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Sounds worth a try I’m not getting any younger

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A Weekend In London On A Budget
Haven’t been to London since I was a girl my dad lives in Surrey so I’m going to go visit again one day

Tips on Choosing Jewellery As A Gift
The flower diamond ring is beautiful

Paw Patrol Trainers from MotherCare
Awww I just bought my baby charlie his first pair of shoes he’s 6 and a half I got him some Clark’s . But these are lovely

Quaglino’s Restaurant St James
I have to be honest it looks lovely but the beef would need a bit more cooking for me but otherwise, wow!

Advanced Snail Duo Moisturiser from Skin Chemists
I would try but that is a bit pricey I don’t think I’d ever pay the full price 😱 rather go out in the back garden with a bucket 😂😂😂 (joking)

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