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Grofresh Kitchen Garden Review & Giveaway

I have always tried to grow my own fruit in the garden.  It’s so much nicer to be able to pick fruit that is not covered in pesticides and that you have grown yourself.  The sense of achievement in really satisfying.  Unfortunately I haven’t had so much luck with growing herbs indoors, in fact I have failed miserably with seeds not spouting (partly thanks to the children taking a look and knocking them out of plates and trays), seedlings if we have manged to get that far being drowned by too many over zealous waterers, or dried out as if they had been left in the Sahara because we each though someone else had watered them.

Naturally when the guys at Wizal who have a fabulous product called Grofresh Kitchen Gardens got in contact and asked me if I could review for them I was keen although anxious in case I totally messed it up.  I needn’t had worried though looking back and you’ll see why.

The grofresh kitchen gardens allow budding gardeners and foodies like myself to grow a whole array of fresh herbs, salad leaves, fruits and flowers in their own home – and provided you follow the super simple instructions so you won’t be killing off any plants just yet either.

You don’t need to worry about remembering to water or over watering which is great.

There isn’t much to the set up so with minimal effort you will be ready to get those seeds planted and wait for your indoor garden of tasty goodies or pretty flowers to grow.

Set Up

Step 1

Fitting the Biolite

The biolite is pre-assembled so you simply insert it into the base found on the growtop.  It takes seconds!

It is preprogrammed to stay on for 16 hrs and off for 8.  There is a touch button on the power base to turn the light off should you wish. Turn it on and it will stay on from 16 hrs from that time.

Step 2

Add your Water or Water and Nutrients

Measure 1.3 litres of clean water and add 10ml of the nutrients provided. Make sure the growtop is placed on the growtank before filling otherwise it could create bubbles and prevent the gardener system from working.  Remove the water filter cap to fill then replace it so dust doesn’t enter.

Step 3

Preparing the Hydrocels

Remove the 3 Celpod Hydrocels (larger disc shaped one) and the 3 Biocel Hydrocels (longer thin one) and place in clean water until fully saturated and soft to the touch.

Squeeze out excess water and replace the Celpod Hydrocels making sure to secure them with the feet.

Cut approx. 1 cm into the top of the Biocel Hydrocel and insert some seeds then replace the Hydrocel into the Biocel.  Cover with the Biodome.  This remains over the Celpod until the seedlings start to grow.

You can also insert plant plugs into the Biocels should you prefer.

As mentioned there is no need to worry about watering.  The system has 3 watering settings an the pump systems is so quite the likelihood is you won’t hear it.  To check if it is working properly just look out for the flashing green led light.

This smart system will let you know when the water is running low and needs refilling.  Once set up, plug the system in, put the light on and you are ready to grow!

It won’t be long before you have your own little herb, fruit, flower garden in your kitchen.

These take no time at all, don’t take up space, you don’t need to worry about soil getting all over work surfaces.  To sum it up they are a great idea!

The Grofresh Kitchen System comes in 4 colours; white, yellow, blue and green and one of you will get to choose which would best suit your kitchen as I have one to giveaway to one lucky reader.

Entry is super easy just enter via the rafflecopter form.

Instructions if needed can be found here:


Not all of the entry options are compulsory but the more you do the more entries you will gain.  All those in the UK are welcome to enter even if you have won with me before and I know there are a few of you out there – thanks so much for returning guys x

Look out for the daily options for extra entries.

Likes on Facebook and email subscription are NOT compulsory but are very much appreciated plus it will ensure you don’t miss great posts, freebies and of course my FAB competitions.

Terms and conditions can be found on the rafflecopter form.

Good Luck!

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This Post Has 152 Comments

  1. I would love to grow tomatoes, it looks a lot of fun growing with this

    1. It’s super easy, I love it!!!

  2. Wooo I think I’d have to try baby tomatoes 🍅 first. I love the smell of them picked fresh from the vine. Fingers crossed 🤞

    1. Same here they do smell wonderful don’t they freshly picked.

  3. This sounds perfect for my not very green fingers – would love some little cherry tomato

  4. Salad vegetables like cucumber and tomatoes and probably courgettes, too.

  5. It would be wonderful to have a fresh supply of cherry tomatoes and Little Gem lettuce to use in salads throughout summer.

  6. Would like to win because its a fab and unique idea, food as well, win win !

  7. I always wondered how these worked – thanks!
    I’d grow herbs for kitchen – basil and oregano plus another or more basil!

  8. I would love to grow strawberries. What a neat device, would have lots of fun gardening with this.

  9. This would be perfect for my basil – big fat leaves and a smell that is just divine!

  10. I would love to grow cherry tomatoes

  11. Chillies,nice and hot,along with some sweet cherry tomatoes 🤒

  12. I’d like to try tomatoes or strawberries first

  13. I would like to grow some herbs for cooking with

  14. I would absolutely love to grow herbs! Not only do they smell good, but you can use them in so many dishes! Perfect for summer salads!

  15. Wee juicy tomatoes I think, we all love them 😆

  16. I would really love to grow delicious fresh tomatoes

  17. I think basil and cherry tomatoes would make a great combination to grow.

  18. This looks brilliant. I only have pots in my garden and have struggled with fruit and veg. I’d love to try salad vegetables first- probably tomatoes or lettuce.

  19. I think I’d try Yellow Pear Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes first.

  20. I would love to grow tomatoes

  21. Strawberries

  22. Fresh basil, & maybe spinach – we eat so much of it in summer!

  23. love to try some cherry tomatoes

  24. I would love to try the cherry tomatoes sound great

  25. It would be lovely to be able to pick fresh herbs when I’m cooking, so I’d start by growing a selection of herbs.

  26. I’ve tried tomatoes before and those were quite easy, I think I’d try chillies

  27. I would love to start growing ourselves

  28. I think I’d try cherry tomatoes, what a cool idea

  29. i think i would have a go at tomatoes

  30. This is such a great idea, I have never seen this before. We had to home school our son for a while and gardening was his favourite subject so he would love this too. He would probably grow peppers in it as his peppers never came to much.

  31. Tomatoes, I use them fresh every day plus they are in lots of dishes that I make

  32. This sounds perfect,I can’t grow seedlings for love nor money at the moment

  33. I think i would like to grow chillis

  34. so many things to pick from but i LOVE tomatoes

  35. so many things to pick from but i LOVE tomatoes so thet is what i would grow

    1. Great choice Pauline x

  36. I’d like to grow herbs mainly different mints at this time of year to put in the pan with new potatoes.

    1. Great idea. I bought salad leaves but should also add mint as I eat that quite often and it would be great to pick it as and when I need it.

  37. This looks great! What a fantastic idea, I want one.

    1. Ha, I think I want another 3!!!! Not sure if they’d all fit in my kitchen though 🙂

  38. Mini peppers for picking and munching as they ripen

    1. What a great idea. I didn’t think of those x

  39. Another tomato lover here, this sounds like a great product x

    1. I want to grow so many things.

  40. i’d like to have a go at growing some chillis as we use quite a lot

    1. sounds like it would be a great product for you.

  41. I would love to grow herbs or salad leaves

    1. Good choice. I am looking forward to being able to use mine.

  42. I’m not sure. Probably tomatoes, if that’s possible. Maybe also some basil.

  43. I would love to grown mint!

  44. I think it would have to be herbs for me, for some reason I’ve never had much success with them.

    1. I’m hoping his will help me grow them rather than kill them.

  45. Cherry tomatoes.Mine are struggling with heatwave!

  46. I’ve always wanted a little garden but don’t have one because I live in the city so this would be perfect to have in my kitchen to grow the herbs, fruit and veg I like

  47. I would grow some herbs

  48. I’d like to try and grown some chilli peppers

    1. They’d be great to spice up dishes.

  49. I would like to try grow some cherry tomatoes

  50. its a fantastic idea

  51. Got to be baby tomato’s

  52. I’d love to grow in it as would be nice to have for the kitchen window for fresh herbs

  53. Cherry tomatoes most definitely. This looks so interesting and practical.

  54. Probably tomatoes but we also love Little Gem lettuces

  55. Fantastic idea.

  56. l’d grow a variety of herbs . . . . .you can’t beat fresh herbs

  57. I would love to grow a range of fresh herbs

  58. id use it to grow tomatoes!!! would be fab to be able to grow my own!

  59. In our household, the best option would be some chillies!

  60. We’d love to grow peas, as the kids love to pod them!

  61. ooh fresh cherry tomatoes would be delicious and save moey too 🙂

  62. Love homegrown tomatoes – have seen some stripy ones I’d like to grow x

  63. I would love to grow tomatoes and lettuce, then I would have a ready made salad.

  64. I’d love to grow basil & some tomatoes…instant pizza toppings!

  65. I think tomatoes as they taste so good when they are homegrown

  66. Unusual varieties of cherry tomatoes!

  67. I’d love to grow different herbs

  68. I would love to grow herbs, basil, thyme, rosemary and coriander.

  69. Hubby is the foodie so it will be his choice really, but herbs would be my preference.

  70. This looks so cool! I’d love to try tomatoes.

  71. Would love to grow cherry tomatoes, these look amazing

  72. This looks amazing, I’ve never heard of it before. I’d love to have a go at basil as it doesn’t survive the winter in the garden. And chives as well as I put them in everything!

  73. Oooh chillis and chives, this would be lovely

  74. Me and my grandchildren would love to grow tomatoes

  75. Basil, lemongrass, rosemary and sage – I like herbs. I grow tomatoes.

  76. I live in a flat so this would be wonderful to enable me to grow some herbs or even salad veg, as I have no garden or balcony.

  77. So many things we could grow, I would start with tomatoes. We love homegrown tomatoes

  78. Love to grow some fresh herbs

  79. Would love to grow some tomatoes but then also some basil and perhaps some chives!

  80. i would grow some herbs and tomatoes they always seem to get used a lot in my kitchen

  81. i do like the idea of some tomatoes, or strawberries!

  82. I would grow some herbs, probably coriander as I use it quite a lot in cooking.

  83. I would love to be able to grow fresh ,crispy salads and cherry tomatoes all year round.

  84. Mini peppers or baby tomatoes I can’t choose!

  85. I would love to grow some parsley and basil – yum!

  86. I’d like to grow a pumpkin! Highly unlikely but it would be fun/funny to try.

  87. I would love to grow my own herbs

  88. Always fancied growing chillies, maybe an exotic variety.

  89. I would love to grow coriander because no matter how many times I plant it, it never works

  90. Chilllis and tomatoes I think. They are the 2 plants I think we would use the most.

  91. Love homegrown tomatoes

  92. would be peppers this looks brilliant xx

    1. They would be great to grown in the kitchen x

  93. I would to grow some herbs

    1. Good idea, they’re always useful!

  94. Strawberries if that’s possible? I have never succeeded, would love to grow tomatoes and mini peppers too.

    1. I would guess so I should have tried that !!!

  95. I’d have a go at strawberries or tomatoes, my two favourite fruit.

    1. Both great options!!!

  96. I would probably grow basil, coriander or maybe some baby spinach.

    1. Coriander is a great option I love it!

  97. Cucumbers for my gin!

    Never seem to be successful in just a pot and I love the flowers.

    1. Ha, good reason to want cucumbers all though I most often use mine in salad.

  98. Would love to try growing the tomatoes as my daughter loves them

    1. I’m rethinking what I’m growing. I want to change and put some tomatoes in!!!

  99. I would aim for some chili peppers, we love those!

  100. Oh, I would definitely grow cherry tomatoes with this grow system.

  101. Cherry tomatoes or sweet peppers – I am addicted to both xxx

  102. This looks fantastic. I’d love to try the tomatoes first.

  103. This looks perfect for trying mustard and cress in it

  104. Amazing design! I love fresh basil, I add it to everything! So that would be my first choice, followed by cherry tomatoes.

  105. This year, i have found supermarket tomatoes too be a bit bland with none of that wonderful scent – so, i would grow some tomatoes xx

  106. I’d grow bits for me and my pets – salad veg like lettuce, tomatoes, herbs

  107. I love these! I have a flat with no garden so could put this on my bay window for the light!

  108. I’d start with Basil and Coriander as I struggle with enough light for them on my windowsill. Then who knows!

  109. I have never seen or heard of this device before but looks great. Id love to grow some herbs or maybe strawberries!

  110. What a great item never seen one before. I think I would start my chilies off in it and maybe try starting off some lupins. The list is endless really.

    1. It sure is you can start off any seeds or grow plants in it.

  111. Awesome system, would love the challenge of growing Tomatoes

  112. There are so many things I would love to grow in here! From Cherry Tomatoes, strawberries, radishes, peppers……the list goes on!

  113. I would love to grow some nice herbs, as they smell lovely.

  114. Some of the different mints like chocolate mint and apple mint

  115. Love using fresh herbs in my cooking so would grow some different herbs

  116. Aa much as i would probably just for fo a selection of herbs that i would regularly use (basil, chives, thyme, sage) i would also love to be a bit more adventurous and grow some interesting varieties of tiny tomatoes !

  117. I’ve just had a go with growing my own herbs from already established ones bought in the supermarket – what a disaster! mud all over my sink and they were all dead within 3 days! This looks like a good idea so will check on Amazon and see if it’s on there yet – thank you.

  118. definitely herbs – using a lot more in my italian cooking, having them fresh would be ace.

  119. Definetly tomatoes 🍅 I love tomatoes with everything yummy

  120. Mixed Chillis, I use them for the majority of my cooking and would be fantastic to eat them fresh.

  121. I’d start with herbs like basil and then try tomatoes later.

  122. I would love to try growing grapes hydroponically

  123. I think I’d probably grow herbs. We live in a tiny flat so this would be great in the kitchen windowsill and it means I wouldn’t kill another plant!

  124. How cool is this?! I think even I could grow something with one of these. I wonder if I could grow strawberries in it. That would be the first thing I would try I think.

  125. Definitely cherry tomatoes. I use them in salads and sauces all the time

  126. I would grow some herbs I love rosemary and thyme!

  127. I would love to grow tomatoes and cucumbers in my greenhouse

  128. Would love to grow tomatoes and not have to worry about insects attacking them!

  129. Would love to try growing some tomatoes and lettuce

  130. I would like to grow some Chili plants in this. Looks awesome, thanks for the chance to win!

  131. I’d try to grow pak choi or okra in the grofresh kitchen system because I struggle to grow these outside in the garden.

  132. I think it would be tomatoes or herbs! What a fabulous idea. I don’t have a greenhouse and this is a great way to grown your own on a windowsill!

  133. I would grow plum tomatoes if won

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