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Wow this is such a good price for these, I might have to let my mum know as it’s exactly the kind of thing she’d use x

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Floral Gift Ideas
I love the flowers you recieved, so unique. I’ve had a bunch of roses from Prestige and they were stunning and lasted so long I was seriously impressed x

Project Mc2 Ultimate Spy Bag
Wow I love that educational toys are more in now as it combines fun and learning, this looks really cool x

Unique Coming of Age Gift Ideas For Daughters
I think a camera is a great idea, I got one for my 21st birthday and I have never looked back since x

Simple Storage Solutions For Every Room
I always try and put things away and only have decorative items on display as it makes me feel calmer x

Controlling Your Financial Destiny
I do want to get myself into a better situation with my finances, while I have savings I’d love to be able to invest a bit x

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