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How To Banish Bad Breath

Nobody likes bad breath. Technically known as halitosis, bad breath is often the result of eating the certain foods and not paying attention to dental hygiene.  There are of course other causes aside from these that can cause bad breath.  If you’re not happy with your oral odour and it’s causing a little embarrassment you could consider taking a few of these steps to help make your breath smell fresh again.

Brush Up On Dental Habits

Bad breath is often the result of too much bacteria in the mouth.  If you don’t brush twice a day already, this could be the first simple step to freshening up your breath. Some people are more naturally prone to bad breath and may benefit from even more frequent brushing such as after every meal, however this is likely to be only necessary if you really think you already have a problem with bad breath.

When brushing many forget to brush their tongue, inside of their cheeks and the roof of their mouth and thus miss numerous bacteria which are busy breeding and making your mouth smell.  It’s advisable that you change your toothbrush every three months – after this period the bristles are likely to be damaged and less effective.

Use Alcohol-Free Mouthwash

Mouthwash is excellent for cleaning the entire mouth and getting rid of bacteria that you wouldn’t otherwise reach with a toothbrush.  However, not any mouthwash will do!  The majority of mouthwashes available on the market contain alcohol which dries out the mucus membranes of the mouth and can actually make bad breath worse.  Alcohol-free mouthwash such as these ones from uk.iherb.com can help to provide a lasting freshness that is much better for your mouth.

Chew Gum

Chewing gum is the go-to breath-freshener for many people.  Not only can it mask any bad odours with a minty freshness, chewing gum can also get the salivary glands working helping to clean the mouth whilst also picking up plaque on the teeth and kick starting the digestive process. You’re best sticking to sugar-free chewing gum – gum with sugar in will cause tooth rot, which certainly isn’t good for your breath.  Don’t forget make sure it’s also aspartame free too (aspartame is linked to numerous nasties including cancer, headaches, depression and much more.)

Stop Smoking

Smoking is an obvious cause of bad breath.  Not only does it make your breath stink of tobacco, it also makes your mouth dry and increases the risk of gum disease, both of which will add to the odour.  By packing in this bad habit, you can help to improve your breath.  Vaping, whilst it does cause a dry mouth, is likely to make your breath smell a lot better – you can visit sites such as vapeshop.co.uk for making the switch to e-liquids.  Alternatively, you could try other means of quitting such as using a nicotine patch or considering hypnosis – whatever works for you.  I’ve heard quite a few stories of people succeeding by going cold turkey which goes to prove where there is a will there’s a way.

Drink Less Alcohol

This is another obvious cause of bad breath. Alcohol doesn’t just have its own strong smell, it also dries out the mouth. You should never go to bed after drinking without brushing your teeth as this can cause bacteria to thrive due to the sugar content. This sugar can contribute to oral infections and tooth decay.

Cut Down On Coffee

We all know someone with coffee breath.  The reason coffee makes our breath smell so bad is because coffee contains sulphur, which is an element renowned for its bad smell (think eggy farts lol).  Coffee also causes a dry mouth, helping to exacerbate the odour. Try cutting down on your coffee intake to try to combat this.  You could switch between coffee and tea or you could drink water after each cup of coffee as a way of getting rid of the smell.  Don’t forget coffee isn’t good for you in large quantities so cutting down is the best option.

Ease Up On Your Onion And Garlic Intake

Onions and garlic are two foods that are also full of sulphur.  After eating food with lots of onions and garlic in you may find that your breath continues to smell for hours afterwards.  Fortunately, this smell is temporary and both onions and garlic are otherwise very healthy foods that you don’t want to cut out of your diet.  If you’re often accused of garlic breath, plan ahead when you’re going to be eating garlic-infused foods like pizza and pasta – they may not be ideal foods to have before going on a date or a job interview.  You could also brush your teeth after having these foods to help get rid of the smell.

(Lachmacun, Turkish Lamb Pizza)

Drink More Water

Water is one of the best drinks you can have for freshening up your breath.  Its exactly what your mouth needs to stay salivated, helping to flush away the bacteria.  By drinking water during meals you can help to stop plaque building up on the teeth.  A cold glass of water after a cup of coffee or a meal with onions and garlic in could also help to combat these smell-inducing foods.

Eat More Crunchy Veg

Crunchy fruit and vegetables such as carrots, apples, celery and lettuce are all great for our teeth. This is because these foods actually help to clean the teeth as we’re eating them. This study at Science Daily also found that the likes of apples and lettuce can deodorise the effects of strong smelling veg like garlic.  Handy to know!

Consult Your Dentist / Doctor

If the bad breath continues to persist in spite of doing all the above, you may want to consider getting your mouth checked out by a dentist.  An infection could be the cause of the bad smell (usually you’ll experience some kind of toothache or oral discomfort if this is the case).  There may also be other medical conditions that a doctor may be better of diagnosing.  An inability to produce saliva efficiently called xerostomia (or ‘dry mouth’ as it popularly known) can also cause bad breath.  It could even be a lung condition, stomach condition or throat condition causing the bad smell.  A sweet smell may be a sign of diabetes.  It’s normally best to visit a professional to get an official diagnosis.

Do you or does anyone you know suffer from bad breath?  If so what do you / they do to fight it?

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This Post Has 30 Comments

  1. Love the tips. Great post. I should pass this on to a few people I know.

    1. lol, I hope they find it useful x

  2. So many tips, I think smoking and alcohol are big reasons for bad breath x

    1. They can be. Brushing teeth regularly can really help though.

  3. I have found corsodyl mouthwash is a life saver – it really does help with bad breath and mouth problems

    1. It’s great you have found something that helps you.

  4. Some great tips here! There are so many things that can affect the odour of your breath, isn’t there!

  5. Good dental hygiene is so important. I am trying to bring my daughter up knowing that too.

  6. Great tips these, but I’ll pass on the cutting down on coffee option. I can’t function without my cuppa(s)! 🙂

  7. I find it hard to eat less garlic and onion as I love them so much! I do use a mouthwash most days though and had no idea about looking for one without alcohol so I’m going to check the one I’ve got and make sure I buy ones without in future. Thank you!

  8. Lots of handy tips here for good oral hygiene.

  9. Great tips! I think good dental hygiene is very important! I hate when I have eaten a lot of garlic, it makes me very paranoid!

  10. Fantastic ideas here. The only one I couldn’t do was eat gum. I literally cannot stand the stuff and wouldn’t let my children have it when they were growing up. Crunchy veg… now that is more up my street!

    1. I’m with you, I don’t do gum and won’t allow my children although it can help with bad breath.

  11. These are all helpful tips on how to manage that bad breath. I think it’s really important that you brush your teeth after each meal. Seeing a dentist or doctor can definitely do so much.

    1. Brushing teeth can make a big difference for most although it needs to be done regularly.

  12. These are great tips for those with bad breath, its good to know this

  13. What great tips! I am a massive onion and garlic lover but have great oral hygiene so it’s never been a problem

  14. Great tips! I’m always really paranoid that I have bad breath and brush my teeth before I go out!

    1. I don’t worry too much unless I have had something that might make my breathe smell.

  15. Brushing your tongue is so important! My daughter started suffering with bad breath a few years ago and it turned out she’d stopped brushing her tongue. Once she started doing it again we noticed a big difference, and now she doesn’t have any problems with it at all 🙂

    Louise x

    1. It is amazing the difference that something like that can make.

  16. Haha this is great post! I remember there were always that one teacher in school that suffered from bad breath. I personally brushes my teeth or take a cheeky mouth spray 🙂

    1. I used to use mouth sprays. They can be handy if you eat garlic!

  17. Smoking really kills anything good coming out of someone’s mouth., and we’re not even talking about the other health risks it’s famous for. I can understand people needing to smoke though, I just wish there are good ways to counter the negatives somehow. Paying a visit to the dentist regularly and exercising cleaning can really help for long term as well.

    1. Regular dentist visits can help keep teeth clean and reduce bad breath.

  18. interesting that drinking more water can help with bad breath, I often forget to use mouthwash! x

    1. I forget to use mouthwash too. I brush my teeth at least twice a day though.

  19. Great tips. My husband’s breath is nasty. I’ll get him to read this.
    Anne x

    1. Hope it helps Anne x

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