I naturally have curly / fizzy hair which generally means that the second there is any moisture in the air, ping!  It starts to frizz up like a puff ball and my perfectly glossy straight beautiful mane begins to resemble a really badly put together birds nest (insert crying emoji here).

The weather seems to enjoy playing havoc with my hair and taunts me with rain, drizzle and humidity especially over the Spring, Autumn and Winter, we may as well throw summer in there too as that isn’t much better.  My hair naturally has a curl to it which would be great if I could manage to style it nicely but it always seems to turn out looking more like I’ve been pulled through a bush backwards when left to its own devices and allowed to dry naturally.  Adding products to help tame the unmanageable curls also termed frizz make it look better briefly but any height there is soon lost due to the length and therefore weight of the hair making it look like a drooping disaster.

For me this is pretty controlled hair.  Would you believe my hair is wilder / frizzier than this:


For those that can imagine wilder, shocking I know!!!!!  Quick eat a small square of dark chocolate it’ll make you feel better.  My defence mechanism is to straighten it and I love it straight but it’s nice to have a change once in a while.  I normally wash my hair, let it air dry and then straighten it as my hair is pretty long and takes a while to dry even with drying and styling tools.

Recently I was sent some samples of Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to try.


The Shampoo

This is perfect for coarse hair which mine is so I expected this to have some sort of impact on my hair.  The shampoo had a really nice floral aroma which I really loved.  It’s a shame you can’t get a body wash too with the same scent.

What the site says;

“Delivers moisture to transform coarse hair from dry and frizzy, to soft, smooth and shiny. Adds control and weight to aid styling making it perfect for coarse hair that does not hold a style. Reduces breakage caused by snapping – Re-Moisturizing Shampoo contains the same ingredient as Elasticizer, Hydrolyzed Elastin, which increases hairs ability to stretch, meaning less breakage occurs.”

The Conditioner

The partner product to the shampoo I thought it made sense to try them both and get the best possible results.  Again a lovely floral fragrance which is not quite as strong as the shampoo fragrance.

What the site says;

“Deeply penetrates the hair strands to leave coarse, frizzy hair smooth and shiny. Contains Oat Proteins to improve hair texture, making coarser hair types easier to manage. Increases moisture retention so hair is left nourished and glossy throughout the day.”

 The Results

On the first use of the shampoo I will admit I had left my hair to get very greasy to see how well this could cope.  It does suggest a repeat wash where required on the bottle and on doing this the second wash seemed to lather up very well where as it hadn’t really the first time around.

The second use – I didn’t allow my hair to get as greasy but I still seemed to need to use it twice to get a lather going.

The third use, I wash my hair the first time around with a cheap supermarket shampoo and then for the second wash used the Philip Kinglsey shampoo.  This seemed to work just as well which was good to bare in mind.

I used the conditioner each time and left it for a minimum of 5 minutes before rinsing off.

I noticed that with each wash the condition of my hair when left to air dry improved so we had progressed from a crazier version of the picture above to a more manageable:


My hair was just a little wilder than this after three washes.  I also noticed that straightening the hair was far easier and faster which was handy as my schedule is jam packed and I never seem to manage to do everything that I need to so a few extra minutes here and there can mean a lot.  My hair looked much more nourished too and seemed to look smoother, healthier, glossier with no frizz to be seen!  It also felt lovely and soft to the touch and did not leave my hair feeling greasy.

Would I use it again?

I sure would, I love this duo.  They seem to be doing great things to my hair and I must admit I am a little worried about what will happen when it runs out if I don’t get any more in time.  This really is a Fab Find and one that I think you would love too.

Contains pr samples.


76 thoughts on “Philip Kingsley Re-Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner”

  1. I’m glad this duo from Phillip Kingsley is working well to tame the frizz in your hair, it’s so great when you can find a product that actually does what it claims to do.

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  2. oh this sounds really good, mine is so long and thick that I struggle to do anything with it at all and it really needs a good 6″ cutting off it I may have to look into getting and trying out these products

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    1. This should help you Ana. Give it a try you can get smallish bottles so it won’t cost much although you will probably want bigger ones once you try it.

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  3. I have super straight hair I would love to have some curls even just for a day 🙂 Glad you found something that works for you to tame frizz, my friend would love this.

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  4. I really like the sound of this. Have tried Philip Kingsley Elasticizer and liked it a lot. It would be good to know how much it costs and where you can get it from?

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  5. Since I started using a Philip Kingsley Shampoo and Conditioner a few months back, I’ve not used anything else – I love the results and the way my hair now looks and feels x

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  6. This Philip Kingsley due sound quite promising. My teen daughter is always battling with crazy hair. She tried all kinds of combo’s, so this may be one worth trying out for her. Thank you.

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  7. I might just have to use this for my daughter’s hair which gets tangled and knotty very easily…I haven’t heard of it before so thanks for highlighting this

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  8. I have not heard of this brand of shampoo/conditioner until this post. I love seeing new reviews for items I have not heard of. It sounds like you have the same struggle I do with frizzy hair.

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  9. Always on the look out for products that help frizz …my hair only has to sniff a bit of moisture in the air and it starts frizzing despite being styled properly .. will definitely have to give this a go !!

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  10. Oh wow! Didn’t know your hair was curly like that, my afro has everything crazy going for it and now looking to find products that would tame it. I will check out this brand

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  11. I have curly hair too and can vouch that Philip Kingsley products are fantastic. I used to use them years ago and got out of the habit. I’ve always loved the smell too!

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  12. I think a lot of the success or not of a hair product is in the application? I gues that’s why so many people enjoy getting their hair done in a salon. I’ve had some quality hair products before but they don’t quite fit in with the five short minutes I get before I grab my little boy and shoot out the door 😉

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  13. My ‘curly’ hair has been the bane of my life! When I could be a**ed to use extra products in it (serums etc) – I’m more tomboy than girly and don’t go a bundle on beauty regimes – it seemed to go more lanky than ‘frizz-free’ but that was probably me rather than the product. Over the years I have learned to work with it – a good hairdresser and not trying to ‘bully’ it into a style are the two things that work most for me but it is still very frizzy and gets tangles easily if I’m not careful. I’ve been using John Frieda and Charles Worthington products (my hairdresser advised ringing the changes occasionally) which have helped but it looks like I might have new products to add to the ‘stable’ thanks to you, Mel.

    Like others, wish these ‘wonder’ products came in larger sizes as I often forget to stock up before they run out!! Oh, and if where I get them from is running a special offer, I’m usually last to the shelf and find they’ve sold out…

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