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The Sittingwell Back Support Cushion

When you sit on a chair like mine all day it’s bound to play havoc with you back.  It’s awful in terms of back support and to be straight up (oh no, did you see what I did there?) if I sit on the chair too long I notice I slouch which can’t be good for my back or neck and as if that wasn’t enough my backside goes numb too.  Ok, so I am not here to complain about my numb bum (giggles profusely, sorry I am a big kid, be thankful this review isn’t on YouTube…. yet).

Our backs or spines to be more precise are not dead straight like metal poles so sitting back on a straight surface is not ideal.  The lower back has a natural inward curve and in order to sit correctly, you need to allow for this and provide suitable support.  You can’t seem to get this with normal cushions, trust me I’ve tried so when Sittingwell.co.uk contacted me and asked me to review their cushion of course I said yes.  Bad posture can lead to numerous complaints including back pain, neck pain, headaches and more.


The sitting well cushions are available in two options polyester or feather filled.  My preference was feather filled and within a short period of time mine was winging it’s way to me.  Did you notice how little lower back support my chair offers.  Yes that’s my dining chair and a lovely one at that but not designed to be sat in all day.  The cushion arrived and was packed in an ethically sourced reusable zip up canvas bag for easy transportation and to keep it clean if I choose to take it out and about.  I am seriously considering taking it for the school run.

This company really has put some thought into the packaging with the reusable zip up bag and also the 100% degradable bag the actual cushion comes in.  Launched this year the company aims to help make back pain caused by sitting become a thing of the past.  The cushions are designed to help reduce pressure on the joints, ligaments, muscles along the back of the spine and the discs.  By sitting incorrectly – slouching for example we compress our internal organs which can affect their efficiency and we don’t help our stomach muscles either so forget that flat stomach as slouching has the opposite effect.  By using a cushion such as the sitting well cushion you help offer that much needed support to your back and spine.

The standard polyester back support cushion combines a back support integrated within a standard size cushion giving the best support for your back without anyone knowing you are using a back support.  It doesn’t come with a cover and will fit inside a 45cm x 45cm cushion cover.  Over time the polyester fibre padding will compress making it more difficult to restore back to its original shape.  The feather padded cushion will last significantly longer, simply plump it up at the sides and it will be as good as new.  There is a choice of covers with this polyester/cotton mix or cotton.

The deluxe feather back support cushion is identical except of course it has a duck feather filling and comes with a 100% cotton cover.

So just to reiterate the cushion I am reviewing is the duck feather cushion.  On one side you can see the curve where there feathers are and the other side is flat and is where the back support is hidden.  You can see that this will clearly offer far more support then if I didn’t use a cushion.  For my needs the simple cotton cover is fine but you can always buy a cushion cover that works well with your homes colours.

sit2Stating the obvious but there was a marked difference when I started using the cushion.  The cushion made it far easier for me to sit up straight without slouching and also my new sitting position served as a reminder to hold in my stomach muscles!!!!! – my six pack is on its way.

These cushions can be used anywhere you sit so on dining chairs as you have seen, in bed if you sit and read or watch tv, the sofa – sofas don’t give sufficient back support.

These are handmade in the UK which is good to know as I think it’s important to support companies in our own country.

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  1. This cushion sounds amazing! I could do with one as I have back problems and sitting at a desk all day does not help! xo

    1. It really helps improve the way you sit which helps relieve pressure on the spine and joints 😉

  2. This sounds great, definitely something I would use right now!

    1. I use mine all the time now.

  3. I work in an office and my back hurts most of the time from the very bad support. I always been saying to get cushion but I never did, I might give this one a go.

    1. It’s really good and very comfy 😉

  4. I’ve thought about getting something like this for my work chair before because I’m always sat down and I don’t want to damage my spine x

    1. It’s great, I am sure it’s made a difference.

  5. this looks great, i have really bad posture and spend a lot of time at my desk

  6. Sounds really and looks comfy. Looks like I want to have this

  7. I really need to look at something like this, I work form home plus I blog, so I’m sat at the dining table, on my bed or sofa a lot, in the most uncomfortable positions so I know I’m not doing myself any favours!

    1. I think this would be a great idea as it really does seem to help.

  8. This is a brilliant idea for those of all who work from home at a computer.

    1. It sure is, i’m using it right now!

  9. This sounds fantastic, definitely something that would benefit me!

    1. It seems to be having a positive effect on my posture when sitting and is so much more comfy then the back of the chair.

  10. Sounds lovely, I have days where my back goes. It’s normally after a long period of no workouts it just weakens my muscles! I’ve been sitting slouched recently because of it 🙁

  11. I get quite frequent back ache and thought it was my bed but actually reading this it’s probably the chair I’m sitting in all day!

  12. This actually sounds brilliant, my new job involves a lot more sitting than my old one and I’ve found I’m getting a really sore back and shoulders, so this may help me with that 🙂

  13. This sounds fantastic, definitely something that would benefit me!

  14. The cushion sounds a great idea, I always end up slouching no matter what chair I sit in…

  15. As an ex squash player who had to give up because of back problems these products are always of interest. Thanks for the heads up !

  16. It’s always a good idea to give your back the support it needs, as you get older you’ll be grateful for this 🙂

  17. Oh yes, I think I’m going to have to invest in one of these. The answer to my back back

  18. I already do this as I sit at a computer all day long, glad you have shared about it 🙂

  19. Thankyou very much for this review, This support cushion is definitely something my mum will be interested in, I will send her the link to this super post thankyou

  20. I need one of these cushions. My chair at work is so uncomfortable for a whole day spent on it.

  21. I think it would help a lot to relieve the pressure but I think you’re right in suggesting you need to properly develop your core stomach muscles to see the long term benefit of reducing back pain when sitting…it’s just SOOOO hard to do 😉

  22. This is a brill idea it really does help

    1. It does seem to make a difference which is great.

  23. I would really have to try this to give my opinion. It sounds great.

  24. It does look good! I worked for years at a computer desk, and I’m in the habit of not sitting in one position for very long, constantly varying my weight and poise. I also have a chair with a built in lumber support, but if you don’t, this looks like it would do the trick!

    1. It sure does help give that much needed support.

  25. This sounds good and I would love to try this.

  26. this cushion looks great, I might buy one of these for my grandad as he suffers with his back

  27. It looks as if it would support my poor old back!

    1. It does a great job of offering support.

  28. I think I need to invest in one of these.

  29. a bit different, does it do more than a cushion?

  30. I suffer with my back (which my posture doesn’t help)! this would certainly help x

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