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Venturing out on a shopping trip recently I made a discovery.  Now as you all know I like to use Baylis and Harding products.  They have a great range of bath time treats, are easily accessible as they are in most supermarkets and some large department stores too, and of course just as important they are well priced.

On this particular day my supermarket of choice was Asda – I do like to mix it up a bit though as each supermarket adds a larger selection of different goods to try .  As I strolled down the aisle, a large row of multicoloured bottles caught my eye.  I had just happened across a particularly large range of Baylis and Harding hand washes.  Bottles of numerous colours sat in a row waiting to be be the chosen one or few.  Of course I proceeded to select some bottles to add to my shopping basket.  There were quite a few I had yet to try and my selection included:

Jasmine & Apple Blossom

Anti-Bacterial hand wash with added moisturisers

A great hand wash for hands that are washed often.  Added moisturisers are always a good thing as far as I am concerned and I noticed my skin wasn’t drying out as much when I used this regularly.  I love the fact that it kills 99.9% of bacteria too so I made sure I had one next to my kitchen sink as I handle all sorts when cooking.

Sensitive Hand Wash

With Calendula extract, geranium oil and vitamins b5 & e

This contains natural ingredients that are specific for the skin due to their anti inflammatory, soothing, moisturising, healing and antioxidant properties.  My husbands skin on his hands is a bit on the sensitive side so for him this one was ideal.

Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Cream Hand Wash

Dermatologically Tested

Another product with skin specific ingredients that soothe, moisturise,  cleanse, and nourish the skin.  The honey contains both antibacterial and antioxidant properties.  Again perfect for the hubby but also great to use when the central heating is high to keep skin from looking and feeling dry.


I love that these all come in handy pump bottles that are easy enough for even my children to use.

They are a good size so last a considerable length of time – unless of course the kids decide to use them to make slime – yes really!

The bottles cost just £2 each which was reasonable given each was 500ml.

They clean the skin well and don’t seem to dry it out.

The plastic bottles can be recycled!!!!

There is a good range of scents and also different types with different properties as it were available so you have plenty of choice and can select one specific for your needs.

Have you tried any of the Baylis and Harding hand washes yourself before?

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37 thoughts on “Baylis & Harding Hand Wash Discovery”

  1. I love the Bayliss and Harding range but have only tried one of the handwashes in a local cafe. It smelt divine. Kaz

  2. Baylis & harding products feel like such a treat, but they’re really reasonably priced which is fab! I’ve had the oatmeal handwash before but not the others. I’ll definitely look out for them.

  3. I didn’t realise Baylis & Harding did hand washes, I always just thought of them as bubble baths. The jasmine and apple blossom scent sounds so good, definitely one to look out for. It’s great that they are such a good price and that they can be recycled.

  4. Gorgeous fragrance combinations! I love jasmine and pairing it with apple blossom sounds so interesting and refreshing.

  5. We use Baylis & Harding quite often (thank you Costco!) but I’d love to try this sensitive version.

  6. I’ve tried a few Baylis & Harding products and I definitely fancy trying these out, especially the Oatmeal, Milk & Honey one.

  7. I’ve only ever used Baylis & Harding products if they’re in washrooms but after reading this I’ll have to go and see what they do because they sound like just the products I need!
    Menna x

  8. Haven’t heard about this products and looks so good and perfect trwat, perfect gift for mynsister

  9. We have a love for this brand and it tended to be my go to for hand wash but not spotted some of those before will keep my eyes peeled as the they sound really nice

  10. Jasmine and Apple Blossom as a scent sounds divine! I do like to use sensitive wash on my hands so not to dry them out and this sounds perfect, I will have to keep an eye out for it. Sim x

  11. Oh that sounds great! I love this brand, they have an amazing range and their products really work! I need this for my dry hands!

  12. Bayliss and Harding really seem to do some great products, I’ll have to check out this hand wash as it sounds very kind to the skin.

  13. There are so many hand wash choices to choose from in this range! I like the sound of Jasmine and Apple Blossom. I’m off to check them out 🙂

  14. I love a nice handwash and these sound like they smell nice, are nice on the skin and look great in the bathroom – everything I’d be looking for!

  15. Ooh jasmine and apple sounds like it would be delicious. I haven’t tried them before but I definitely would based on those scents.


  16. Baylis and Harding products are new to me, and you have piqued my interest with this new bath and body line. The Apple and Jasmine and Oat, Milk and Honey scents sound heavenly, plus I love that the soaps are fragrant, moisturizing, and antibacterial.

  17. I haven’t tried Baylis and Harding handwashes before, but I’m curious to try it – jasmine and apple blossom sounds like a great scent!

  18. The bottles look so nice! I like that this hand soap in non-drying too. Oh, and nothing can beat that price for a 500ml bottle. That’s really a good deal!

  19. These hand washes look lovely! I don’t think I have ever come across this brand in the US, but I am definitely going to check and see if we have them here. The one for sensitive skin or the oatmeal one would be ideal for my skin type! I also like that they are really cheap, and you get a lot of product!

  20. I want these!!! I have dry hands but I usually wash my hands several times a day because I have to keep going back to work on my laptop while taking care of the kids. These leave my hands dry. Would be nice to have these available in my city. 😀

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