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I’m getting older, okay so we all are but do we always need to show our age?  I think not!  With modern advancements in beauty products it’s amazing what you will find on the market.  I am quite enjoying a cream at the moment from Skin Doctors; Beelift.  These guys have some lovely beauty products and I discovered them and their wonderful products many years ago when I was in my teens (over 20 yrs ago now – ssshhhhhhh don’t tell anyone).  The beelift is paraben free, bee friendly (no bees are harmed during the extraction of the bee venom) and not tested on animals.  Parabens are preservatives which are used in many beauty products and although there is no concrete evidence as of yet they have been linked to fertility issues and breast cancer.

The Skin Doctors beelift has been created to help fight against premature ageing using a combination of  Bee Venom, Manuka Honey the collagen treatment Trylagen® and Hyadisine® the later two being a complex mix of peptides, amino acids, proteins and key enzymes.  Combined the ingredients mimic the effects of those of a bee sting without the resulting redness and pain.  In their place it stimulates an increase in natural collagen in the skin and the result is to give the skin a plumper and rejuvenated appearance.

Beelift is clinically proven to:

Increase Collagen by up to 300%

Cumulative skin tightening

Plumping and firming of the skin

The packaging is simple and straight to the point.  They don’t try to confuse you with complicated jargon on the box, the information is concise and easy to understand.  The product itself – the super light cream has to most gorgeously addictive fragrance I have smelt in a while.  The aroma comes predominantly from the manuka honey and I found I just couldn’t get enough of that sweet honey scent and I found myself smelling my hands after application.

I had to get pretty close to the bee to get this photo and I am terrified of them – the things we do for work (she says shaking at the knees). 

Imagine my horror when this happened – I will add I didn’t knock it or go any nearer as I was no way getting that close.

Fortunately I didn’t need to change underwear but I came pretty close!

The cream is quickly absorbed by the skin and is non greasy.  It leaves the skin feeling velvety soft and silky smooth.  The Beelift is perfect for normal to greasy skin.  If you have very dry skin you might require an additional application or may want to combine it with a moisturiser.

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On the box the product is claimed to “control facial muscles for cumulative tightening, lifting, plumping and firming of the skin.  Skin Doctors beelift is clinically proven to triple the formation of collagen in just 7 days and increase cell renewal by 80% in just 15 days, leaving your skin looking brighter, firmer and visibly younger”

Of course the question on everyone’s lips is does it work?

I have noticed a difference in the brightness of my skin.  There was an improvement in the speed of healing which shows that the skin is being well nourished by getting the nutrients it needs also resulting in an improvement in the rate of healing and the appearance.  I can’t comment on the wrinkle reduction as I haven’t been using the product long enough for this.

The only negative thing I would say is that I would have preferred if this had come in pump form allowing for easier dispensing and also better control of the amount used.

Have you tried any Skin Doctors products yet?  If so which products and what did you think of them?

Disclaimer: A sample of the product was sent for my consideration.


61 thoughts on “Skin Doctors – Beelift”

  1. This looks lovely, I’m looking for a new skincare regime so will definitely keep this in mind x

  2. Bee skincare seems to be all the rage at the moment, I’ve known them work really well for some people, but patch testing is always a must just in case.

  3. I am glad that it has no parabens and is bee friendly. Do you know if it is cruelty free as well by any chance? I like the sound of Beelift x

      1. Aw thank you for letting me know I am so pleased. Especially since I discovered so many brands test on animals and it is really important for me to be cruelty free. I am glad Bee Lift does not test on animals x

  4. poor bee being knocked on it’s back for a photoshoot lol hope the bee is fine and no harm come to it . Now onto the cream I actually thought this would be expensive but looking at the price it’s quite god to some expensive ones out there but does it live upto whats on the jar and does it do what it says on the jar 🙂

    1. Daft thing flew headfirst into a flower then landed on my jar – almost dropped the jar. It has already started showing a difference in a few weeks.

  5. Bee venom makes the product sound a bit scary but I suppose it is a much better alternative to all the nasty chemicals we usually put on our skin.

  6. I love the look of this; I’ve never tried it but my skin loves bee products. I’m picky about which I use, but this sounds great!

  7. Sounds fantastic, I’ll do anything to keep looking younger but I once tried Burt’s bee lip plumper lipstick and it really stung my lips so I don’t think I’d risk trying this xxx

  8. This sounds really good 🙂 I haven’t used anything from this range before, but would certainly consider it! x

  9. This looks great, I’ve heard great things about bee product and the science behind this really makes sense.

  10. Oh i so need this, ive heard good things about bee venom products so will def be giving this a go!

  11. I have not come across this range but it does sound interesting , the sound of bee venom is a little alarming though.

  12. oh yeah! I have heard about it and having ready your blog now, I am confident to give it a try! I am sure it will have great results.

    1. Ha I know but you should have seen me run each time one flew at me. My step cunt on my fitbit was through the roof that day!

  13. Looks fab, I have tried soap with manuka honey and it is really great for my skin. I’m looking for an eye cream so will check out their range

  14. I really become conscious about caring for my skin after turning 40 and am always looking for great products. This one looks really great with no parabens, not to mention it’s bee friendly. ps: I couldn’t help but smile at your photos of the bee! Poor guy .. and it was his internet debut!

  15. That is an incredible bee picture – Huge well done for getting so close! I love the idea of getting the benefit of a bee sting without the soreness and redness.

  16. Glad to see it’s cruelty free and has no parabens but like you I do prefer a pump bottle to scoop pots. Glad you’ve seen a difference with it though

  17. You made me LOL with this post! I am so glad you didn’t need to change your pants! 😉 On a serious note though, it is so frightening to know that there are correlations between parabens and preservatives and issues like fertility! I am always on the look out for natural products, and this is a great find. x

  18. Whilst I have not heard of the brand I am loving the sound of the product and definitely want to check them out and gift my mother (and me too).

  19. This sounds fab and I like jars rather than pump dispensers, I never manage to get the bottom of the product from pumps x

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