle to soft, silky and shiny.  It can even help to prevent split ends, increase hair growth, fight dandruff and prevent an itchy dry scalp.  And not forgetting a biggie for me!!!! It can help to tame frizzy hair, yaaaayyyyyy.

Whilst I was trialling the Argan oil I found that I did not need to apply any other creams other than a sunscreen and shampoo.  As the oil is rich a little goes a long way and reslts show after first use.

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