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Ladies Beauty Themed Easter Gifts

Easter is coming!!!  I sure do hope you guys have prepared.  Easter can be such a great time for children with all the fun Easter themed baking, arts and crafts and not forgetting chocolate although it can be pretty stressful for adults.  It seems that with the rise of the popularity of beauty calender’s and the like, adults seem to have muscled in on the Easter gift action and there are plenty of luxury adult eggs on the market with various types of chocolate looking dreamy but then it’s not just chocolate that is popular this year.

There are plenty of items that would may great gifts to give this Easter including some great beauty products.  I’ve decided to share my favourite 5 in no particular order and here they are:

One company that has some great items that would make super Easter Gifts is Baylis and Harding.  They have a super new Spring range that you will love.  One of my favourites from their Rose Prosecco Fizz range is this great Body Treats Gift Set available from Debenhams for £18.  They also have some other great items in this range which I will tell you about in another post coming soon!  This gift set is great as you have a nice selection of products included and they smell fantastic.

Superdrug seems to have the monopoly on Easter beauty eggs and the three that caught my eye were:

The I Heart Revolution Surprise Egg

These are still currently in stock online and instore and selected eggs are on offer 3 for the price of 2.  They normally sell at £5 that which sounds like a bargain to me.  They look so pretty and there are 6 different eggs each with 5 different shades of eyeshadows and 2 highlighters in each.

Essie Nail Colour Easter Eggs

These eggs (£8.99) contain a 13.5ml bottle of nail varnish and there are 3 different colours available on the site.  Each shade is pale and my favourite was Spin The Bottle shown above, isn’t it preeeetttyyy.

Ghost Surprise Mini Fragrance Eggs

These are no longer available online but you can find them in store as I saw some today!!!!  There are 4 different eggs each with a different fragrance and just so you are aware three of them contain a 10ml bottle where as one (Sweetheart) contains a 5ml bottle.  These cost £6 and do make a lovely calorie free gift alternative to chocolate.

More and more people are concerned about their skin appearance so giving them a gift of a skincare product that works is something they would really appreciate.  Suitable for men and women the Day and Night Ampolues from Skin Doctors are amazing (click the link and you can win some day and night ampoules of your own) and I know because I’ve tried them.  If it’s possible to be in love with a product then I sure am and you can find them online for £45 for the pair at the moment.

These are just some of my favourite Easter gift ideas, I’ve kept it short and sweet as otherwise it can sometimes be overwhelming.

Which of these appeals to you the most?

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  1. Oh my that Baylis and Harding is fabulous, I just love the look of it. Not to mention a great company, it would make such a cute present 🙏🏼

    1. It looks great doesn’t it. It is a lovely gift set and something I think most would be over the moon to be gifted.

  2. What some lovely ideas for ladies for Easter, I have to admit I’ve not really thought much about gifts, I should really get out there and get buying quickly as there’s only a few days left!

    1. There is still time. I saw plenty in stores this morning x

  3. The revolution make up egg is so adorable, I didn’t realise so many brands embraced easter like this x

    1. The eggs do look great I thought they were a great alternative gift.

  4. Although I love chocolate, these would be my perfect Easter Eggs, I do love everything beauty wise and all these would be a very welcome addition x

  5. Ohhh I would love to receive any of these for Easter. They all look beautiful especially the Heart Revolution Suprise Egg which has beautiful shades

  6. The skin doctor products sound amazing! I like anything with collogen in it!

  7. Oh I love these far more than chocolate. May need to show my husband … hint hint, wink wink and all!
    C x

  8. I didn’t realize just how many Easter themed beauty gifts there were – great gifts for those who love a bit of glam

  9. I love these cool and cute Easter egg gifts, especially the mini fragrance eggs. I bet they smell lovely!

    1. They are pretty cool aren’t they.

  10. How cute are the Ghost Fragrance eggs. Ghost has always held a little place in my heart, they have so many lovely scents and they were one of the first fragrances I bought myself

    1. They are great as a gift idea.

  11. These are all brilliant especially if you don’t want a chocolate egg this year.

  12. I love the non-chocolate easter egg ideas, they are super cute

    1. They do make great alternatives.

  13. These Easter themed gifts are wonderful. I would love to receive them instead of chocolate eggs any day.

  14. Some really nice picks on here. I love the baylis and Harding gift set – I want this!! 😉 x

  15. The Bayliss and Harding set looks absolutely to die for! I am also loving the Make Up Revolution Eggs, I have seen them about but refrained from buying out of novelty x

    1. Me too but I want one!!!

  16. Ladies Beauty Themed Easter Gifts . This is an ideal blog to give me some Easter Inspiration. I never know what to give my Mum instead of an Easter Egg

    1. They are great alternatives 🙂

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