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Creating Gorgeous Wedding Photos That Look Great On Social Media

It was so long ago now since my wedding day and I can tell you from experience that when your big day arrives you’ll probably find that it passes in the blink of an eye.  One important tip I would give any soon to be bride would be to take the day in your stride and make sure you get plenty of photos.  Those magical memories will last a lifetime, especially if you’ve taken the perfect photos throughout the day.


Let’s face it, those photographs will be making an appearance on Facebook and social media. While hiring the right photographer is clearly pivotal, they can only work with what’s in front of them. So, how can you turn your wedding into the image of perfection? Here’s all you need to know.

  Find the perfect venue for your big day. The internal aspects of the space can usually be decorated to your tastes, but you can’t do much to change the backdrop. Therefore, location scouting is an essential element of the big day. Choosing somewhere with the perfect backgrounds will undoubtedly bring those images to life. Perhaps more importantly, it will give the day itself another special ingredient for your guests as well as yourselves.

  • Ensure that you, the happy couple, look and feel your best. This is the one day of your life where appearances are pretty important which is why the perfect wedding dress and wedding suit is essential. Meanwhile, it’s also important to practice the makeup options before the big day arrives. Looking great will give you the confidence needed to enjoy your wedding to the max while also getting the best photos.  Not confident in doing your own make up then prearrange with a wedding hair stylist and makeup artist to come to your home and ensure you have beautiful, long lasting hair & make-up for your special day.
  • Do something out of the ordinary to show your character during the evening reception. In addition to the normal cake cheese gifts have also recently become far more popular (seriously who doesn’t love cheese!!!!) to add another standout feature. It’s a far more iconic idea than the usual buffet desserts and is something all guests will remember. Alternatively, you could have a chocolate fountain as those always work well too.  Want to be extra extravagant then go for both, the plan is to do it once anyway.  Either way, doing something unique will make professional and amateur photos look better than ever.
  • I have heard that quite a few brides have hired out a photo booth with all the accessories. This has become a popular option for many newlywed couples in recent years and it’s not too late to jump on board. Those fun accessories are sure to produce winning and fun photographs involving you and your guests. Best of all, the printed photographs are a great addition to the candid snaps that are sure to be taken on iPhones and digital SLRs throughout the day. With all the smiling / laughing faces in those photos it shows what a wonderful day it was too.
  • Appreciate the influence of social media. The professional photographs are designed for a more traditional keepsake. Still, modern tech should not be ignored. Getting a snapchat filter designed for your big day can serve as the perfect accompaniment. The small gestures can often make the biggest impact, and this is the perfect example to highlight those sentiments. Besides, nobody will ever forget the event when their photographs literally state it.


(photcredit Pexels)

In today’s world, getting the perfect photographs is a crucial part of the big day as they serve as a lovely keep sake of a day you will want to remember and treasure.  Although memories can fade photos will help bring them back to life in your mind in years to come so make sure you do plenty of preparation to ensure you get the best and most varied pictures possible.

What option would you do to make your wedding photos stand out?

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This Post Has 47 Comments

  1. We had a wedding hashtag for Instagram so we could browse everyone’s photos from the day. The best man also took the groom’s phone and did selfies with everyone which we printed into a little book – it’s one of our favourite mementoes of the day!

    1. Those are lovely ideas. I bet the photos were really fun ones!

  2. I love these tips 🙂 I like the photo booth idea! My sister’s wedding last November we had a Instagram hashtag that everyone added photos too

    1. That must have been great fun and it’s a nice idea to. You can get some lovely pictures that way.

  3. What lovely ideas! I love a wedding with a photo booth, we went to one recently and they are SO much fun!

    1. They are really good fun. I know some children now have them are their birthdays’ too.

  4. I love the idea of photo booths and things, my friends had one and two copies were printed, one for you to take home and another to be added into a book which the couple kept x

    1. That’s a lovely idea and would have made a lovely and fun keepsake.

  5. It’s definitely worth taking your time to get wedding photos right – they’re memories to last a lifetime 🙂

    1. I agree as they are the main reminder of the day.

  6. I love wedding photos that really show the personalities of the bride and groom. Rather than just generic poses.

    1. They can be great to look at I have seen a few of my friends ones and they have some amazing photos.

  7. I’m not married, but I know the photographer would be one of my biggest expenses. I’d want the pictures to look great x

    1. Photos are very important and it’s worth getting them right 😉

  8. Social media wasn’t such a thing when I got married and even now we still only have a few on Facebook!

    1. Same here but today it’s massive. People live their lives on social media 😉

  9. Some brilliant ideas here, I am not married yet but hopefully one day. I will keep these in mind thats for sure

    1. Not everyone gets married nowadays although if you do take the plunge this is an important thing to consider.

  10. I wish social media was as big as it now when i got married in fact i think everything else celebrated is shared on social media more now x

    1. It wasn’t so popular when I got married either although we got loads of great photos.

  11. I work with brides as a stylist and I can honestly say most women choose the wrong dress for their body types and the wrong shade of white. They choose a dress because it’s trendy but you have to remember these pictures are forever. The right dress, the right accessories and a photographer who is very good at what she/he does can make stunning images. I’ve seen images that made me cry but most do not.

    1. Choosing the right dress is also very important. Women worry too much about being in something that is the height of fashion and don’t always consider whether it’s right for them. It’s a shame as it can affect the pictures as can the wrong photographer.

  12. I wouldn’t have a clue where to start on wedding photos but these sound like some really good ways to make them stand out from the rest!

    1. It is great to be a little different as the photos stand out more.

  13. Such gorgeous photos, I really love that last picture with the heart shaped hands.

    1. It’s a great photo idea isn’t it and more personal when it’s done by you at your wedding 😉

  14. I think the photos are probably the most important extra for a wedding, they’re crucal in order to capture the memories and capture them well.

    1. They sure are. The right photos can give great memories for years to come and also let you see how much fun everyone was having.

  15. Well thought out tips that have been well explained, great stuff!

    1. Thanks Emily it is important to look into making sure you have great photos.

  16. I had a terrible photographer on my wedding day and I still regret those photos. Photos stay for life so they must be at least acceptable

    1. Exactly. It is important to find a good photographer to ensure good photos.

  17. Such beautiful pics and ideas my wedding pictures are awful I wish more thought had been put into ours lol x

    1. That’s such a shame Lynne. I’m sorry to hear that.

  18. I would have loved to have had a photobooth and Polaroid cameras at my wedding but they didn’t really happen 24 years ago! Xx

    1. We had cameras on the tables and got some great pictures from them.

  19. I’m not yet married (or engaged, hoping he reads this, haha) but I’ve already thought a lot about the sort of wedding photos I would want because there are photos I’ll cherish for the rest of my life. I love photos that are relaxed and unposed for, that just capture a split second happy moment.

    1. I think a mix is great as natural moments are not always easy to capture.

  20. I’m not married myself, but some of my friends who’ve recently got married have had some amazing photos on Facebook. The weddings abroad always look fantastic x

    1. I agree weddings abroad can be fantastic. I wish we had done that.

  21. This is such a helpful post if you’re getting married. When I get married, I don’t think I would mind spending a lot of money on a photographer to capture the best photos! xo

    1. It is a good idea to make sure you have a good photographer. These photos keep the memory of the day alive.

  22. I’m nowhere near getting married yet but I can imagine that getting the right photos is hard work!

    1. It doesn’t have to be if you do your homework. It’s great to have an idea of how to prepare.

  23. I love wedding photography and always find it’s one of the nicest to look at too 🙂

    1. You can find some stunning pictures 😉

  24. Great tips. I wish I’d read these before my wedding. Wedding photos are so special and you can never replicate them again!

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