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Baylis and Harding Rosé Prosecco Fizz Range

Spring has definitively sprung.  The abundance of beautiful daffodils, bluebells, hyacinths and gorgeous blossoms mark the season perfectly as do the gorgeous new additions to the Baylis and Harding range.  TheBaylis and Harding Rosé Prosecco Fizz Range is guaranteed to take a starring role for those wanting a super pampering treat or gift this year.

The presentation of these new goodies is guaranteed to impress and they have a great range as always to suit all budgets.  My favourites include the Baylis and Harding Rose Prosecco Fizz Fragranced Body Treats Gift Set (£18) which can be found in Debenhams and is pictured below.  And before you ask yes that is one of my photos, isn’t it fabulous!!!! I’m working on improving my photos and think I did a pretty good job with this one considering I’m self-taught.

This gift set includes:

body polisher

500ml body wash

500ml body lotion

bath crystals

A good all rounder with a nice range of products enclosed and those bottles are going to last a while as they are nice and big.


The Baylis and Harding Prosecco Fizz Treats For Feet Gift Set

 (£8 in Debehnams but if you do a google search you can find it for £6) is perfect for those that are out and about all the time and need to give their feet a little tlc.  This will ensure that not only will your feet smell superb they’ll also be well moisturised and feel like they are in heaven in the gorgeously plush pink socks.  Fancy grabbing one or why not indulge in a few packs and maybe give some as gifts to your nearest and dearest – as you know they’re going to love this!  Just to add this isn’t tested on animals!!!

The gift set includes:

1 x 125ml soothing foot lotion

1 x pair of incredibly soft socks


And not forgetting the:

Baylis and Harding Prosecco Fizz Van Gift Set (£12)


Another one you will find in Debenhams, you might find this will become your newest favourite store.

Inside the appropriately coloured Rose Prosecco Fizz Van gift box you will discover:

100ml body wash

body polisher

100ml hand & body lotion

This makes a great gift as the van is perfect for reuse after to keep your makeup or costume jewellery in.  The bottles are travel size and the products are just what you need to keep your skin smelling great on your travels.

These are just a few of the great products available from Baylis and Harding.  The exciting this is they that are always coming up with something lovely and new and seem to get the scents spot on which I really do love.

Which of the Baylis and Harding products I’ve mentioned above would you love to try the most?

If you fancy getting your hands on a Rose Prosecco Fizz Large Heart Gift Set

(available from House of Fraser £26, Debenhams £30 and IWOOT £25) pictured here:

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This Post Has 225 Comments

  1. I love the Baylis and Harding Prosecco Fizz Treats for Feet Gift Set the most 🙂 my feet could do with some tlc!

  2. The van gift set looks brilliant, my daughter would love the tin!

  3. My wife loves the prosecco fizz van set. its so different and unique

  4. The feet gift set! After walking my very energetic puppy it would be nice to pamper them a little!

  5. The body wash as I would use that the most and like the smell

  6. The body wash, I love their body washes they are thick and so nice to use!

    1. They do have a great range of body washes.

  7. I love the vintage van gift set- the packaging is so cute. Reminds me of my wedding car!

  8. The Body Treats gift set is my favourite as it has some great products to pamper yourself and I imagine it smells divine!

  9. I like the sound of the body treats gift set , especially the body lotion.

  10. the large heart gift set, but they all look nice

    1. They sure do!!

  11. I would actually like to try the Rose Prosecco Fizz Large Heart Set. It looks lovely.

    1. It sure does. I love the design and colouring of this range.

  12. I’d pick the body wash first, but it all sounds really nice.

    1. Good choice it smells lovely x

  13. I’d like to try the B&H treats for feet gift set. I do love soft , fluffy socks

    1. They’re sooooooooooo fluffy!!!!

  14. The Treats for Feet Gift Set because I want to improve my ageing and tired feet with some luxurious products

    1. Great choice Elaine. That’s perfect for tired feet.

  15. A Lovely Set

  16. need some fizz in my life please!

  17. the rose heart gift set would be a lovely set to try.

    1. It does look great!

  18. I like the look of the body wash, a nice large bottle and I love all of B&H’s fragrances *said in a manly voice!*

    1. It’s a lovely one Anthony 🙂

  19. Love the Soothing Foot Lotion and Soft Socks, how lovely and relaxing. Also love the Rose Prosecco Body Wash and Body Polisher.

    1. It’s hard to whittle it down to one isn’t it x

  20. They all look fab but I think right now the Treats for Feet set – I’m on my feet a lot and they definitely need a treat!

    1. Good choice. Our feet can do with some tlc once in a while.

  21. Out of the four products the one i like the most has to be rose prosecco large heart gift set although they all look good products.

    1. That’s a lovely one. It looks great doesn’t it!

  22. The treats for feet gift set. Need to pamper my feet ready for summer!

  23. I would pick the treats for feet gift set as it’s coming up to sandal weather

  24. The rose heart gift set is just my kind of thing.

  25. i love body polishes so id love to try hat one first xx

  26. The Treats for Feet Gift Set as my job involves a lot of walking and my poor feet would love this

  27. I love bath salts and it always good to have a bath and treat myself so I would like them.

  28. Fantastic products love the rose Prosecco heart set, it’s gorgeous x

    1. The heart set is lovely and makes a lovely gift.

  29. I think my favourite thing about this gift set is the box! I love it. Very pretty.

  30. The Prosecco Fizz Van Gift Set is beautifully presented. I love keeping pretty boxes but I know that my one year old (obsessed with even non-moving wheels) would take a shine to it! I like that the products are travel size because I regularly go through airport security.

    1. Ha, I have to keep it away from my son so I know where you are coming from x

  31. The large heart gift set looks fab – there are so many lovely treats in it!

    1. I know!!!! It looks fantastic doesn’t it 🙂

  32. The Baylis and Harding Rose Prosecco Fragaranced Body Treats Gift Set has everything for a relaxing night in 🙂

    1. It sure does Helen. It’s a great set.

  33. The Body Polisher, Body Wash, Soothing Foot Lotion and Incredibly Soft Socks from the Rose Prosecco Fizz range would keep me happy!

  34. I really like the Baylis & Harding Prosecco Fizz Van Gift Set. The packaging design is so unusual and it would make a lovely gift.

  35. i need some relaxation in my life working full time and being a student, love the baylis and harding products too

    1. I agree it is very important. Me too they have some lovely products don’t they!

  36. Baylis and Harding’s Bath Crystals are my favourite bath time product. 🙂

    1. They are great for a nice relaxing bath.

  37. it would have to be the body wash but i always love all the baylis and harding things

    1. The body wash is great. It smells lovely x

  38. I love the Baylis & Harding van it’s so cute, perfect for a gift and the products being travel sized is even better with holiday season coming up!

    1. The van is great and the products inside perfect for travelling.

  39. The Baylis & Harding Rose Prosecco Fragranced Body Treats Gift Set looks lovely, perfect for my daughter.

    1. I’m sure she would love it Karen.

  40. The Prosecco set for feet would be lovely for my exhausted feet!

    1. I agree it would be a lovely treat for them x

  41. The Prosecco Fizz Van Gift Set has a nice selection of products and as it comes in a tin, it’s great that you can re-use it for storage. Cute design too x

  42. I like the Prosecco Fizz Fragranced Body Treats Gift Set as it looks perfect for a relaxing evening

  43. The Prosecco body treats sets looks lush! I suffer from very dry skin and always need a pamper. I love a good scrub and nice smelling moisturisers!

  44. The prosecco set looks good x

  45. The rose prosecco gift set looks amazing – a gorgeous gift (or maybe I’d keep it myself!)

  46. They are all rather special but if I had to pick just one I would pick the Proseceto Fizz Heart Gift set, the reason being I cant drink so this would be the closest I could get to alcohol and it also reminds me of a posh box of chocolates without the calories lol

  47. I really like the Rose Prosecco heart set as it is really cute, and also my style.

  48. My feet are going to need some attention before I bare all in sandals so the Feet Gift Set would be most appreciated

  49. Bayliss & Harding bath crystals have always been my favourite

  50. the prosecco van sounds lovely as i love a good hand lotion

  51. I have never tried this range but I really like the look of the body polisher!

  52. I would love to try the Prosecco Fizz Fragranced body treats gift set as it looks so luxurious and would indeed give me a treat!

  53. I love the look of the body wash

  54. Love the travel van very unusual and probably very collectable I do like the heart set too thanks for the chance to win

  55. The bath crystals sound wonderful, There is nothing more I love than to get in a cosy bath after a long day. I have never tried bath crystals before but they sound like a luxury! 🙂

  56. I love their hand wash. Makes me happy when I go to a posh place to eat and they have it in the toilets!

  57. The rose prosecco fizz heart would be my choice. Will smell wonderful and prosecco whats not to love

  58. The Fizz Treats for Feet would be wonderful as mine really need some love & attention!

  59. id love to try the body polisher

  60. My feet would love a good, cool massage with soothing foot lotion and the soft socks afterwards would just make it.

  61. I would love the prosseco body treats.sounds like just what i need

  62. Rose Heart Gift Set looks so appealing

  63. I love the Prosecco Fizz Van gift set! It looks right up my street and the tin is lovely

  64. The Large Heart Gift Set.

  65. I love the van gift set, great products and it looks awesome!

  66. The Van gift set because it is just so gorgeous. I don’t even care what’s inside it!!

  67. The Treats For Feet Gift Set as my feet could do with some TLC.

  68. The Prosecco Fizz Treats for feet set sounds great – it would be wonderful for treating my feet after a long shift at work.

  69. Call me old fashioned but I’m a sucker for bath crystals and salts!

  70. The Prosecco Fizz van set is lovely – reminds me of a wedding gift

  71. I love the heart gift set because the box is a lovely shape.

  72. The body wash, their stuff always smells gorgeous

  73. I love the body wash, it’s such a beautiful smell

  74. Fizz treats for feet as I can put those on after a nice hot bath. Bliss!

  75. These are fab products….I love the tin van. It’s something a little different x

  76. The body wash appeals to me – I love a scented shower experience.

  77. I like the prosecco van gift set, would make a lovely present

  78. The Bayliss and Harding Prosecco Fizz Treats for Feet sounds lovely – but to be honest they all sound great :o)

  79. the fizz treat for feet as my feet are in need of a little tlc! x

  80. With summer coming I like the look of treats for feet set

  81. I like the treats for feet gift set best 🙂

  82. The Prosecco Fizz treats for me please! Cheers, lovely giveaway thank you

  83. Treats for feet sounds right up my street! I spend all day at work on my feet so this would be great

  84. They all look lovely but I would love to try the body wash the most

  85. I love the Fizz Van Set. I’m totally in love with that tin!

  86. I love the Prosecco set – totally suits me!

  87. The rose prosecco set sounds amazing and I would think it smells good enough to drink x

  88. The body polisher to get my skin in tip top condition for the hopefully hot summer weather!!

  89. I love the van gift set, the tin is adorable 🙂

  90. Prosecco Fizz set as it’s just sound good and who doesn’t have a good night when the prosecco’s flowing?

  91. the treats for feet gift set looks amazing

  92. The bath crystals sound lovely! Love any thing that I can add to i nice relaxing bath!

  93. The sets look gorgeous!

  94. I like the idea of the foot lotion, my feet are awful just now

  95. I love the look of the Prosecco Fizz Van Set but I’d probably gift it to my sister

  96. They are all lovely and it would be a real treat for anyone of those

  97. Presecco Fizz Van gift set is my favourite, I’m sure they smell heavenly, would love to try these…

  98. I would love to try the Prosecco Fizz set

  99. I particularly love the look of the Processo fizz van set, so cute!

  100. the treats for feet gift set as my feet are constantly feeling heavy and tired

  101. I love the look of the contents of the Fizz Fragranced Body Treats Gift Set especially the bath crystals and the body wash. They all make lovely gifts and treats.

  102. Difficult to choose, but the Rose Prosecco body wash sounds lovely

  103. They all sounds lovely I would love to try any

  104. I would love to try the body lotion as my skin always need a bit of extra moisturizer

  105. Liking the treats for feet gift set for my poor tootsies.

  106. I like the Treats for Feet Gift Set. I should spend more time moisturising my feet, I have very hard, cracked heels. All sets would make lovely gifts.

  107. A beautiful prize that any girl, esp this one would love to own, the Heart box is adorable and would store treasures forever.

  108. For me, its the Prosecco Fizz Treats for feet, as my feet need lots of pampering – especially in the summer – but they all look really nice! xx

  109. I like the Prosecco Fizz Van set as I love the packaging.

  110. I would love to win the feet gift set.

  111. wow love it all

  112. i would love to get my hands on the body lotion

  113. The body wash sounds lovely

  114. I’d love to try the soothing foot lotion, I definitely need it after a long day

  115. The Treats for the Feet Set would be great to soothe feet when the warm weather finally comes

  116. the rose prosecco fizz set looks really pretty

  117. I like the sound of the Rose Prosecco fizz range and would be excited to try the body wash, body lotion, soothing foot lotions and super soft socks

  118. i love all their products all are wondeful especially the body wahses

  119. I like the first one- the body treat one. would love to win any though

  120. I absolutely love the vintage metal car tin, love all Baylis and Harding stuff but the car is ace

  121. The large heart Gift set looks great I also like the Soothing Foot Lotion and Soft Socks, and Also love the Rose Prosecco Body Wash and Body Polisher.

    View Comment

  122. bath crystals look amazing the whole set is just lush thanks for sharing x

  123. They all look gorgeous but I could definitely do with the Body Polisher right now …… my body is certainly not beach ready.

  124. I think that the Prosecco Fizz Van Set looks very nice

  125. love the prosecco fizz van set, such a cute idea

  126. I would like to try the van gift set.

  127. I’d love to try the soothing foot lotion from the treats for the feet box.

  128. the large heart gift set looks so pretty – great as a gift or as a treat! All of their products are amazing!

  129. I would like to try the treats for feet set.

  130. l adore the pressecco van gift set! its awesome and very quirky and tin would be lovely to use after!

  131. they all sound good but i would like the rose prosecco body treats set thankyou

  132. I have never tried the range. But at the moment the Treats For Feet would be great to get my feet looking great for Summer.

  133. Great Looking sets – I would love to use the products in the Van set

  134. They are all lovely but my favourite would be the Baylis & Harding Rose Prosecco Fizz Fragrance Body Treats Gift set is just stunning

  135. I love the Treats for Feet set. This is where I neglect big time so my feet could do with this gift set! I love that there’s socks included too, can never have enough cozy socks 😀

  136. Fabulous gifts at all times of the year.

  137. The body wash

  138. The body wash looks great

  139. The Baylis and Harding Prosecco Fizz Treats for Feet Gift Set.

  140. I love the sound of the Fizz Treats for Feet set, I walk everywhere so my feet deserve a treat .x

  141. The Baylis and Harding Prosecco Fizz Treats For Feet Gift Set xx

  142. I would love the Body Treats Gift set – It looks amazing and is the biggest!!

  143. The fizz treats for feet, mine get neglected bad style

  144. The foot lotion and socks gift would be especially welcome in our house.

  145. I love Bayliss and Harding. The Rose Heart gift set looks lovely.

  146. love to try some new products

  147. i love the colouring and design of the prosecco large heart set

  148. Large heart gift set, looks great and includes lovely products. Would love it 🙂

  149. The foot lotion is what I would like best (I think!).

  150. I love the large heart gift box. It sounds fab! I love Baylis and Harding products x

  151. I am so desperate for a good hand and body lotion. This looks lush.

  152. I like the feet treats set. My poor feet are often neglected in every day routines and deserve some pampering!

  153. The Treats for Feet set. Their foot lotion is amazing! It really helped my dry skin on my feet x

  154. I love Baylis and Harding and their body washes are fantastic. They would be the first thing I would use

  155. I would love to win the body lotion. The only time I get to use B&H stuff is if I am staying in a nice hotel!!

  156. I don’t think I have ever tried any before but I love entering competitions that give me the chance to try things out before I buy 🙂

  157. I love the look of all of them, as they are quality for money, I use this brand a lot

  158. The Bayliss & Harding Rose Prosecco Fizz Large Hear Gift Set has lovely products in it. The body polisher really does revive tired skin. Perfect for when summer comes and I eventually take of my jumper. {That’ll be in August here in Scotland if we’re lucky.}

  159. The Prosecco Fizz Fragranced set as the items look fabulous.

  160. These look lovely, I would really like to try them all

  161. The Rose Prosecco Large Heart Set

  162. They all look lovely but I think I would choose the large heart gift set, love the packing

  163. i would love the bath crystals x

  164. I like the body lotion to leave me a lingering scent which relaxes me before bed time.

  165. The treat for feet gift set because it looks lush and I’m on my feet alot so this would be enjoyed!

  166. It would have to be the treats for feet for me, my feet are probably the bit of me that I Pamper the least

  167. It would have to be the bath crystals for me!

  168. I love the van, it’s pretty and practical at the same time

  169. I like the sound of the Prosecco fizz van gift set.

  170. Love the bath crystals

  171. I especially love the fizz treats for your feet gift set.

  172. I Love the whole range of bubble baths so relax

  173. I really like the van gift set, great for keeping things in after using the products

  174. the body wash sounds good, sarah would love it

  175. The fabulous rose prosecco body wash is wonderful – love it!

  176. The body wash is my fave out of all of these asnit just feels so decadent to use, especially when you imagine yourself as washing in prosecco!

  177. The soothing foot lotion is heaven for my tired feet.

  178. the box of of foot treatments and the incredibly soft socks! get my feet summer ready!

  179. The Treats For my Feet set, I don’t look after my feet nearly enough and this set sounds so ideal with lovely sounding products.

  180. I love the foot lotion set, need to get my feet in shape for summer sandals, x

  181. I’d like the Prosecco Fizz Van Gift Set if I was the lucky winner.

  182. Wow cool prize would love to win 🤞🏻

  183. I think they are all nice but my fav one is the heart very cute 🙂

  184. I like the Prosecco Fizz Van set as it’s quirky

  185. love the fizz van gift set. the tin is lovely

  186. of the 4 i like the prosecco fizz van the most

  187. Would love the foot lotion – like to take care of my feet and have nice soft skin x

  188. The bath crystals sound nice, and something my partner would also love.

  189. The Prosecco Van Gift Set is very unusual in terms of packaging

  190. The rose prosecco heart set looks gorgeous , and I do love a quality rose fragrance so this would be perfect .

  191. The prosecco fizz van set it just looks cool , love the 20s vibe of the van

  192. The bath salts love a nice long hot soak

  193. I was out today and i got to smell this range in a shop. Its gorgeous!!!

  194. The Body Wash would be my favourite to try in this lovely set. I adore Baylis & Harding products

  195. Treats for feet especially now it’s sandel season!

  196. Definitely the treats for feet gift set!

  197. The hand and body lotion-smells lovely and feels good on the skin.

  198. Rose Prosecco Fizz sounds and looks a fantastic combination

  199. love the prosecco fizz van handy travel sizes really useful no packaging waste either

  200. The rose heart set would make a lovely gift for my mum

  201. The bath crystals sound amazing x

  202. All their products look amazing but especailly the body wash, thank you

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