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I am proud to state I have never smoked a day in my life, not tried it and no one smokes near me if they value their lives.  I have always had problems with cigarette smoke from others from a young age as it made me ill so I have been known to chase smokers around with water pistols, glasses of water and even a fire extinguisher, well as far as I am concerned where there is smoke there is fire lol!!!!  Everyone that smokes knows that smoking isn’t doing them any good especially with some of the stop smoking campaigns by the NHS with graphic photo’s that have been on the television and billboards.

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  Smoking does not just affect the smoker but also those around them especially children of smokers that are not careful not to smoke in their children’s presence.  A smokers child(ren) will almost inevitably inhale some of the second hand smoke, even if they don’t smoke in the same room as them. This puts them at risk of a wide range of unpleasant diseases, some of which can have a permanent disabling effect on their lives.

 For those not clear on the dangers that tobacco poses to them and their family, I have included a summary of the serious risks smoking presents, as well as some help you can get when you’re ready to quit.

Diseases which are significantly more common in smokers

Smoking causes lung cancer and is also a contributing factor in the development of pancreatic cancer, oesophageal cancer and cancer of the larynx. Smoking increases the risk of developing high blood pressure, heart disease, strokes and peripheral vascular disease.  These serious conditions can result in premature death, amputation and permanent disability. Smoking is also a contributing factor in a wide range of chronic lung conditions, including asthma, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and emphysema.

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The effects of second hand smoke on children

Some studies have concluded that, over time, the effects of living in a household where somebody smokes are broadly similar to being a light smoker.  Children who share a home with smokers are more likely to be asthmatic, suffer from chest infections and have decayed teeth. Passive smoking has also been linked to a greater likelihood of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), Crohn’s disease, a range of neurological problems and the onset of Type II Diabetes. These risks are in addition to a gradually rising likelihood of contracting any of the diseases in which smoking plays a role.

Smoking is not only a potentially deadly habit, it’s also expensive, smelly and inconvenient.  Luckily, there are a number of different aids to smoking cessation which are readily available, including gum, patches or e-cigarettes. The benefit of these options is that you can still enjoy a nicotine hit, but without all the other nasties cigarettes contain.  Alternatively, why not set a date and just go cold turkey? Other successful approaches include hypnotherapy and acupuncture.  Whatever method you choose, remember that, the sooner you stop, the sooner the chances of developing a serious illness begin to decrease for you and your family.

(With thanks to the NHS for the photos)

4 thoughts on “OMG You’re NOT still smoking!!!!”

    1. I feel for you Laura. I was lucky as my hubby had given up before we met otherwise i would nevr had considered going out with him.

  1. I’m a victim of my mothers’ smoking during pregnancy – I have terrible asthma and suffer every winter with chest infections. She continued to smoke whilst I was pregnant and said if I didn’t like it, I knew what to do! She actually said to me it was her only treat even though she spends more on fags than food!!!! My daughter became her next victim, suffering pretty much like I did but as she got older she would do anything to avoid going to her nans’ – who could blame her?

    My daughter and I have our own flats and will only let my Mum visit if she smokes on the balcony with the door shut – still very unhappy but otherwise we’d never see my Mum as I know due to her stubborness, pig-headedness and addiction (40 years) she would choose smoking over us!

    She has tried to give up soooooo many times but it never lasts long as she can be stubborn but not strong-willed! She couldn’t give up for me, she didn’t give up when my beautiful daughter was born and growing up so I don’t see her giving up anytime soon. I’ve shown her loads of pictures showing results of smoking on the body but she says she’ll be fine, just like her Mum, my Nan who lived into her eighties even though she smoked 40 a day! It was her heart that gave up and was not cigarette smoking related – how can you argue with that!?!?

    Unfortunately it means we will visit far less frequently (because of smell on our clothes is a major reason as well as health concerns) but hopefully it may encourage her to slowly give up as I’ve noticed when she visits me for a couple of hours she doesn’t smoke at all whereas when she’s at home she would have smoked 2-3 – any longer she has to go out on balcony no matter what the weather!

    Sorry to go on but it’s a subject close to my heart. Smokers need to realise the damage they’re doing to their family and friends (health-wise and heart-wise) who love them immensely – they NEED to do everything they can to give up! PLEASE! xx

    1. That’s awful Trace and such a shame that she thinks like that as she clearly doesn’t care about how she is affecting you and your daughter. I hope she eventually manages to quit for your sakes as well as hers.

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