Each month or so I come across items that I think are pretty fab and are worthy of a mention on my blog.  I am hoping to create a regular feature with the products that I discover whether they are little items sent to me, freebies I have managed to get my hands on or something simply lovely that I feel I must tell the world about that I have discovered on a shopping trip.

It’s my first of these monthly round ups and this feature covers some great products that I discovered in September not including of course items I have already reviewed on the blog.

First up is some delicious ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s.

The guys at Ben & Jerry’s as you all know created their spectacular cookie dough ice cream a while back and this has kept many of us company through movies, break ups and more.  Well it appears that they have decided to make their cookie dough even cookier and from this thought was born the ‘Wich’.  This labour of love (sorry I have not ability to control myself today) was created after hours of intense ice cream making and tasting (who wishes they were there to help???) and the final result was a new range.  I proudly present the ‘Wich Family’.

S’wich Up

If like me you love cookie dough this is for you.  Combining vanilla ice cream a chocolatey cookie swirl, chocolatey cookie sandwiches and cookie dough chunks.  So call up the girls, arrange that movie night and sit on the sofa and enjoy a tub each (they are on offer at the moment in supermarkets so why not splash out).



Yummy cookie dough or chocolate fudge brownie ice cream is sand’wiched between two soft-baked chocolate chip cookies!  Yum!

Son of a Wich

A mini version of a wich although quite frankly adults won’t be eating just the one.  These are great for kids.

Where has this been all my life??? I I must admit it’s pretty yummy and it’s not easy to hide it from the husband and the children and my feeble attempts at doing so have failed miserably.  I might mention I loved what I tried so much I had to go shopping again and get more, returning with enough Ben & Jerry’s to fill a freezer draw!


I have also been enjoying this lovely sparkling Wild English Elderflower drink from Fentimans.

I do love elderflower drinks and adding the sparkle to it for me is a touch of genius!


McVitie’s Nibbles

If you like chocolate biscuits you will love these crunchy biscuit balls that come in either a milk, dark, double chocolate or caramel and chocolate coating.  I noticed these on one of my shops, grabbed some for the kids and they loved them.

The easy seal pack is totally unnecessary, you won’t be leaving any in the pack.


Stella McCartney – Pop Eau De Parfum

I was given this on a recent shopping trip in the West End.  I love mini perfume samples as they are so easy to pop into a handbag and weigh next to nothing.  It’s also nice to sample a fragrance in the privacy of your own home rather than having to smile politely and rush to the nearest bathroom to wash it off it you hate it.  This is a lovely floral and woody scent.  It isn’t overpowering and is lovely and light.


That’s it for September I am hoping to have found some more great items for you this month.

Wish me luck x

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  1. My husband loves Ben and Jerry’s, will tell him about Wich, though I have a feeling he’s heard about them, if not tasted it already. I love mini-perfumes too, handy to have in your bag especially when travelling 🙂

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