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Desk Jobs Are More Dangerous Than You May Think

What springs to mind when you think about modern jobs?  A lot of the time, people will automatically think of office jobs.  They imagine several rows of people just sitting at a desk all day typing away at their computer barely moving and let’s not forget the long hours.  Desk jobs are often good when it comes to working your way up a career ladder to lucrative positions.  Let’s face it though there are plenty of people out there who don’t like the sound of this kind of career at all and it’s not hard to see why!

Desk jobs are one of the biggest elements of what we call a sedentary lifestyle.  The average worker spends eight hours a day or more just sitting down at their place of work.  Unfortunately for these guys it’s not healthy.  How many times did your mother tell you not to sit around all day and to get up and move  about?  She was right (aren’t they always!) spending all that time sitting down is seriously unhealthy.  Getting some exercise in before or after work doesn’t fix everything either.  As part of a healthy lifestyle we need to get exercise periodically.  Sitting down for several hours at a time can cause quite a bit of damage.

So if you’re looking for a career or even just a part-time job that will let you get up and moving around I have some great suggestions for you.


No, I don’t mean standing in a queue.  That hardly seems like a healthy alternative to sitting down, really.  What we’re talking about here is becoming a waiter.  Sure, you may not think that working in a restaurant is all that glamorous a job.  A lot of middle-class youths seem to disparage the idea that anyone should want to be a waiter, but don’t let that put you off the idea. There are loads of people in this industry who really enjoy their jobs and satisfaction in these sorts of jobs can often exceed those felt by many who feel chained to a desk in their office jobs.  The pace can be fast with little opportunity to sit down.  It provides quite the workout!

Outdoor sales

When people hear the word “sales”, they don’t usually think of a particularly energetic or physically demanding job.  In fact, they usually imagine precisely the opposite – they think about the sort of sedentary office work we have already mentioned!  And it’s true that most sales jobs take place in an office. But this isn’t always the case.  After all a company wanting to expand its sales potential won’t get very far if all of its employees are cooped up indoors!  Sometimes, to get people’s attention you need to get out there and meet new / prospective clients.  Many sales take place outside the office – it’s not confined to the Internet or the phone!

Consider account executives, for example.  They often cover a certain location in which they are looking to meet a sales target.  In order to maximise sales potential, they  might arranging meetings with clients or customers, or simply cold-call.  This can be a very lucrative career idea; not only does it get you outside, but it also helps you sharpen your marketing and communication skills – two things the business world loves!

Dog walking

There are millions of dogs around the world due to the number of dog lovers.  Now all these dog need and of course love going for walkies!  Perhaps you should consider doing your part.  While there aren’t that many people who walk dogs full-time, don’t let this put you off considering it as an option.  I keep seeing a lady near where I live walking dogs regularly and about 8 at a time.  Doing some dog walking part-time can be a great way to supplement the income of another part-time job that sees you sat at a desk.  This can help you get a great mix when it comes to office work and exercise.

A few hours a week spread across several days is precisely what the doctor recommends when it comes to physical exercise and that’s precisely what dog walking jobs can provide!  Plus, you get to hang out with some super cute dogs too!

Gardening and landscaping

Toiling away in the garden isn’t everyone’s idea of fun although my dad seems to love it and also find it quite relaxing.  Some may wonder if it’s really all that good for your health.  I suppose for those that are not quite so mobile it wouldn’t be the best option.  You definitely get much more exercise whilst gardening than you would working at a desk!

In fact, gardening is much better for your health than a lot of people seem to think, as is landscaping.  After all, it has you moving around a garden or another type of land for most of the day.  It works various muscle groups a fair amount too!  It’s one of the best ways of reducing stress (which is true of hanging out in “green spaces” in general) and is definitely recommended.  High stress levels can result in an increase in cortisol production resulting in weight gain.  This sort of carer can really help reduce stress levels.

Personal training

So maybe you’re already a bit of a health freak.  You go to the gym before work, or after work, or on your break… or, heck, maybe even all three!  Well, if you really love the pursuit of fitness then why not consider turning that love into a career?  You could consider becoming a personal trainer, helping others get fit while keeping yourself moving at the same time.  I have a friend who is looking to get herself to a good fitness level and then teach.  With her personality I can already see the makings of a great teacher.  This type of work can also be a great way of challenging yourself and learning more about your own fitness.

Becoming a personal trainer usually involves completing a course that certifies you as a trustworthy and challenging teacher.  It can be a lucrative career choice if you’re willing to put the work in!

Do you make sure you move throughout the day or are you restricted by a sedentary job?

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  1. I agree it can’t be good for you, doctors advice you to keep your legs moving to stop cramp, clots and deep vein thrombosis, I also agree mothers are always right, I only realised so when I had my own children and am now so greatful for every thing my mum has done for me over the years xxx

  2. Totally agree with this.
    It is definitely no good for your health. Sitting for long hours causes posture and back problems, plus circulation problems.
    However, what do we do if we a have condition that means we can’t be running around all day ?
    I guess with everything, it’s trying to get a happy medium.

    1. It is of course not always an option depending on pr existing health issues an individual may have that is true.

  3. I’m thinking about being a waitress part time on a Saturday as I get older just to earn a little bit of extra cash. I really don’t like sitting down for long periods of time – so glad someone’s finally shed some light on what it’s actually doing to people x
    Lots of love,
    Marina Rosie xx

    1. People are sitting for far too many hours. These sort of jobs are much healthier as they involve plenty of movement.

  4. As someone that goes to the gym 5 times a week before work I always think I would love to be a personal trainer as I think it must be quite satisfying seeing people who thought they couldn’t achieve their fitness goals succeed!

    1. It is a great job when you see people achieve great results.

  5. My job isn’t a desk job and I’m so grateful for that, but there are pros and cons for both.

    1. That’s true there are. I think we need to take into consideration any health issues that might affect either type of job.

  6. Totally agree with this sitting down all day at a desk is terrible news we need to try and get up and be active as much as we can. When I’m sitting at my desk I try and do ten push ups every time I go to the toilet as crazy as it sounds it’s so important to keep moving!

    1. That’s a good idea anything that can get you doing something helps.

  7. This is so true and I experienced it personally. I used to spend 8-10 hours a day sitting at my desk without paying too much attention to exercise my body enough, and I got a bad chronic pain to my neck due to muscle contraction and unproper posture. So thanks for sharing this warning!

    1. It’s important to make people aware of these sorts of health risks.

  8. Being a scientist I was generally always on the go during work hours. There were times I did sit at a computer crunching data but alot of the time I was on my feet. I’d love to do dog walking too though!

    1. It does sounds like something doable part time doesn’t it.

  9. I agree, I spend a lot of hours in front of the computer and it makes my back ache so much. I like the idea of dog sitting/walking especially as I love pups x

    1. It does sound like great fun doesn’t it. I’m sure if I did it my girls and little man would want to come with me for the walks too.

      1. It really does. I signed up for a site called Holidog ages ago but I never actually took on any of the jobs.

  10. My new job is a desk job. I kinda feel it in my body that I’m shaggy (if this is the right word to use). I guess i need to change it now that it’s early! Thank’s for sharing this great post!

    1. NO problem. Just get up and move around a bit every so often as that should help.

  11. I used to work in a lab, where I barely had time to sit down. I was always walking from one room to another room, or standing at my lab bench. After I quit, and switched to desk jobs, I suddenly gained 20 pounds! It’s partly the lack of exercise, but it was also so much easier to snack now. You can’t have food in a lab, so if I wanted to eat I would have to leave and sit in the kitchen. At my desk job and I can eat while I work!

  12. I couldn’t agree more! Sitting can be so detrimental to your health and more and more people are leading sedentary lifestyles too that it compounds the problem! Great alternatives.

    1. Thanks, I am glad you agree. I know I need to get moving more often.

  13. As with all jobs I think there is some form of health hazard. It is good to be more active.

    1. Stepping up activity on a daily basis is always a good thing.

  14. Completely agree – we need to be on the move, our bodies arent meant to be stagnant for so long!

    1. I think we all need to try and make a conscious effort to move that bit more.

  15. I am pushing for some type of a career in personal fitness, so I don’t have to worry about sitting down for too long. But a great options you laid out

  16. when I used to work in an office I made sure I took a long walk at lunchtime and did things like walking up and down the stairs rather than using the lifts. Too easy to sitand be lazy otherwise

  17. Yes it can be so unhealthy in front of a computer all day. There are great suggestions here for alternative money making options. I love the dog walking one as it is a double whammy….dogs get exercised and you become fit and healthy too. Excellent!

    1. It’s also nice to spend time with dogs they are super cute and great fun!

  18. I like being able to sit down while I work: it gives me a break from running around after the kids! One of my jobs in an exam invigilator so I can’t sit down for that (up to 2.5 hours walking with no breaks!)

  19. Yes it can be a killer on your back, thats why I take regular walking breaks whilst in the office.

  20. Some good ideas, thank you! It’s so important to consider everyone’s individual needs in career suggestions and guidance, whether for less physical activity or more. It’s the same as with stress; some people thrive on more of it, some cannot thrive when there is any. Employment will never be one-size-fits all.

  21. I’m very lucky and work in a hospital so I am always desperate to sit down lol x

    1. That’s good for keeping you on your feet!!!!

  22. I have to make more of an effort to exercise as I often find myself stuck behind a computer for hours on end.

  23. I agree just sitting down now at my pc I want to stretch my legs and not have them bent they ache too much. Of a morning I find I start to ache at the bottom of my back been a bit of pain lately so I will be getting myself out and about a bit more x

  24. I’d love to walk dogs for a living! There’s nothing better than taking your furry friends for a walk and enjoying the fresh air and surroundings 🙂

    Louise x

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