It’s almost Spring, yayyyyyyyy I can’t wait!!  The approach of the new season heralds the arrival of milder weather and the intention to ‘Spring clean’.  But when I say this I don’t mean to clean the house.  The house is cleaned weekly and some parts daily so no need for a Spring clean here.  My Spring clean involves something a little different.  I plan to Spring clean myself.  No I will not stand outside in the garden whilst my husband sprays me with a jet wash it’s more of a Spring detox.


What do you think of when you hear the word detox?  There are many ways to detox and it encompasses so many different approaches.  The best form of detox is one that takes a holistic approach.  All areas should be addressed which means you need to detox the body and the mind not just the body.  The best way to detox is to incorporate more than one method.

 This sounds complicated but is really far easier than you might imagine.  Don’t worry I’m a medical herbalist so you are in safe hands.

 Forms of detox include:

 Treat the Body Orally

Drink plenty of water, this helps flush out waste from the body.  Aim for approximately 1.5 to 2 litres daily.


Eat high water content fruit and veg.  Include leafy greens and vegetables and ripe fruits.  This helps increase your fibre intake and helps clean out the bowel, bump up your vitamin and nutrient intake and so much more.

DSC01018Drink smoothies but watch the sugar content such as grapes, bananas, mangos, pears, apples and pineapples.

DSC01330Reduce your sugar intake as much as possible from other foods too.  This means avoiding sweets, cakes and processed foods.


Increase your intake of alkaline forming foods within the body such as lemon, beans, plain yogurt, most vegetables and many more.


Various herbs, tinctures, teas can help stimulate the body to eliminate toxins from your system but guidance from a qualified practitioner is always important as when used incorrectly you can make yourself ill.  One of the most common organs treated is the liver to help support it as the liver detoxifies toxins that we are exposed to through the environment and food on a daily basis.

Treat the body Physically

Get your training kit on! – Sweating is a natural way of eliminating toxins / waste via the pores of the skin.


Get plenty of sleep – this helps the body to heal itself and your muscles and your mind to relax.  It also allows the body to recharge in a sense to allow for effective detoxification.


The benefit of yoga retreats must also be considered as these a perfect to facilitate the correct environment for relaxing the mind and body and improve detoxification.

Treat the Mind

Meditation – not really something that I have tried myself although this can works wonders to relax the mind.


Digital Detox – avoiding the use of electrical equipment such as phones, computers etc.  This is a hard one but really does help clear and relax the mind.


Reiki – a healing technique that works on the principle that energy can be channeled through the body to heal, detoxify and also relax the body and mind.  Having practiced this form of healing for quite a few years I have found this very beneficial as an aid to relaxing the mind especially as well the previously mentioned benefits.


Detoxes should not last for long periods of time although the basics should be incorporated into daily life such as drinking plenty of water, eating fresh veg and fruits and watching our sugar intake.  Sleep is something most of us are guilty of not getting enough of yet just a small increase in the amount of sleep we get would greatly benefit us all.  Simple changes made part of a routine can make you feel more energetic, help weight loss, make your skin look better, help fight the signs of aging, help the body fight off colds better and so much more.  Why not consider doing a detox yourself, you have nothing to lose and so much to gain!

Disclaimer: make sure you seek your doctor’s advice before detoxing especially if you have any pre-existing medical conditions as these could be exacerbated by some of the forms of detoxing mentioned here.


52 thoughts on “A Holistic Approach to Detox

    • They are provided people assist their bodies to do so but unfortunately in this day and age many don’t and will go for easy options that are making it harder for their body to do its job. It’s almost a lifestyle change in a sense and works wonders.

  1. Some great tips here. I try and eat as well as I can (with some indulgent treats occasionally thrown in!), exercise every day and make sure I get at least two litres of water a day. For the rest – I let my liver just do its job. 😉

  2. I already do most of the above, exercise weekly, drink lots of water, eat plenty of veg and have a good diet. I would however like to try out meditation I need to find a quiet way to relax and collect my thoughts xx

  3. I think I need to do something like this, I only usually drink water in the summer I really do need to take on board what you have said. I am fine on the fruit and veg though x

  4. Fab tips! I love a smoothie, I always add in at least 2 greens (spinach, watercress etc). I’m trying really hard to eat healthier as I need to loose some weight and I want to be healthy, you know? Getting enough sleep is very important, too!

  5. I started doing this at the beginning of the year but I have to admit that I only did it for 4 days and then stopped you have made me need to get this detox started again

  6. Never done a detox and don’t think I ever will. I eat well enough (treat myself to cake or something sweet once a week). Only thing I would change is more fruit.

  7. I could probably do with a detox. Ive spent the last year eating so much sugar. I blame breastfeeding, I crave it! The only excersize I get is running around after my daughter, and sleep, well I have forgotten what that is.

    • Lol Cassandra, I know how you feel but the sleep will come or so I am told. I have no 3 now so started all over again! 😉

    • It depends on how you do it, by eating healthily all the time and drinking lots of water etc technically it can be a way of life.

    • That can also work wonders. Ideally we would all have perfect diets but in this day and age it can be difficult.

    • I need one for my mind at the moment, the children’s homework is enough to drive me crazy, or at least getting them to do it lol.

  8. like to incorporate some of these ideas into a daily routine for simple change rather than all at once in a detox for a small period of time x

  9. Already love reiki and relaxation … I use Hypnotherapy MP3’s for that … also I am using them to get my sleeping back on track .. working so far .. I have cut down sugar … on the way to totally cutting it out … but then sooo much more to do .. Thanks for all the info xxx

  10. Spring cleaning your body and mind are definitely something forme. After developing a long term chronic illness last year I’ve bee battling demons physically and mentally. I now feel strong enough to go through this process and am about to begin it. This post very much struck a chord with me.

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