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The entire Skinn Collagenesis collection sounds really fab, especially for older skin. The deal they are offering for their birthday celebration is amazing! I would really like to try this collection x

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Rossopomodoro Covent Garden
Rossopomodoro sounds absolutely delicious and the service seems wonderful. I love Italian food and their dishes look very authentic. The Lasagna Nepoletana sounds amazing though I’ve never heard of those ingredients in a lasagna before either.

Preventing Head Lice
What an experience to have to go through! I have heard that the little buggers are quite persistent and tough to get rid of, so it’s a good thing you knew to use Vosene Kids products! I’m sure that having to pick the eggs out manually was quite a time-consuming experience!

The Fellow (Pub) – King’s Cross
All around this sounds like a lovely meal at a wonderful place. The ox cheek mac n cheese is such a different dish but it does sound very good aside from just a bit too much salt. The pan roasted stew looks divine and I just can’t believe the size of that burger! The Fellow looks like a wonderful spot to have a fab meal x

Pairfum Reed Diffuser – Innocent Vanilla
I do enjoy diffusers but I was not aware of all of the health implications that could result from the use of them. I wasn’t even aware there were VOCs in the fragrances as I assumed they were only in products that were sprayed. Now I know and it’s wonderful that Pairfum London has found a way to make a VOC safe.

Bunny Jump from University Games
Aww, this game is so cute and it looks like such a fun one to play with a big range of ages. I can see why it is is so popular in your house and it’s just too bad Daddy can’t release his inner child enough to enjoy playing as well.

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