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nono micro review

Choosing a hair removal / regrowth reduction device is not an easy task.  Let’s face it there are so many different ones available making it hard to decided which would be most appropriate for us.  These are designed to give us an alternative to shaving, waxing, plucking threading etc. and can be used on most parts of the body.

Some of you will have already seen my video detailing how to use a nono micro on YouTube for those that haven’t fear not you will find a direct link to it a little further down.  I am trialling a nono micro (which is travel size) at the moment and have put together a post to tell you you all about the device, what it is intended for and how to use it.

The device is cordless and can be charged and depending on use keeps its charge for a reasonable length of time.  It’s nice and light with a sleek design and easy to transport.  There are no side effects associated with the device.

What’s in the box?


You will find everything that you need to get started within the box including a small bag to keep your nono micro in, a charger, a small brush to clean the device, 2 different size tips, a buffer, a strap, instruction booklet and of course the nono micro itself.

It goes without saying that skin must be clear of make up, creams etc. before using the device.

Firstly when your nono micro arrives you must charge it for 5 hours before using it.  This device uses thermacon technology which is a process where a pulse of heat is gently applied to the hair and travels down the hair shaft to the follicle – from where the hair grows.  The idea is that this disrupts the cell communication and slows down the rate of hair growth.


The idea is that with continuous use over time there will be no need to worry about hair growth.  In this post I will ask some important questions pertaining to the nono micro and try my best to answer them.

The nono micro


Does using a nono micro hurt?

The short answer is no it shouldn’t when used correctly.

But, if you don’t use it properly it can burn a little.  The device has been designed so it simply glides over the skin with the help of the roller and send heat pulses through the hairs that it passes over.  Of course we are not flat so in some cases a little creative manoeuvring may be required.  I am trialling this on my face so would suggest for anyone wanting to do the same use your hands to stretch the skin and make it flat in places it isn’t and places that are harder to get to for example the upper lip area under the nose.

How do I get the best results?

Simple, make sure that the hair is stubble length.  The contact with the thermal wire from the Hot Blade touches the hair, singeing it and removing it up to the skin.

Which direction do I move the device in?

The device needs to be used with the logo facing the direction you are moving it in.  The device should be used in the opposite direction of the hair growth.

Where can I use the nono micro?

You can use this on most parts of the body except on or near the genital regions,nipple area, the eye area or eyebrows over broken skin, spots and moles.

Why are there 2 different tips in my pack?

You will use the larger tip for larger surfaces such as the legs and arms and the small tip for the face and underarms.  The sizes help you control the device better in the various locations it can be used and also make use as quick and efficient as possible.

Who can use the nono micro?

According to the instructions this device can be used from ages 8 and upwards.  It can be used by anyone unlike any of the other other devices (laser & IPL – Intense pulsed light) as it does not rely on people having melanin (pigmentation) in their hair.  This is great news for those with blonde, grey and white hair and they are no longer excluded from using a device such as this.

What’s the buffer for?

You need to use the buffer after using the nono micro to get rid of crystalised hair.  When you use the device it crystallizes, or turns the top part of the hair to ash.  The buffer helps to remove the crystals or ash from the skin.

What if it doesn’t get all the hairs the first time around?

Don’t worry you can go over each part 2 or 3 times if need be which should work.  If it still doesn’t get them all give t a short break then try that area again.

Why can I smell burning, see smoke?

Okay, don’t panic on reading this question it’s fine.  You will not be bursting into flames anytime soon.  There may be hair that is a little too long or you have gone over a longer hair section by accident, just be careful or you may burn yourself.  It is best to use the device without various forms of distraction so that you can get the process completed quickly and properly.

How long will it take until I see results?

Be aware this isn’t a quick fix, it requires dedication and continuous use every 3 or so days for months and months.  You can use the NoNo Micro as often as if you were shaving so once you see stubble it’s time to whip out the device and use it.  The recommended number of uses is 2 to 3 each week. Within approximately 6 weeks you should notice a difference but don’t forget hairs don’t all grow at the same pace so you need to use this continuously for a while to catch all the hair in that area at the correct stage of its cycle.

Want to see the device in action?


My Findings:

I have been using the nono micro on parts of my face only and have noticed that the amount of time it takes for the hair to grow back is reducing.

I am not getting any ingrowing hairs which is good.

I have noticed some spots come up in the areas that the nono micro has been used but these see to clear quickly.

If you glide at the right speed over a flat surface the blue light will be steady.  If the light flashes then you may be moving too slowly.

If you fancy trying the nono micro for yourself then you will be able to find it in various stores including Boots, Argos, Beauty Bay, online or by calling 0203 538 0854.      

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I was sent a nono micro for an honest review, all thought expressed are my own.

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  1. Oh I had never heard about this and now I’m very curious. I opted for laser hair removal but I still have areas where I could happily trying it on.


    1. It seems to slow down the rate of hair growth if you keep using it which is handy and not as messy as shaving or waxing.

  2. What a great device, I wonder if NoNo do a larger version for legs etc.. sounds great for facial hair. Might try and track one down!

    1. This one is the micro, there are other larger versions available.

  3. I like some good at home hair removal. Never tried the nono but I do have another brand and I love laser hair removal at home x

    1. It is so much nicer to do this in the privacy of your own home and in your own time.

  4. If this really does work after using the proper amount of time and finally stops the hair growth, it would be well worth using it and no longer having to wax or pluck especially for problem areas on the face. It sounds like you are getting some good results so far.

    1. I am looking to trial this long term and see the results but so far I am sure it’s taking longer for hairs to grow back.

  5. I’ve just finished a course of laser hair removal so something like this sounds ideal until I get more sessions x

    1. That’s good timing, you will find this is useful and should help slow the hair growth.

  6. Oh I’ve often wondered about this. Great review!!

    1. Thanks Debbie, I think I covered just about everything x

  7. This sounds really interesting. I am always on the look out for different thing to remove my hair besides razors

    1. Me too, I have only used this on a small area as I need places to test other products lol 😉

  8. I’ve seen these around a lot and they always have such positive reviews.

    1. This one is a bit different from other hair removal devices but I seem to be having a positive result.

  9. I’ve seen the adverts for this but never tried it. I’m always on the look out for alternative hair removal tools though x

    1. I am looking to see how to works long term, fingers crossed 😉

  10. I would certainly give it a try if it worked well as its a task I hate doing im forever shaving and waxing so this would be great

  11. I have actually been looking into this device. Sounds like you’re having great results so far – so maybe I should try it too! ☺️

  12. Ive heard so much about these and seen them advertised on the TV so many times but have never used them x

  13. What a detailed review, I now understand what the buffer is for as it stumped me lol. Thanks for this for sure is helpful

  14. I’ve seen the adverts (who could avoid them!) but wondered how it worked. Very interesting!

  15. I’ve not tried anything like this before but it sounds good, especially is gradually the hair doesn’t regrow anymore. Mich x

  16. I’m always intrigued by adverts for this, it sounds great! xo

  17. That’s good advice about smoothing the skin to help it work properly. It’s so interesting to hear how it works!

  18. So very interesting! Sounds like a great product for folk who are concerned about excess hair.

  19. This looks interesting, I cannot figure out how it removes hairs though.

    1. It slows down hair growth with the aim of stopping it completely over time. Hope that helps.

  20. The No No Micro sounds good especially since it does not give you ingrown hairs. Sounds perfect!

  21. I’ve seen this advertised so many times on TV, I really need to invest in one. Thanks for a great review. Jo x

  22. I’ve always wanted to try this! I’d love one, shaving is so tedious!

    1. Tell me about it, these are pretty fast to use but you must be patient as results don’t happen overnight due to the way hair grows.

  23. What a nifty little device! I’d love to try this myself as I find hair removal such a pain.

  24. I have not seen this before. I really need to invest in a good hair remover, it does sound great 🙂

  25. This would be great if it has prolonged results. Will have to do more research on it. Also, it’ll be great if you do a follow up on it.

    1. I am hoping to write another post but that won’t be for a little while as I need to give the product a good trial.

  26. This looks good. Fab that is wireless x

  27. Really informative post!!! I’ve wanted to try the no no for quite some time now but wasn’g sure if it would be for me!

    1. It’s hard to decide which of these types of products to get as there are so any on the market.

  28. I think I need to save for one of these

  29. Would love to try one of these

  30. I’ve seen the bigger model shown on QVC but being unemployed cannot afford this at the moment but it does look great!

  31. My daughter bought one of these and she loves it. You have written a great review.

    1. Thanks so much Nayna, I do like to cover as much as possible for those considering buying products x

  32. I have to show this to my fair-haired (and greying) wife!

    1. She would be fine to use this unlike other hair removal / laser devices.

  33. The fact it has such an effect on ingrowing hairs is brilliant, these can be so painful.

  34. Anything that’s wireless and doesn’t cause ingrowing hairs is perfect, will definitely check this out

    1. I’ve not had a single ingrowing hair with this.

  35. Great post thanks for sharing! I will check it out!

  36. Wow had not heard of this before will be checking this out for sure! thanks

  37. Ive heard a lot about these, they look great

  38. You’ve explained all this very clearly, thank-you

    1. No problem it’s best to have as much info as possible in my opinion 😉

  39. Wouldn’t it be great to be able to give up on all the shaving and replace it with this

    1. That’s what I am working on at the moment.

  40. this looks amazing, always wanted one, just have never gotten around to it x

  41. This device sounds wonderful and thanks for another great review

    1. Glad you like it Mandy 😉

  42. I have wanted to try one of these for ages – may just give it a go now

    1. I hope it works well for you. Make sure you read up on how to use it correctly.

  43. wow fantastic device,would certainly save time rather than doing it by hand

    1. It is pretty fast to use which is handy.

  44. would love to see the long term results as it would be a great solution to getting rid of unwanted hair.

    1. I shall be posting an update later in the year x

  45. I would be interested in a larger version for my legs – Altough the thought of my legs smoking as the hairs turn to ash makes me a bit quesy!!!

  46. Thanks for this. I’ve seen it advertised and have always wondered if it was too good to be true so it’s great to finally have a review!

    1. No problem. I’m not sure how many other reviews there are out there but I have tried to include as much info. as possible.

  47. It will be good to see how you get on with it long term. How much is it?

  48. Really interesting blog post. I’m fascinated with these so I’ll be follwing closely how you get along with it and just how well it works. I’m a bit wary of the ‘where there’s smoke…there’s fire’ scare stories about scarring or permanent skin damage, so go careful won’t you? x

  49. This article is very informative and makes me think I shall have a try!

  50. Ah i see! I’ve seen these on tv adverts before & never actually understood what it was. Now i do!

  51. Oh this looks interesting, I hadn’t heard of this until I came on to your blog

    1. Wow, really I keep seeing it everywhere I look online.

  52. looks good but dont think id buy it

    1. There are so many on the market it is hard to decide.

  53. Have seen these on shopping infomercials … just didnt know how much to believe …

  54. I’ve always wanted a Nono but unfortunately with 2 kids and 2 step kids it has to be far down on my list but it looks so good and my friend rates it high

    1. Budget for one if you want one that much, set aside a little each month, before you know it you will be able to get yourself one, good luck x

  55. Thanks for this – I’d seen adverts on TV for them and always wondered about them. It’s been useful to find out a bit more about them 🙂

  56. Interesting idea, I’ve never heard of it. I wonder if it works. Would be keen to try this.

  57. I really fancy one of these for myself.

  58. I would absolutely love to try one of these!

  59. Sounds good, I wonder if it would work on my eczema prone skin as I can shave or wax

  60. I shall be showing this to my better half when she gets in from work

    1. Thanks for sharing it John 😉

  61. Thanks so much for the review, my daughter brought me one of these for Christmas but I haven’t started to use it yet x

    1. Glad to have helped, this should help you get started.

  62. This is a great review and so honest. I have heard of them through an ad on tv. Although I’ve been very dubious about trying it. Anything that slows hair growth sounds great in my opinion, especially if you can do it at home.

    1. It is so much easier doing these sorts of things at home.

  63. This looks like a great tool in the battle against unwanted hair!

    1. Anything that gets rid of unwanted hair must be good.

  64. i’ve seen this loads and I have always been tempted but the price out me off incase it really hurt like my epilater does… i’m still tempted to try it

    1. These are not at all like epilators. Epilators really hurt as they yank out the hair.

  65. Heard so much about these beauties think I’ll have to get one so my pins will be perfect come summer
    Thanks for the recommendation

    1. The good thing about these is that hair colour doesn’t matter.

  66. I have seen the adverts for these but wondered if they actually work. Thanks for the review! I may give it a try!

  67. This always sound too good to be true to me

  68. Watch the advert most nights on tele shopping keep saying am going get it looks amazing and handy to keep in the bag when traveliing

    1. It is a great size for travelling.

  69. This is really interesting, I’d never heard of it before. It does seem a little scary but sounds like it may give good results with perseverance!

    1. It is a little scary to start with but once you get going it’s fine.

  70. Seems to reduce hair growth a bit with regular use.
    Sounds great to use , allthuogh larger version for legs would be great

    1. There are larger ones available if you would prefer.

  71. This would save loads of time and its small and compact too.

    1. Yes it isa great size. You can slip it into a suitcase or handbag easily.

  72. This is a subject I know nothing about whatsoever lol 😂

  73. thanks melanie,i wanted one of these but i thought they were to expensive,and also a lot of friends have given them bad reviews,im still undecided about getting one as im scared it will hurt.and im unsure what it would be like on armpits and around the ankle an foot area.

  74. Really interesting to read about this. Only heard about IPL ones which you can’t use on fair hair so this sounds great….but even though it says its safe\no side effects, its actual process worries me a little. Will be interested to see the price but it sounds like a good product. Very informative review.

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