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What would you do if a company asked you if you wanted to try products from their range that are made from cutting-edge micro-technology with millions of high quality fibres that are 4 times more absorbent than cotton and can lift make up and dirt off your skin with just water?  The nerd in me said yes, yes, yes!!!!!!!  Forever looking for new products to try and put through their paces I jumped at the chance and agreed to try some products from the e-body spa collection range.

These products are allergy friendly and help us to look after our body appearance without the need for harsh chemicals.

The Exfoliating Body Mitt

body mitt

Although it is a Body exfoliator it did not feel excessively rough to the touch and was a good size to allow for varying hand size.  The only thing I noted that might have been suggested to improve the item was some form of elasticated top to hold it on the hand a little more but otherwise this product was great and as the same material was used on both sides it was easily used on either hand to get total body coverage.


After use the skin feels soft and smooth to the touch and this product would be something I would suggest as a necessity for those that want bright looking healthy skin as well as for those that suffer from ingrowing hairs.  I would suggest circular motions when using this product to get a good coverage and as it is technically giving the skin a mini massage.  This helps increase circulation to the outer layers of the skin helping in increased elimination of toxins which would otherwise make the skin look dull and would also contribute to the formation of spots and cellulite.  A must have for all beauty queens alike this product is perfect for daily use to keep your skin looking shiny and new and is so much easier to use than exfoliating scrubs as there is no mess.

The Sports and Travel Towel

sports towel

DSC01926  DSC01940

This did not look particularly large when it arrived and I was curious to see how effective it would actually be when I used it in comparison to my normal towel.  On removing the towel from the packaging I noted it was extremely soft.  In fact, it was softer than the Christy towels that I use regularly.  I was amazed on first use that this towel actually was as super absorbent as the website claimed it to be.  It literally soaked up any fluid that it came in contact with without the need for a second wipe.  I even found that there were parts of the towel that were still dry after drying the whole of my body including my enormous baby bump!  The great thing with this is that not only is it very absorbent but also as it is far smaller than a normal towel it is a great space saver for gym bags and even suitcases.  I look forward to using this towel on a daily basis as it saves me time when drying myself in the mornings and at night.

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