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Love Fragrance Sales? Then you MUST Read This!

I have been thinking about Christmas shopping for a little while now and don’t hate me for saying this but I started about 2 months ago just getting a few items in here and there.  Anything that relieves the pressure of shopping for Christmas helps as I have so many people to buy for.  I was considering getting some fragrances in for some of my nearest and dearest and thought to pop over to the Love the Sales site as the last I mentioned them in a post I remembered they had a perfume sale and of course who doesn’t love a bargain.  It’s shocking really but you can get up to 75% off!!!!

I searched ‘Fragrance Gift Sets’ on the site and found a huge selection starting from 99p and covering ladies, men’s and children’s gifts.  Read on to find out how you can get even bigger discounts in November than those I have found on the site already.  These guys check the prices of a range of sites to provide us with the best bargains from those compared.

These gift sets are great for little ones and can be given as part of a birthday present or a stocking filler, here are some of my favourites from the site.


Clockwise from the top left;

The Smurf (Smurfette) 3 piece gift set junior – 64% off now £4.

Disney Princess Belle eau de toilette which is very popular every year and ALWAYS sells out (trust me I got caught out a few years back, disaster!) 50% off making it £2.50 (what a bargain, I might need to buy at least 5 or 6 of these!).

Smurf (Gutsy) gift set with 57% off making it £3.

Last but not least the Smurf (Smurfette) 3 piece gift set junior with 57% off – now £4.

For the ladies I thought these gift sets looked great.


There are so many gift sets to choose from it was hard to decide which I will buy but these are in the running.  I especially loved the designs on the gift boxes which were all very pretty.  From top left going clockwise we have;

Daisy Dream (perfume is 50ml) 16% off now £46.95

This fresh and floral fragrance will help the wearer hang on to the memory of summer that bit longer.

Prada Candy 15% £45.99.

This sounds lovely “The fragrance is all about Peony, with top notes of of joyful sorbet Limoncello, sparkling fresh. At the heart of the fragrance is a majestic bouquet of fresh peonies, with the base of musk, benzoin and caramel.”

Dahlia Noir L Eau de Toilette gift set 50% off now £25.

I was quite attracted to the sweet floral fragrance of this one.  The combination of rose and neroli work well together giving a gorgeous sweetness that is quite addictive.

Nina gift set 10% off now £36.95

I have one of the other Nina bottles which I simply must tell you all about but that will be another blog post.  These are very popular as they all smell lovely and have a sweet and feminine fragrance.  I love the addition of the Lime and Amalfi Lemon in this particular perfume to give it that freshness and the bottle is gorgeous.  I am know people collect these as they are beautifully designed.  It’s great to see that so much thought has gone into the product as a whole.

Ok so that’s us ladies sorted or at least for now, how about the fellas in our lives.  I have a fair few aside from the husband so I do tend to buy at least 5 or more male gift sets each Christmas and sometimes more over the year too.


From top left going clockwise we have;

Paco Rabanne I Million gift set (fragrance 100ml) 35% off now £37.95.

This is really popular with the guys I know and I am guaranteed to keep them happy if they get one a a gift at anytime of year.  It has a mix of fruity, floral and spicy notes.

Issey Mikyake (125ml) 11% off now £50.99.

Another popular fragrance with the guys I know.  I love this one the most out of those they wear with its gorgeous fresh fragrance.  I might need to wait a little longer as I always buy the gift sets of these which I am sure will be on their way shortly.

Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Christmas gift set 13% off now £36.95.

This iconic scent is a classic and one that most men will have and it comes in a pretty bottle too!  I love that these guys are keen and already have their Christmas gift set out ready for us early birds to snap them up.

Calvin Klein Eau de Toilette mini gift set 52% off now £28.99.

This looks like a great selection and for this price it’s a bargain.  It comes with 4 popular fragrances so you can mix it up a bit as we all like variety.

The great thing is that not long from now we have two super sale days coming up!!!  Those who are into sale shopping will probably know what I am about to say but for those that may not have had their coffee yet or are experiencing that awful after food lull brace yourself you will be wide awake shortly.

I am of course referring to the Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales!

I have linked to each for anyone wanting to be alerted to the best deals on each of these days, I accept all good quality chocolates, perfumes and gift vouchers as forms of thanks lol.

During these two day I plan to make the most of the Perfume Sale and get loads of Christmas gifts in.

Whose with me?

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  1. I find that fragrances are so expensive; but at least they last. I hardly ever buy myself any and hope to receive them for gifts. But… when I was around 8 or 9 I remember receiving a bottle shaped like a girl with fragrance in it from Santa. I was GUTTED! I was more into boy things then and was not at all happy with my gift, would have prefered cars.

  2. Lovely sets, some real bargains especially the kiddy ones

    1. They are really lovely and there are loads more to choose from.

  3. The perfect time for finding offers, just before Christmas. My goddaughter would love the children’s ones xx

    1. They are cute aren’t they 😉

  4. So much to choose from, I do enjoy perfumes and always seem to want more before even getting through the ones I’ve got.

  5. These are some amazing perfume bargains, I am looking for perfume for xmas presents so will go have a look

    1. Have fun shopping Sam 😉

  6. What great bargains some of these are my favourites so think I need to have a look The kids ones are great prices

    1. The prices for those kids items are very good x

  7. Lovely sets I love trying to get one’s at bargain prices’s.

  8. Brilliant ideas for Christmas, especially the gifts for little girls.

    1. There are some great items on the site.

  9. I love a good fragrance and I might just have to treat myself to something – perhaps Daisy I do love that fragrance. x

    1. I love the bottle it’s in 😉

  10. Oh wow some really lovely sets here and as a perfume addict, a site I am going to go look at x

  11. I always have a look around online before I buy anything as there’s always such great offers around x

    1. Me too I do like to do my research x

  12. I love sales and I don’t have many perfumes so I must treat myself at some point 🙂

    1. Have fun shopping x

  13. How sweet are the little kids perfumes!! adorable!

  14. You can’t beat getting perfume in the sales, makes buying it so fun =D

    1. It does and there are so many to choose from x

  15. So many great brands! I love perfume for stocking fillers at Christmas.

    1. They are great for stocking fillers and main gifts depending on what you get.

  16. I love bargains! Would love to get my hands on Daisy Dream.

    1. Me too, I love that bottle 😉

  17. I love Marc Jacobs Daisy and I’d love to try out Prada Candy! 🙂
    Got to love a fragrance set!

    Dani x

    1. The sets do look lovely, don’t they!

  18. I’ve been looking at treating myself to a new perfume, I love all of Marc Jacobs’ perfumes!

    1. Looks like i posted this at the right time. Have fun shopping x

  19. My friend told me about this and I looked – so many bargains to be had!

    1. That’s great they have loads of bargains.

  20. My mom works in cosmetics and can get me perfumes very easily, and yet I’m terrible at using them so I don’t even ask… I know, it’s bad. I think I’d need to find THE perfume that would motivate me to wear it more than once a year…


    1. There is a great range here, maybe you should pop into a store and try a few x

  21. I’m with you on making the most of Black Friday and Cyber Monday to take advantage of the amazing sales and these perfume gift sets are lovely! x

    1. They are fabulous and there are so many more to choose from x

  22. I need to check out this website soon – such good deals!

    1. They are really good. I am looking forward to the November ones!!!!

  23. I definitely need a kick up the bum to get started with the Xmas present shopping so thanks for these bargains, a good place to start!

    1. OMG, good luck. I am glad that this post has been useful. Happy shopping x

  24. I should really start thinking about christmas presents soon! There are some really good picks on here which have begun to give me ideas!

    1. Glad to have helped Kira, make sure you don’t miss the sales x

  25. The kiddies ones are very cute! I’m a big fan of all the Disney Princess stuff so this would make an ideal Christmas present for me!

    1. They are really popular all my daughter friends want these every year!!!

  26. Ah, these are so beautiful! I love gift sets and escpecially gorgeous perfume bottles; they’re always a little bit special.

    1. They are aren’t they. I am looking forward to the sales.

  27. Thanks for the reviews! You have given me so ideas for Christmas pressies!

    1. Glad to have helped 😉

  28. Great for Christmas pressies xx

  29. My sister loves Marc Jacobs perfume so this is a great tip for Christmas shopping. Thanks 🙂

    1. You’re welcome 😉

  30. You found some amazing bargains there. Definately pays to shop around nowadays. x

  31. Some great bargains to be had 🙂 Thank you

    1. I hope you manage to get some goodies in at great prices x

  32. I love the kids fragrances I have never seen them before just perfect for Christmas

    1. They sure are. I plan to get some again.

  33. i love nice collectible bottles. These gift boxes look great.

    1. They have a good selection don’t they.

  34. Some great ideas for Christmas presents

  35. ohhh lovely! Sounds great for gifts, especially when you don’t know what to get for someone. Great selection too! 😀

    1. They have loads to choose from it’s brilliant!

  36. Definitely worth checking out – some lovely sets for Christmas and birthdays.

  37. I am a perfume addict! I have never heard of this site before, but am really impressed by the wide range of scents and the wide variety of prices of products!

  38. Some really great sets here! I might get the Calvin klein set for my brother 🙂 x

  39. I love perfume sets and omg smurfs have a st too wow

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