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I like the sound of the 24 hour cream it sounds lovely, especially if it makes my dull skin look brighter !

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Skin Doctors – Beelift
Aw thank you for letting me know I am so pleased. Especially since I discovered so many brands test on animals and it is really important for me to be cruelty free. I am glad Bee Lift does not test on animals x

Win a Scooby-Doo DVD Bundle
I used to be obsessed with Scooby Doo when I was younger and I loved the films! I am so glad that the traditional favourite is still around x

Skin Doctors – Beelift
I am glad that it has no parabens and is bee friendly. Do you know if it is cruelty free as well by any chance? I like the sound of Beelift x

Royal Coffee Coconut Scrub
I am a fan of both coconut and coffee so to me this would be the perfect pairing for a scrub. I like the sound of it and could do with a nice treat x

Controlling Your Financial Destiny
My current financial situation is diabolical but I am hoping that will change for the better. It is always good to look at the future x

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