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The supersized versions deal is one not to miss! Great way to save and stock up

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Molly Monster
Sounds like a cool kids movie and love the printables that you can get from the website. I will enter the competition for my girls

Bunny Jump from University Games
Haha I love it when a toy is just not limited to the kiddos Haha. And you just have to emphasize with the kids that it’s ‘ours’ not yours alone. Must really be a brilliant game if you played it for hours.

The Therapeutic Effects of Teddies
Lol kids surely know how to play us. Amusing that they mysteriously developed tummy aches. Teddies are great and my kiddos carry theirs even when we go on holiday

Kimchee Restaurant Kings Cross (London)
I like it when the waiter recommends something and it turns out to be fantastic. Great job to your waiter Decy. Sounds like the restaurant is a must try and the pictures of the food says so!

Pure Potions, Natural Products for Dry Skin and Skin Conditions
I have sensitive skin and use products that have natural ingredients. This would be worth trying it seems. You have done such a thorough review

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