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Glossy Lip Liner (Ruimio)

I know I haven’t written many beauty posts recently and it’s one of the things I plan to feature a bit more this year, well we all love great new products or at least ones that are new to us and that work well.  I have been doing a little shopping and wanted to share the news of some lovely new products that I was fortunate enough to come across.  Today I wanted to feature some lip liner pencils that I recently discovered and thought would be of interest.  These are lip liners are by a brand called Ruimio.  These guys appear to do a whole range of different cosmetics and I am hoping to try a few different products eventually.

The Ingredients

Elaeis guineensis, Elaeis guineensis (palm) oil, hydrogenated coconut, Copernicia cerifera (carnauba wax), bees wax, tocopherol lanolin, petrolatum and zinc stearate.

Not too bad as some products go although anyone with allergies to lanolin should probably avoid these.

The Product

The pack of lip liners features 12 different colours ranging from a gorgeous nude brown which is my favourite to pretty pinks, purple and an orange.

In the box aside from the pencils you will also find a small leaflet which includes the ingredients, written instructions and diagrams on how to use the product.  The range of colours is great as it has enough to suit all and also to allow for a bit of colour mixing and experimentation.  Each lip liner has it’s colour at the end on the pencil so that it can be clearly seen without needing to remove the lid.  There are no colour names or numbers.  The pencils are decorated nicely although I would probably remove some of the writing as the design would look better simplified in my opinion.  The pencils themselves are simple to use.  There is no need to press excessively for the colour to show, a simple soft touch trace around the lips will suffice.  The lip liner can also be used as a lipstick if you fill in the lip with colour.  These pencils can also be used as eyeliners although I have yet to use them in this way.

The Results

The instructions said to hold the tip of the pencil between your fingers to warm it to soften it a little and make it easier to use.  I found even with applying the product directly it was easy to use and it seemed to be softened by direct contact with the lips anyway.

On application the pencil nib did not break apart but stayed firm but soft.  The lip pencil had a silky soft texture.

The lip liners are well pigmented so it doesn’t take long to get a good coverage.

The colour didn’t take long at all to dry which was great so no matter how many double checks I did it didn’t come off on my fingers.  I will admit to have checked it about 5 or 6 times to check and no colour came off!!!!

The colour stays in place and doesn’t seep into any creases around the lips (not that I have many!)

When filling the lips with these colours – using them as a lipstick, they looked great as they were and with a light lip gloss application.

My lips didn’t seem very glossy when the lip liner was applied but then my lips were very dry and I had applied the lip liner to the whole lip so a touch of lip balm / face cream helped add moisture and made my lips look great.

The colour lasted for a fair amount of time and it didn’t really need much reapplication after food and drink although that depends on what you eat.  The instructions say that this is waterproof so I tested this by licking my lips and noticed when I did touch my lips some colour did come off on my fingers but on the whole this did seem to preform quite well.  After about 7 hours with no touch ups the inner lip had lost colour and really was in need of another application but the outer parts of the lips were still as coloured as they were when I had applied the colour.  I would suggest checking after meals and every 3 or so hours just in case although I doubt many touch ups would be required.   Considering the price of these products they do seem to be good value for money.  The price varies from £8.99 to £13.90.

For any of you that fancy getting some of these I found them on both ebay and Amazon, but Amazon has them on special offer.

Have you tried any Ruimio products before?

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  1. Remind me I must look for another lip line because the one I have is nearly finished. Never thought of going to Amazon though so must have a look there. Thanks

    1. They have loads of great cosmetics as does ebay. Make sure you do a price comparison to get the best deal.

  2. this product rumio favourite.

    1. This is a great product.

  3. The colours look great, but not a big fan of the packaging… as a graphic designer the typography really puts my mummy off. The coverage and staying power sounds good though x

    1. There is too much writing on it isn’t there but the product is good.

  4. never heard of this brand before, but I love the range of colours. I like the nude brown one the most too

    1. I loved that they have a few different nudes and pinks and it’s nice to try different colours too.

  5. These sound great, especially if they’re long lasting as well x

    1. They do seem to last a good length of time.

  6. I love how bold the lip colours are! I really want to start wearing bolder colours.

    1. Then these are exactly what you are looking for Dannii. I do hope you give them a try.

  7. I love the shade range with these lip liners as theres some brighter and more unusual shades xxx

    1. They do have a great range of lip liner colours and are a bargain at that price.

  8. I have never heard of rumimio before but it does sound lovely and I love the range of shaded available too. xx

    1. They do have a great colour range.

  9. I should use a lip liner more than I do, and this looks like a handy box of liners to have x

    1. It really is a good selection of colours.

  10. Ooh I love the packaging and the shades are pretty too.

    1. The shades are great I do love the range of colours.

  11. I need some lip liners but I can never find the right colour so I love that they have such a range!

    1. It does come in handy and you can combine colours.

  12. These look like great lip liners!

  13. These look great! Love long lasting lip sticks etc!

    1. Me too it means you don’t need to worry to much about reapplying.

  14. Great product and fabulous range of colours.

  15. Lovely shades, i have never heard of this brand before

    1. They are good aren’t they 😉

  16. Will be passing thus on to my better half deffo

    1. These are great I am sure your wife would love them.

  17. What a great and handy idea makes it alot more convenient and at hand

    1. It sure is. The lip liners were really good.

  18. What a great and handy idea makes it alot more convenient and at hand

  19. Rumio are certainly a new one on me…thanks for introducing them to me. x

    1. No problem they seem to have some lovely products.

  20. What a really great lip liner in lots of different shades

    1. It is great that they include so many for that price.

  21. I’ve never heard of this brand before. I’ve got quite sensitive skin so I’m particular about what I use but it ends up costing me a lot. Have you tried any of their other products since posting this?

    1. No I haven’t had a chance to yet it’s super busy here x

  22. I haven’t used a lip liner pencil for years, sounds silly but I forgot about them. I should try these out. I tend to get stuck in a rut with the same makeup

    1. These are good, worth trying especially at that price.

  23. Not heard of these before, but I do love the shades that they come in. Must make a note for Christmas.

    1. They do have a great range of shades.

  24. The colours look fabulous. I tend to use tinted balms more nowadays but when I’m using a lipstick I always try to remember a liner.

    1. I like to use liners with lipsticks but with some I love the colour so much as use it as a lipstick.

  25. A great selection of colours. I like the pink ones the best.

    1. It is a great shade.

  26. They look really nice, and a great range of shades to suit everybody xxx

    1. The shade selection is really good.

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